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October 3, 1991
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I'm in love with the shape of you We push and pull like a magnet do Although my heart is falling too I'm in love with your body

Trigger Warning for Abusive relationship

When he came back from Hogwarts, Axel (Harlow’s father), met muggleborn witch named Olivia in Cambridgeshire, England. She turned out to be a woman who just wanted to be with him for his family’s money and he broke up with her after a month of dating as well as dealing with a lot of her crap. He began Auror training right after his graduation and upon finishing the training he decided to travel around the world to gain real world experience on the duelling circuit. On his travels around the world, he met a muggleborn witch named Blythe Thompson and he took her on a tour of the Birmingham Palace, the Ministry of Magic, The Tower of London and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Before he left to travel more, they promised one another that they’d stay in touch with owls and letters. Quickly, they became friends through the constant communication and through those letters the two fell in love. When he turned thirty years old he asked to be reassigned to the Ministry of Magics’ Auror squad and within the year he was accepted to the M.o.M Auror department. Two years after he moved to the UK Blythe and Axel begin to actually date. One year later he popped the question and she said yes. Soon after that they began to plan their wedding.

Three years into their marriage and their first child, Harlow Marie Matthews, was born on a cool October morning. She was a loud and rambunctious baby but loved nevertheless by her parents and raised by them to make her own decisions. They do not force their beliefs, hover over her, or do anything to make her feel that their love was conditional. She has five younger siblings that she both adores and at times dislikes like most siblings do. The younger siblings came three years apart from each other and they all were loved equally.

When she was six years old, she had her first bout with accidental magic. She and her brother Brees were playing with their toys and Brees took the block from her and refused to give it back to her so the block flew from where he had placed it across the room shattering a vase. Never would she use her magic to harm or injure her siblings even in her tender childhood years. Upon the summer of her eleventh birthday she received her Hogwarts letter and was very excited to attend the magical school that her mum had graduated from. Upon her arrival at Hogwarts she and the rest of the first years were sorted. When the hat was placed upon her head, it shouted for everyone to hear, “RAVENCLAW!” She smiled as she sat down with the rest of her new house.

She was quickly known to be both academic and a Quidditch lover. Although she was outgoing and friendly with most of her classmates she did not find the time to date but could always be counted on to listen and be ready to talk her housemates out of whatever crazy scheme they were planning. This gave her good practice for when she reached the decision to become a lawyer. She did okay for a first year on her first year exams with a passing grade of Acceptable. Her parents took her and Brees to America to see Disney World (a muggle theme park) and purchased her first pet, a female tortoiseshell persian kitten named Misty. This is when she first fell in love animals. She believed very strongly that people who were cruel to animals would be cruel to people as well. During her education, she took a liking to COMC, potions, charms, and joined the debate team which also helped hone her law skills. After graduation, Harlow enrolled into Myrddin to study law with a focus on family law. Graduating at fourth in her class with a job offer from the International Magical Office of Law which she accepted and has been there ever since.

Five years ago, she met a muggle man and they began dating. It was both the worst and best mistake of her life. The worst was because he was abusive emotionally and the best was because she received to children out of a terrible relationship. After Max was born their father took off and never looked back. Neither did Harlow but she did see how not having a father figure was affecting five year old Bailey. She does her best to make sure Bailey and Max see their grandparents on a daily basis because through it all Axel and Blythe have been her support system. She is allowed to work and they watch the kids for her.
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