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February 24, 2001
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Living in the Finch-Fletchley household was like living in two worlds at once. The muggle world was as much Demi's house as was the wizarding world. The family occupies a big apartment in Galway, Ireland, which they share with Justin's mother, a woman in her eighties.

Demi was born at home during a snowstorm. Romlida waited until the very last minute to take Floo Network to Mungo's, waiting for Justin to get home from work, but when he finally did, it was too late to go anywhere. A healer came to the house and helped deliver little Demetria. Her parents hadn't picked a name until the baby was born and they got to know her better. Ten days into the world, they finally decided to name their daughter after the Greek goddess of winter, as the snow didn't stop falling since the little girl was born.

And as the name suggested, winter remains Demi's favourite season, with three most important dates falling in the winter: Christmas, Valentine's Day and her own birthday. On those three days family gathers together to have dinner and give each other presents. And those were also the rare occasions when Demi had her parents all to herself, given both Romilda and Justin worked for Mungo's and had irregular working hours. Demetria grew up raised by her Muggle grandmother and that was probably the reason why she didn't show any signs of magic until she was ten. She was playing with her little sister and accidentally changed her hair colour to bright purple. Romlida and Justin were celebrating, but the girl's grandmother didn't speak to her for three days. It wasn't until graduation that she revealed to Demi that she wished she was like her, and not like her parents.

As soon as Demetria proved she was magical, her parents enrolled her into Hogwarts and at the age of eleven, the little witch boarded Hogwarts Express. She'd always been a cheerful and friendly person, so she had no trouble making friends on her way to Hogwarts, most of those friendships had gotten stronger through ages and last until now. At Hogwarts, she was sorted into Hufflepuff like her father, but from day one it became clear studying wouldn't be her favourite thing in the world, as the girl cared more about hanging out with her friends, gossiping and watching Quidditch games. More often than not, it was her personal charm that saved her from being held back and when she finally graduated with her year, her parents were again relieved.

But the young witch had no intention to settle down. Since her NEWTs results wouldn't earn her a place at Mungo’s, where her parents saw her working, she was given free reign to do what she pleased while Romilda’s and Justin’s effort now focused on their younger daughter and her education. Free at last, Demi chose to travel around the world to warm place where she worked all kinds of jobs, magical and muggle. She stayed for a year in Australia where she learned to surf and then became a surfing instructor. She had to leave after she used magic to save another surfer from a shark. The Australian Ministry of Magic didn't quite appreciate her heroic doing and banished her from the country. She was a bartender in Hawaii, an assistant Herbologist in Japan, she even worked in dragon sanctuary in Romania, cleaning the cages and never allowed anywhere near dragons. She successfully avoids acknowledging all the horrors that keep happening and some anti-muggle movements, which she would never support, but she is just too free-spirited to care enough.

At the age if twenty-five she finally settled down in Los Angeles where she works as an assistant in magical movie sets, leasing a happy, but carefree life and forever missing winter and snow.
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