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Will you love me for me not what i am ? anyone??

It was late one night when she was born, the apple of her mother's eye, It didn't matter to her mother as much that the father of the baby in her arms was nowhere to be found. As a baby Lyra always was the center of attention, her family loved to treat her like a princess and everyone she met seemed to be drawn to her. From the moment she could walk and talk she knew that she wanted to stay in the spotlight, her parents told her to wait till she was out of school and trained her to use her powers for good. She grew up in a happy home, nothing really made her feel alone or upset. She was taught how to behave and how to be respectful by her mother.

She never met her father, come to find out he was killed the night she was born, but she did know him as James Novak the veela, that was all her mother told her. She never wanted to see her mother in pain as much as she did growing up and she always tried to be the good girl her mother wanted her to be. This was why she never really asked much about her father. Her mother taught her how to act and Many would compliment her on her upbringing and manners…but she wanted to stand out, not blend in. She is very loyal and trustworthy, however, you don’t want to get on her bad side. she knows how to defend and fight back with a real bite. She is kind and sweet, she believes everyone deserves a second chance. She was taught to see the beauty in everything.

When she got her letter for school she didn't want to leave her mother's side she wanted her to be happy and yet she knew it was time for her to go to school. She made friends right away people who were drawn to her and she didn't seem to care because it made her feel loved and like she wasn't alone, even if it was her powers. She tried her best in school she didn't want to disappoint her mother at all. But that all changed just after her first year when her mother had a new boyfriend, Her mother didn't seem to see how he acted around Lyra, Screaming at her telling her off for being around him because of her powers, at the time she didn't understand is why he hated her so much and she couldn't wait to get back to school after summer break and prayed her mother would get away from him. vHurt she started to get into boys, and even girls, anywhere she could get positive feedback.

Lyra made up her mind she would finish school and become famous it was the only way to keep her from feeling the cold bitter unloved feeling when she came back for Christmas break the second year she planned to tell her mother but she never got the chance. She watched in terror as her mother was beaten to death by the man who claimed to love her. She was sent to live with her aunt for the rest of her time at school until she was eighteen. This whole thing made her pull back hide how she felt and she didn't say much till her last few years at the school. She had a few flings here and there but she never wanted to get too serious because she was scared of the rage of people, after watching what it could do.

Once she was out of school she went to Hollywood using the little bit of money her mother left for her and worked on becoming a Famous Actress, for years she worked hard though it was easier to just make people want to help her, messing with emotions, people where drawn to her and her fan base grew more the more she met people, she didn't want this to stop. Being a veela made her want to find love but also be herself. She did manage to fall head over heels for someone but they ended up breaking her heart, when they didn't love her back, she tried to push her feelings on him but it was no use, she decided that night that she would never love anyone again just play around have fun but then again who knows when love will hit this little actress, for now, she is loving life and hiding the pain inside.
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