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The Son

Alec Thomas Wischester was the first born child of the Wischester family. His mother adored him, and his father was the proudest person in the world. It only took them four years to get a brother around for him, but that four years were very precious. They were living in London at that time, and his father told everyone how his child will be a Dementor Hunter like he was.

The Wischester family had a great history hunting those ungodly creatures. By that time, they were well known in America, his ancestors were the people creating this “profession”, that, by now, is more popular than before, but still not many people have what it takes to be near dementors and capture them or hunt them down. His father was a pure heart, and he had great desire burning inside him for his career, and his family.

His mother was often alone with the boys. Once Jace was born, he wasn’t the only child anymore, which he did mind at first, hence he was a selfish child that he didn’t grow out of too much. There’s a thin circle who he can be selfless for, but otherwise, he gets what he wants, and he doesn’t care much about the price.
But with Jace, once he was big enough to interact more, there was an incredible bond that still exists. With them being left for their mothers, two little children, she was overwhelmed many cases, even though she loved this sweet weight on her shoulders.

They made good friends with another famous family, even more known than theirs - the Potters. Being in London, having to attend certain events and working together on cases, it brought the families together and they developed and kept a tight bond even after they moved back to the states. Ginny Potter was a great help for Maria Wischester and they always had a bunch of kids to play around with.

The Brother

He was about five years old when he first noticed their parents are not as tight as before. They were fighting over time spent elsewhere, responsibilities and chores. It didn’t seem a big deal after all, and he certainly felt differently about it back then. He had to become mature enough to realize there must’ve been more to the story. Their father was away more and more, and he felt like it was his responsibility to look after his brother, which was an awful pressure at that age.

Alec was celebrating his ninth birthday when his father took him out on ground. It was all safe, and a great adventure for him. He didn’t see any dementors, but he could feel the coldness that shows they were close, and then his father took him home. He sneaked out on the window and hid inside Jacob’s magical car - he loved those rolling cans and passed on his love to Alec. He decided it’s time he became a man and talked to his father about his family, and that he had to move back home.

His father died defending him from the dementors he was about to hunt when he realized his son was with him.

He spent three days and three nights out in the wild, not knowing what’s coming next. Other dementor hunters found him and took him home.

He became the man of the family. They’ve moved back to America, and he started his studies, spending all the free time back at home to help his mother take care of Jace. He taught everything he could to his little brother during the years about Ilvermorny, about magic, and about their late father. Once he entered the school, their mother had more time for her heartache.

The Popular Kid

He was sorted into Thunderbird, which he felt he belonged to straight away. He was cunning, and he always had his plans and managed to bring them through. Once Jace went there too, he spent most of his time with his brother, and his friends - he had many of them, other kids seemed to like him easily. He was sneaky, and they liked the benefits of extra dessert taken from the kitchen during the night, or boring classes being cut short by a muggle car alarm going off suddenly.

Once he reached puberty, girls entered his life, many of them. They seemed to be giving the metaphorical door handle to each other, he didn’t even have to go after any of them. He enjoyed their company, but didn’t offer anything - he didn’t even have to. The ones that were expecting something more stayed away quite early as the words spread he’s not interested in anything long term.

After some years of playing around, he did manage to get himself a decent girlfriend - or at least it looked like.

The Student

He liked the knowledge, but couldn’t care less about studying and grades. He still managed to go through Ilvermorny with very good results, which weren’t always all the results of not cheating. He did what he had to do.
Teachers seemed to feel for him, losing his father at a young age and with such a traumatic disaster around him. It was never a question he’ll take after his father and become a Dementor Hunter, but he enjoyed playing Quidditch as well back at school.

The Metamorph

One of the best things he loves about himself is the fact that he’s a metamorph. He often changes his looks, back in the day it was about fun and entertainment, but once he was about to do his job on a serious level it helped him greatly. It is very difficult to walk around America hunting while every corner there’s someone who knows who you are. With Jace being metamorph too, they often challenge each other. He practiced, and practiced a lot from his very early years, and mastered this ability to it's fullest by now. He loves going around in different forms, misleading people, mainly women.

The Hunter

Once he started hunting dementors, he quickly got addicted to light drugs, and then Pixie Dust entered his life. He couldn’t deal with the pressure and the cold without it as it stayed with him even on the days he wasn’t around dementors. It wasn’t something surprising, most of the hunters were addicted to some form of harmful essence, so it was also fairly easy for him to get whatever he needed.
Since he just entered hunting on a very professional level, the pressure is high. Now, he looks at it as something that he always wanted to do, but usually, he does it cold-heartedly. He learned several extra techniques which are not necessarily connected to the Dementor Hunter profession - Auror training elements, and some Unspeakable.

He takes his job in terms - he does it for some time, not focusing on anything else if possible, and once it gets too much, he takes off and enjoys life. When he’s away, he’s only available for those who matter.

The Godbrother

The Potters and Wischesters stayed close to each other even after they moved back to the States. He likes James, as he can share the feeling of being eldest with him, he feels like the easiest to understand and get on with is Albus, and he adores Lily. He liked those summers, going on holidays together, getting into kiddo adventures and fights, making peace and right between the youngsters. Since James opened Mischief Managed, he’s regular there. Once Albus moved over, he felt even happier to have both of them at an arm's length, and being able to meet with them whenever he feels like.
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