August 4th, 2002
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Truth and my lies right now are falling like the rain, so let the river run.

Have you ever realized how it only takes a few seconds for life to change completely? One moment the sun can be shining and the sky is blue and cloudless and the next moment it's dark and you feel like you can't breathe. Yeah, I feel like I've had lots of those life changing seconds. And, you know what? They are really hard to recover from. But I guess, all you can do is try right?

I was born to a pretty well off family in Beijing. My mom worked for the Chinese Ministry of Magic as a lawyer and my father was a well known Korean wizard that worked for all kinds of people. We were never without money. But my parents were strict. I started my education young, learning about magic and math and all kinds of languages. I could only talk to other kids who were wizards or witches like me. No halfbloods or muggles. And for a kid like me, a kid who liked to explore and try new things and talk to all kinds of people, that kind of life was hard. But if I didn't do what my dad told me to do I got in major trouble...I guess I just kind of got used to bruises on my face.

Anyway, when I was nine my father came home one day raging mad. And he just freaked out on my mother. He said she cheated on him and that she had been with someone else and lots of other nasty things. And then when she said she didn't he flipped even more, and used magic to attack her. I was down the hall and all I could do was watch because I didn't know enough magic to help. I was helpless as he hurt her. It's all kind of blurry but somehow she managed to fight him off and grabbed me and we took off.

She took us to London where she had some long time friends that let us stay with them. We had nothing to our name. My father had shut down all bank accounts and we were barley scraping by. My mom got a job and put me in public school, which I hated. I didn't get along well with the other kids but I also wasn't used to being around muggles. It was an adjustment. So, to the say the least, I was excited when I got accepted to Hogwarts.

My mom was kind of nervous about me going because there was the possibility of my dad showing up and doing something insane. But I didn't care, I was just excited to learn magic and be able to help in case something happened. At Hogwarts I was quickly sorted in Slytherin for my ambition and my determination to learn dueling magic. However, as I got older I struggled a little more to get along with other kids. I could be rude, closed off, and cold-hearted. And I didn't take any crap from anyone. So, I found myself often getting into fights in school. It wasn't like I was bad at school, actually it was quite the opposite. I was smart, got good grades without really trying. I just lacked in the social aspect of things.

And then during my third year at Hogwarts I experienced those life altering seconds when I went home for Christmas. When I got home I found my father standing over the dead body of my mother. And that's really when everything changed.

My father was caught by the aurors and I started living at Hogwarts full time. I started running with the bad crowd. Finding drinks we were supposed to have and trying drugs were weren't supposed to try. Essentially, I was doing everything I could to forget the pain I was in. To forget how mad I was at life. I was 14 when me and some of my friends ended up in the Forbidden Forest. Don't ask why, I don't remember. And then guess what happened? I had another few seconds that changed my life.

We were stupid and didn't think about the fact that it was a full moon and so when we ran into a full werewolf we were shocked. We all tried to defend ourselves but in the end someone got bit. And can you guess who can bit? You got it - it was me. I had to be a hero and push my friend out of the way and ended up in a very un-ideal situation. I thought that pain was bad until I had to deal with my first change as a werewolf.

But after I talked to the school and got what I needed things got a little easier. I learned to deal with my changes. I started working a little harder in school, sure not much, but enough to get me by. I wanted to be an Auror. Save people because, apparently, I've got a hero complex or something. So I had to at least try a little harder in school. And I managed to get through school without too much more problems.

I was 18 when I started training to an Auror and 19 when I became a full fledged Auror. And I guess things were okay - oh, except that one time where the girl I had been seeing for over a year followed me for one of my changes when I hadn't taken my potion and I might had accidentally really hurt her. Yeah, that's when I decided not to tell anyone (other then the ministry and my best friend) that I was a werewolf. It just became something I left on the down low.

Well, it was something I left on the down low until I met Yuna Park when I was 21. She was amazing and challenged me in a way I had never been challenged. Man, was I in love with her. And, I guess after some convincing she loved me too. And, once again, things were fine. I got courage to tell her what I really was and she didn't care. She just wanted to help me, heal me, and fix me. And do you know how I repaid her love? I once again forgot my potion and had a nasty change and hurt her badly. You seeing a pattern here? Yeah, me too. And she was so hurt and I was so broken up about hurting her that I really didn't know what to do. So, logically, I obliviated her memories of us ever being together and she went back to thinking I was a stupid, arrogant, Auror. She went back to disliking me even though I remembered everything and she didn't. She didn't remember how she felt or how I felt. But it was to keep her safe....to keep her away from me because I couldn't and wouldn't hurt her again.

And now, here I am some 5 years later trying just to get through things. Yeah, everyday brings a different adventure. And, I guess, all I can do is deal with it huh? Deal with the pain and the hurt and the anger I feel. Maybe I'll get over it one of these days. Maybe I'll learn to care again .
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