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I could never identify with that word, 'weak.'

The most frequent joke the Rainey ever heard growing up was that it must have been rainy when she was born - which in all honesty was true but her name meant so much more then that. Something her mother often told her to remind her when she would come home with tears in her eyes after being teased about her name. Padma would tell her daughter that her name meant queen and that the other kids were just jealous of her. After that they would spend the day together pretending to be in some far away kingdom. Padma a queen from another land and Rainey a queen in her own right. Rainey didn't know back then but her mother was just building her confidence. Rainey always knew her father ( Dean Thomas ) loved her but he was frequently gone due to being a auror at the time. When he was home however he made sure that he spent as much time as he could with his daughter. He would spend the afternoons drawing with her ( something they were both really good at ) or letting her dress him up in what he thought was silly clothing. ( She was just ahead of her time) She was a only child for a while until her mother gave birth to her brother. Rainey was very much jealous of her brother at first but after a few months you couldn't get her to just leave him be. She was his protector and she made sure that he was almost never crying. Rainey had a special bond with her brother , just like her mother had a special bond with her twin sister. Other then her brother she was very close with her cousins as well , who happens to be twins themselves. They were close enough in age where it didn't make a big difference.

Arriving at Hogwarts she was nervous about the sorting hat. Her mother had been a Ravenclaw and her father had been a Gryffindor. She had wanted to be in Gryffindor just like her father , not that she shared that kind of hope with her mother. Almost immediately after sitting under the hat she was sorted into Slytherin. The shock on her face probably gave a few students the giggles as she stumbled her way over to the Slytherin house. Truthfully Rainey had the makings of a great Slytherin , she just didn't know at first. Her years at Hogwarts taught her a lot about herself and it shaped her into the person she was. She was confident , she was ambitious , cunning, witty and determined. Those were all the things that shaped her into the perfect Slytherin. Of course while at Hogwarts , she broke a few hearts. She learned a few lessons and she made a few friends. She was always optimistic about life in general and even for a Slytherin she was friendly.

Graduating from Hogwarts she knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted to travel and she wanted to design. Of course she made dresses , clothing and jewelry for the girls at school but she wanted to design for the everyday witch or wizard.

Rainey started her travels abroad in Egypt , following other places. She finally landed a gig in the United States where her name took of from there. She was known for trendy , fashionable clothing for the modern magical world. She was a brand before she even returned home to her family and settling down. Now you can see her designs on all the younger folk while the older folk look on shaking there heads at the brights colors and outlandish patterns she uses. When you see her design - you definitely know it is a Rainey original. She is in charge of her own company today and enjoys what she does.

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