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It was a cold night when Taylor Elizabeth Rose was born to two very young and unprepared Veela parents. For the entirety of her pregnancy, Ella and Richard had gone over every possibility of what keeping a child would bring. Both of them came from middle-class families and having an extra mouth to feed would be tight and maybe a little difficult. Ella was a clerk at a nearby beauty supply store while Richard worked as a handyman. Still, the pair couldn't bare thinking about life without the baby and when she was born that was all but set in stone. Even with the harsh cold winds pushing against the doors of the abandoned house they were in, they still found themselves in awe of the little life before them.

Fate must have been looking down at the couple that night, for they got the surprise of their life not too long after. The abandoned house, though small and modest, was up for sale. Its price was extremely low as the home was in disrepair. Low enough for them to make an offer and own it. No one had been able to see it's potential, it's dust-filled rooms, broken floor boards and other broken items that laid untouched--the house had been rumored to be haunted though it wasn't. Slowly they started to repair it, often times getting help from a family member or close friend. It seemed to take forever to finish but when they did there was no better way to celebrate their new family home than with a wedding.

It wasn't until Taylor was just shy of turning two that her parents got married. She had looked at the desserts being baked in the kitchen leading up to and wanted to taste them all. Her grandmother had caught her staring and led her over to the table, wiping her hands on her apron and opened up a recipe book. Little Taylor was mesmerized by it all and found herself looking at the pretty pictures in the book for the rest of the afternoon. At the small reception hosted in their backyard, Taylor had finally gotten a hold of the sweets table. She'd hidden under it and was floating all sorts of sugary treats to her. Needless to say, the small tike spent the rest of the night on a sugar high, prompting her family to get a few chuckles here and there. Ella and Richard both chased her around the garden trying to catch her and calm her down, both inwardly laughing at how the day had gone. When they finally caught up to her she was asleep--had tired herself out and was resting under her favorite tree with a half eaten piece of cake up to her mouth.

As Taylor grew up her love for sweets grew right along with her. She'd begged her mother for a cauldron cooking set and for Christmas she'd gotten a hand me down version. She spent hours baking and cooking on that thing, often trying to feed her experiments to her family. They would amuse her and taste it but she hadn't seen them discreetly throw the messy treats away. By the time she was of age to go to Hogwarts, she found herself a little nervous. She'd never really had a lot of magical friends where they lived and she wanted more than anything to fit in somewhere. She'd been a little bit of a loner, preferring to stay indoors rather than play outside unless her father was tending the garden.

That sense of belonging filled her up when the sorting hat called out Ravenclaw as it touched her messy dark black hair. Taylor smiled big and ran over to her table to her cheering housemates. School life was a welcomed change for her. She managed to get fair marks in school which pleased her parents and her teachers. With her favorite class being potions due to the brewing, it was assumed that Taylor would go into the business of Potion making. She, however, had other plans in mind. Though she liked it, her goal for learning Potions so well had a whole different meaning for her. When she graduated she went straight to culinary school to become a chef. A reality of the many setbacks of her dream finally set in. Though she loved cooking, no one wanted to take a chance on an unknown face.

She's currently been working in a small cafe in London but the hours are long, unforgiving and that pay isn't all it's cracked up to be. Boss' came and went through the place but none of them seemed to share a passion for food as the staff did. On nights when they closed earlier. the head chef was gone and she's one of the last employees in the kitchen, she likes to practice sweets they way she would sell them in her own shop. Little decorative cakes and pies she's crafted from somewhere or other. She boxes them up and leaves them outside the door of the little old lady who lives below her on a fixed income. Though a small gesture, it's little moments like those that keep her from giving up on her dream, to dare to push just a little further.
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