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"Oh? Are we recordingI ? Uh...hi! It's me, Josh, so I'm here to tel-...what? Oh, right, my name is Joshua Wood and I am a werewolf. Sorry if that sounded corny guys, I just- huh? Right, right, sorry, I was getting off topic. So yeah, I know that this may come as a shock to some of my fans, but I felt that it needed to be said, especially with all these heightened tensions running around. So...uh...listen guys, I know some of you out there don't support or like werewolves, but I'm here to tell you that we're not all bad, if anything, we're just like you, believe me when I say this guys, I was human too. So...um... sit down, pour yourself, maybe grab yourself something to eat, I recommend peppermint toads but that's not important, because what is important is the story I'm about to tell you, the story of how a person just like yourself became one of the big bad wolves."

"I was born on January 31, 2007 to Oliver and Katie Wood, two of the most renowned Quidditch players in the world. If those names sound familiar, that's because they should, my parents were friends and allies of none other than Harry Potter himself, they even fought in the Battle of Hogwarts. I'm uh...I'm very proud to be their son. Sorry, getting a little emotional here...um...so yeah, they also had three other kids before me, I'm the youngest. My parents always encouraged me to take up the broom like them, but I was always more interested in the arts, especially music. I don't know what it is, maybe the way it makes you feel, you can't even control yourself, you tap your feet or nod your head, something, anything to just let the music flow through you. Really resonates with me. Anyways, back to the story, sorry about that, I can get pretty distracted. Um...sorry, uh...where was I? Oh! Right! So yeah, I grew up in a predominately magic household, man, you should have seen the look on my mom's face when she got my letter, I mean, you'd think she'd get over it, what with the twins already graduated and everything, but, nah, she was just crying, it was really...it's just a good memory."

"Yeah...um....so I was sorted into Hufflepuff, kind of a disappointment to me, I mean, both my parents were Gryffies, but, I learned to get over it, so did they. Yeah, I had a relatively easy time at good ol' Hogwarts, I mean, like, not really, cause I had problems with like...all of my classes, but I had a lot of fun there! The only class I was really good at was Herbology, I'm bloody brilliant with plants n' shit. Oh, right, sorry. And stuff. So, yeah, school wasn't really working out for me, so I dropped out in my sixth year to pursue what I'm doing today. I still kind of wished I had finished school though, sometimes it feels like I missed out."

"Right, so let me start this part with a disclaimer: my parents love me. However, they were...uh...not that happy when they heard what I did, I mean, I get it, you're youngest kid drops out of school without even telling you and stays with his boyfriend's cousins for a whole semester, I'd be mad too. Especially if you were just learning that your son even had a boyfriend, or that he played for both sides. So, yeah, they were...pretty upset, but they calmed down eventually, then, believe it or not, they let me pursue my own dreams! Hear that kiddos? Parents can be cool too. Right, so, they let me perform on the streets at Diagon Alley, that's where I met my agent, also one of my closest friends: Connie Greenwood. She's like, the nicest woman you will ever meet, she found me playing my guitar outside of Ollivander's and told me, get this, that I had the best voice of any singer she'd ever heard before. She gave me this card, I gave it to my parents, and before I knew it, I was starting to get actual gigs. I started small in places like lounges, pubs, and parks, then started working my way up to performing opening acts for some big league bands. And then- well, you know the rest, I guess what you don't know, is how I became a werewolf..."

"Right, so, it happened about two years into my singing career, by this point, I was about eighteen, I'd just bought myself a nice little apartment in San Francisco and had just come out of a really bad relationship with a girl who's name I'm sure you all know by now. Yeah...so I was on tour actually, I had just played for a screaming crowd of five thousand in New Orleans and had decided to walk back to my hotel room, without my bodyguards. It was a mistake to do that. I...don't really...remember how it...how it happened, I just walking down this alley and seeing this huge figure jump down in front of me. I woke up in a small little hospital, it's kind of funny actually, I still remember the name, Madam Mallorie Calorie's Hospital for Injured Witches and Wizards. Anyways, all these people were talking around me, I couldn't really make out who they were or what they were saying, but I did hear that word...werewolf. It took some getting used to, being a werewolf and all, avoiding the full moon at all costs, drinking that gross serum each time, but aside from that, I realized that I was still me."

"That's what I want all of you to get, that werewolves aren't different from the rest of us, I mean, sure, we can be violent and aggressive, but haven't people also proven themselves to be just as belligerent as us? I mean, look at me, I managed to keep it hidden from an entire world up until now, so don't you think it's possible for us to coexist? Alright guys, I'm ending on that note, and, before any of you ask, no, I don't know or live with anyone in the New Orleans settlement, and, yes, my family is completely loving and accepting of my bisexuality and werewolf status. Alright, peace."
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