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“My father was a monster, and so are you, and so am I.” - Wolfgang (Sense8)

[tw: blood, sex, violence, cannibalism, etc in case I'm missing anything?]

“Run, run, little piggies.”A wicked grin grew on his bloody lips as he stared down at his prey from the top of the rocky hill. He could already smell the sour stench of their sweat as they huddled towards the center of the clearing, while their eyes frantically darted the snarling strangers and the tall forest trees with fear. This was a game he often played. Rafe crouched and leaned forward, his features began to twist and shift in the darkness before the hunt commenced. “You have until sunrise to make it out alive.” The beast growled and sharpened his claws on the hard surface. He could hear their hearts race in their trembling chest as he stared at them with his large green eyes. They could hear his bones snap back into place before he stood up to his full height. His friends howled to the moon as they donned their true skin. The little piggies and sheep ran into the forest, scattering into every direction to find their way back to civilization lost and afraid. They screamed, they cried, and they cursed as the big bad wolf snarled again, “You have until sunrise to make it out alive.”


With each step he took it he felt stronger. He was free, free to be himself. His arms were cut from shattered glass, and knick by the brush. Dirt was embedded under his nails, and he never felt better. No, fuck that shit. They weren’t going to take him back that hellhole without a fight. All of the pitiful little fucks whining and crying about how shit sucked. Where’s mommy? Where’s daddy? Who gives a fuck? No one cares, no one fucking cares. Mommy and Daddy don’t care. Mommy and Daddy are dead, and so will every single person at that orphanage. But not him, Rafe was going home. He will steal, he will hunt, he will find another way to survive, but he was not going to live and obey with his damn food.


There was a blood-curdling scream that kept going on and on. It was about a kilometer away, and it had the little sheep stop dead in her tracks, breathing as though she was running out of air. Rafe watched hungrily from the trees as she spun around in fear to every rustling leaf and snapped twig. She will not survive this... They usually don’t.


The tree trembled and shook as he pushed the woman up against it. He gripped her thigh tightly to his waist while he nipped on her ruby lips, and then her neck. He wanted to make her scream just a little longer, let her enjoy the moment for as long as she can. He could feel her nails raking his sweat-drenched back just moments before the change. He will remember his prize like all of the others he’s hunted. He’d remember how her crimson dress clung to her every curve, her moans of pleasure then pain. Soon enough, the young woman yelped in pain as his claws pierced her skin. Startled by the pain, she looked at him and saw that the man had become a beast. “Little Red,” He snarled hungrily over the sound of his bones snapping into place, and her struggle to get him off but he kept her pinned to the tree. “You shouldn’t have stray from the path.” With that, he sunk his teeth into her throat and feasted on her flesh.


5… 4… In order to live, one must survive and the only way to survive is to do whatever means necessary to put yourself on top. The only person you should truly rely on is yourself. Everyone preaches about teamwork and helping others, but really the moment you were no longer of use they will cast you aside. They run through the forest sacrificing their friend for their own necks. His mother tossed him the moment he breached from her womb. A proper lady with a child born out of wedlock, and no less conceived from the seed of a slobbering monster. That was prosperous. His father, his hero, stopped caring about him because his meal ticket believed in some fucking prophecy. He grew fat, lazy, and complacent, letting himself be ordered around by a noseless frail freak. He was a tool. He stopped hunting. He stopped being true to what he was. 3… 2… For years Rafe took care of himself. He learned to adapt to the wilderness and the world outside as both man and beast. He learned to fight, and he learned to steal. He hunted, he seduced, he charmed, he conned, and of course he tormented but that was more for the thrill of it. He lured unsuspecting individuals, earned their trust, then turned them whether they liked it or not, honestly they can all die. There will be others. He’s taken man, woman, and child to the woods to see who has what it takes to survive.

1… The ginger pushed through the brush. She watched her husband fall prey to those animals after she had let him go to save herself. She didn’t know why she did it. No, she knew why, but she couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe she was able to do such a thing. And yet, she ran fearing she will be the next victim. The colors of the sky grew lighter and lighter now, the sun will soon rise upon the horizon, and then she will be free to live. Her eyes stung with tears as she saw the other side of the woods until she fell. Just before she reached the edge she hit the ground, burdened by the weight of the monsters. She screamed her lungs out, she gripped and raked the earth as she was dragged away. She thrashed, she fought but it was no use. She was pinned down, and soon she saw the beast loom over her with the grin from hours before. “Congratulations, you have won the game.” He growled in a mockingly cheery tone. His claw traced down the side of her neck to the middle of her heaving chest. “And the prize is you get to live… Maybe… If you’re strong enough.” The leader lunged and sunk his teeth into her flesh, everything went black. 0… It was all just a fucking game.
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