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"Being humble means recognizing that we are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others." - Tanner J. Lotus

[ Family ]

Lilac Family Tree -
Parents: Ansem & Ayana Lilac (Veela)
Children: (Male)/50, (Female)/46, Antonio/45, (Female)/35

Lotus Family Tree -
Parents: Tanner (Veela) & Leota Lotus
Children: Leilani/42, (Female)/35, (Female)/30

Antonio Lilac was born to Ansem & Ayana Lilac, both well respected for their work as Aurors in the Magical Congress of the United States. For years, the Lilac family tree consisted of members with respected positions within MACUSA, acquiring positions in Congress since the implementation of Rappaport’s Law in 1790. Although the Lilac family is known for being well mannered, kind, and generous people, they are also known for consciously keeping their magical bloodline "pure".

Leilani Lotus was born to Tanner & Leota Lotus. Known for their free thinking and accepting manner, the Lotus family was a humble one. What they didn't have in wealth, they made up in academics. Unlike the Lilac family, the Lotus family consisted mostly of Researchers; such Olivia Ryder, a well known Dragonologist and Randal Lotus who was a well respected Herbologist. With such a broad knowledge spread through out the family, it was no secret that the Lotus family were known for being some of the stronger & brightest Wizards and Witches in the community. But, with nothing to "show for it", you could say this family was constantly looked over.

» Breaking the Family "Curse".
Antonio was part of a Lilac generation that decided they no longer wanted to take part of the "family business". This started with his older brother ______ Lilac, who traveled the world as a Nature & Magical Wildlife Photographer. So when he broke the news to his father Ansem that he would no longer work towards a position in congress, its safe to say Ansem wasn't too thrilled. Even more so once Antonio explained he would be going after a Modeling career instead. It took months of convincing. At the time, the Magical Fashion Industry didn't exist. Wizards and Witches weren't making a living from Modeling as there was no such thing as "Magical Fashion" (you can just imagine the horror when his older sister decided she wanted to become a Fashion Designer).

With the help of some convincing from his wife Ayana and Antonio modeling some of his sister's designs, Ansem came around...eventually. As years went by, Antonio was able to establish himself as part of the group of Supermodels who helped shape the Magical Fashion Industry into what it is today; with the help of _____ Lilac, who's designs (along with others) helped push the industry into the modern art it is today.

» Springtime Merriment.
In the Spring of 2004, the Wizard turned Model would meet Leilani Lotus. Leilani was a beautiful English girl who's family happened to be providing the Photoshoot Antonio was taking part of, with an array of Magical Creatures for the models to pose with. Leilani caught Antonio's eyes from the moment she stepped into the room holding an Augurey on her arm.

Antonio took every opportunity he had to fly to London and visit Leilani as much as possible. Their connection was instant and the two were in love. With constant visits to the Lotus family, Antonio soon won them over as well with his charm and kind demeanor. But when it came time for Leilani to meet the Lilacs...things weren't as smooth.

Granted, they loved her personality and thought she was a perfect match for their son, but, the Lilacs always did their research and upon learning about the Lotus' free thinking & loose "rules" about their bloodline (just like their knowledge, the Lotus' bloodline was all over the place as well), the Lilac's weren't too sure about Leilani joining their family tree.

Things were very tense between the two families during the first 2 years of their relationship. They kept things civil, considering it was very obvious how strongly the two felt for each other. Things changed for the better on April 12th, 2006 when the pair gave birth to their first child, _____ Lilac. The families put aside their differences and understood that with a new baby, they were going to see a lot more of each other.

[ Lilac & Lotus Family ]
Parents: Antonio & Leilani Lilac
Children: (Female)/22, Anthony/21, (Male)/19, (Female)/18

» Anthony Rhían Lilac.
Born on May 12th, 2007 to Antonio & Leilani Lilac, Anthony was born in to a very loving and accepting family. As a child, Anthony had the opportunity to travel all over the world because of his father's work as a Model. Although it made for some of the greatest experiences as a kid, it also made it very hard for Anthony to live a normal childhood. By the time Antthony was 6, the Lilac's added two more members to their family and it became difficult to travel around with such a big family. As his father continued his work in the modeling industry, his mother and 3 siblings took residence in California, USA.

Growing up in the U.S. wasn't much fun for Anthony and his siblings. Having most of his family be tied to MACUSA in some form or another made it very difficult to get into any "dangerously" fun situations without getting caught. Not that it stopped them from trying of course. Being part of the Lilac family also meant automatic acceptance into Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Although his grandfather swore he would be sorted into Wampus, just as he was, Anthony was sorted into Horned Serpent, which made sense since he had a very strong line of intelligent individuals from his mother's side.

While Anthony and his siblings spent most of their lives in the United States, summers consisted of visiting their grandparents in the London Countryside and those were some of the fondest memories for Anthony and his siblings. With the Magic Community in the U.S. being much stricter than that of the English, summers at Poppop & Mama's was all they looked forward to the entire year. From riding the Hippogriffs on a hot summer day to visiting Auntie _____ and her dragons, it was everything they could ask for as kids.

During his time in school, Anthony always tried to stay as humble as possible. He knew his family was known around the Wizarding Community and unlike his siblings, Anthony hated name dropping. Not that he was ashamed, but he wasn't too fond on receiving special treatment. It only gave people reason to speak ill of his family and that's something he was VERY protective about.

At 21, Anthony had grown into a well-rounded young man. Feeling closest to his mother's side of the family, Anthony decided to move to London with his Grandparents once he had graduated from Ilvermorny. His mother was very hesitant at first; the Magic Culture in the U.S. was drastically different than that of the U.K. But that's what drew Anthony to London even more. He wanted a fresh start and he knew London could give him exactly that.
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