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June 6, 2009
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Our story begins when a Daily Prophet political cartoonist and a popular author of wizarding stories for children think it's real clever to name their children Reid, Penn, and Paige.

The siblings are raised and homeschooled in a sheltered purist home. While the oldest brother gets rowdy with playmates, Penn and Paige keep to themselves and imagine elaborate storylines with dolls. When they aren't doing this they're learning piano, ballroom dancing and pureblood history. You're beginning to think this sounds like a stereotypical purist home -- and you're right -- but hey...at least Penn wasn't named Quill.

Penn has a happy childhood with some exception and in due time it is his turn to be sorted into his Hogwarts house. He's placed in Ravenclaw, like his mother, and in that moment he curses not being Slytherin material. A set of green robes would have made all the difference, not so much in his own eyes but in Reid's. If there was any question before, now it's clear to Reid that Penn is beneath him. Instead of acting as a mentor, his brother further distances himself, leaving Penn feeling completely alone.

Judge Penn how you want for the years that come after, but 11-year-old, shitting-his-robes Penn was sweet, innocent and eager to make friends. These alliances come through in the form of the badgers. They are helpful, and true to their calling, find Penn when he is lost. This doesn't make the bullying from his brother any less -- frankly it makes it a lot worse and drags a few poor souls down with him -- but it does bring out a lot of untapped personality in Penn. It turns out that he can be incredibly witty, silly, and dangerously fun.

Life gets trickier as the years pass. His father, the author of what some have banned from libraries as 'pureblood propaganda', tragically dies. To this day the cause is mysterious, and the family blames the Ministry of Magic for being biased and not doing a proper investigation. The rest of the world seems to say good riddance.

But his father was a good person! Forget how the author's pureblood protagonist always had to save the bumbling mudblood out of their own self-inflicted danger. His father -- the man who sat at the kitchen table teaching Penn to read the Daily Prophet and letting Penn braid his beard hair afterward -- was kind to all. Reid has this whole idea of who their father was as some hardcore purist, but Penn disagrees. Just because he wrote some bad things doesn't mean he really meant it. And some things he said, like how magic was losing its power due to muggles and muggleborns, is probably true.

It is devastating to lose a parent so suddenly, especially when some are actually glad he's dead. Angry, Penn withdraws from others. He provokes disorder in the classroom. His grades slip. Refusing to trust others, he retreats to expressing his feelings through drawing. He loves to sketch, and while no one else gets the chance to peek at his secret journal, he's actually really good.

His first public drawings go to Asia Sky, who he provides cryptic drawings guiding her toward a secret meeting. He's been seeing visions in his sleep...or something...it's never happened before but now it seems like he's being transported into another's dreams. It lasts seconds, nothing more. But in these warning images, he senses there's danger looming for this Hufflepuff. Penn is far from charitable, but he feels obligated to warn her about a possible sister who's coming to kill her.

This good deed results in a lot of drama (don't even get me started, girl), but it also solidifies a relationship that transcends typical Hogwarts friendships. They're more than just friends with shitty older siblings and trauma in their lives. They are SURVIVORS. When they're not in crisis they practice Asia's seer ability and Penn's newfound dream manipulation ability out by the lake. They do a lot together. They even share the same wardrobe sometimes, and by that I strictly mean Penn steals her shoes.

Hogwarts graduation is anticlimactic. Most of his friends have already graduated and seem to be doing great things. Penn, on the other hand, doesn't graduate with some master plan. His OWL and NEWT scores undermine his intelligence, and his professors aren't likely to argue any different for an obnoxious class clown.


Over the course of the next year as an "adult", Penn gets to travel to New Orleans, the French Riviera and Sleepy Hollow (thanks in whole to Asia's mom's generosity). In between these escapades he remains unemployed. Any job he does manage never lasts long.

The rent still has to be paid, so Penn posts an ad in the Daily Prophet advertising his dream manipulation ability. The few takers pay up big time, allowing Penn to be more liberal with his exploits. With his brother wrapped up in professional quidditch and fame, it's much easier to be promiscuous. He brags he's two for two for hooking up with celebrities. The second is Demetrius Skeeter, of The Howlers fame, and they start dating. Penn is all about this rock and roll scene, so we'll see what happens next!

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