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'on est seul aussi chez les hommes', dit le serpent.


Guillaume Beaufort is a trailblazer, a black sheep, a rebel without a cause, but damn, if he doesn't make it look good.

Everyone who is anyone in Nice knows about the Beauforts - it’s hard to miss a flashy old Pureblood wizarding family when they’ve been a stalwart fixture of the city for centuries. They’re ostentatious and influential, and when they breed, they breed true, sometimes marrying into likeminded Pureblood families from other countries all over the world just to keep the bloodline strong and extend their web of influence as far as possible. Beauforts go into politics. They are lawyers and diplomats and French Ministers of Magic, and some of them who are really adventurous may even be Aurors, but their path is clear - they are patriots, and they serve their country, and they are distinguished and held in the highest esteem.

When the family summers in nearby Monaco, Guillaume feels freest - when he runs wild through the marinas of Monte Carlo and when he joins the sun-kissed Monegasque locals to play three-a-side Quidditch, he can forget that he is a Beaufort and just be a boy.

What he chooses when he graduates from Beauxbatons is not the gavel of justice or the staff of high office, but a broomstick. His star shines, but not in a way that anyone could ever have expected - and certainly not in the way that his family wants.


Guillaume lives a perfect, blessed life in Monte Carlo, the city of his daydreaming youth - just far away enough from his ancestral home to have some breathing room, but not so distant that he might ever get homesick - and if not for the Quidditch World Cup of 2004, he might not have ever thought anything was missing.

But when he sees her in the stands, just as his fingers are about to close around the squirming Snitch and clinch the Cup for France, he wonders how he could have led such an empty existence for so long.

Bulgaria wins the match, and it is a shock upset. France were the favourites, and Guillaume Beaufort was a sure thing. Guillaume never does discover whether or not she set out to distract him on purpose, and she will never tell, but the Veela - serene and silvery-haired, one of the Bulgarian team’s notorious mascots - has him spellbound.

She tells him that her name is Emilia, and he is too tongue-tied to respond.

Within a year, they are married, and his Monte Carlo villa feels less empty when it is for two.


Lucien Augustin Beaufort is born on a sweltering day in the heat of high summer, and his first cries sound as the sun blazes over the French Riviera.

His father is an internationally renowned Quidditch player who belongs to a Pureblood dynasty, and his mother is a creature of myth so beautiful that when she walks the paved streets by their house, heads turn to watch her even though they have seen her pass a thousand times before.

These are the ingredients for a charmed life.

Lucien - little Luc, perfect and charming - is raised to want for nothing, shown off to the Beaufort family during visits to Nice and allowed to have whatever he wants on weekend trips to Paris, where he delights shopkeepers and tourists with his childish antics.

He is probably too spoiled and given too much free rein by Guillaume, who insists that he doesn’t want his son to feel the same pressures from family as he once did. Even when he crosses the line, though - like when his magic comes in while he is teething, and the family cat ends up a little singed and skittish as a result - he can smile and laugh, and somehow he is always forgiven.

If Guillaume Beaufort has a soft spot for his wife, his weakness for his Lucien is the biggest of all.


Of course, as he grows older, there are consequences. Accustomed to getting his way and equipped with an inherited Veela temper, Lucien can be a force for destruction when things don’t go the way that he wants. He is full of excess energy and opinions, and with Guillaume away so often for Quidditch, it is hard to keep the boy in check.

Emilia loves him deeply - she can’t help it, nobody can - and so she tries everything that she can to give him outlets for his boundless youthful verve. English lessons, art lessons, brief stints learning tennis and ballet and sailing, playmates of a similar age, even the arrival of a little sister, Louise - he takes to things precociously and then tires of them quickly, moving on to the next new and exciting thing.

Emilia is tired too. But she is able to keep smiling for now, and wave and wipe away her tears with a handkerchief when her son eventually leaves for Beauxbatons, precious and dashing in his pale blue silk robes.


It is a sunny but cold Christmas Eve in Monaco, and Emilia Beaufort stands shaking, chest heaving, in a room that resembles an explosion of feathers.

Lucien is eleven, home for the holidays for the first time from Beauxbatons, and he has never seen his mother this way. She is telling his father that she is tired of sitting around the house, taking care of their children whilst waiting for him to come back from exotic, far-flung places - and doesn’t he remember how good it felt, when she was there with him too? Her hands are splayed wide on her hips as she tells him that she needs something to do that is just for her.

Guillaume nods dumbly, shellshocked and apologetic, and it is the start of Emilia’s burgeoning passion for philanthropy, and the groundwork for her involvement with the French Ministry.

That evening, Lucien looks in the mirror and imagines himself sprouting wings, face contorted in animal rage. He shudders. He isn’t like that at all.

Not long afterwards, Guillaume retires from professional Quidditch - it’s time, he’s getting older and he wants to leave on a high note, and he joins the French team in a coaching position instead. It makes things easier for the family, happier.


The strict rules and regulations of Beauxbatons do wonders for him over the years, shaping him from the rough clay of an unruly brat with the face of an angel into something far more refined and polished, something worthy of being introduced to society with a smile and a hope for success.

Son of a Quidditch legend father and a Veela mother who has started to make waves as an advocate in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, it isn’t hard for him to fit in, and he likes to be noticed. With a family like his, Lucien simply expects it.

He is golden when he laughs and seems unaware of just how easily things come to him, how much he has always been blessed, but school manages to teach him etiquette and deportment, how to carry himself and how to behave. His energy and curiosity, previously unchecked and cyclonic, are focused towards Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons, Transfiguration and even History of Magic lessons, anything that stands a chance of keeping him still and occupied. His temper, so rampant as a child, is tamped down somewhat and channelled into other things - duelling, Quidditch (although unfortunately he doesn’t share the gifts of his father in this department) and even fencing. It is still there, impossible to banish but latent, and he is more impulsive these days than explosive.

As time trickles on, he stops being surprised when he wakes up from an involuntary nap in the middle of the night to find that he’s nodded off in the Library again, poring over some obscure charm in the dustiest tome in sight. There simply aren’t enough hours in a day to balance his social and scholastic lives, and he runs himself a little ragged towards the end of his time at Beauxbatons trying to manage both, but if this is the greatest hardship that he’s ever faced, then he has led a smooth and easy life indeed.

But of course when you’re young, you take that sort of thing for granted.


His parents hold a magnificent party for him at the old Beaufort family residence in Nice as a graduation present, a way of introducing him to wizarding society like a debutante of sorts, ready to take his place among the adults.

He surprises everyone - and delights his Beaufort grandparents and his mother especially, who have been hoping all along for a reconciliation - by asking his family if they think he might be a good fit for the Ministry. Guillaume’s face darkens with a shadow when he sees his son seeming to choose the life that he tried so hard to avoid, but the thundercloud passes after a few minutes and the tension in the room relaxes bit by bit. This should not have been easy, but it is - Lucien’s father cannot deny him anything.

The combination of his grades (good enough, but not first-rate) and his family connections (which are strong enough to grease any reluctant wheels) sees him smoothly secure an internship with the Department of International Magical Cooperation, where he memorises and delivers Spellbucks orders with style and charm, and where he even gets to see his draft of a sub (sub, sub, sub) clause for a wizarding treaty make the final cut, a crowning moment in his young career. He is charming and clever, boosted by the appeal of being half-Veela that he doesn’t mind making use of, and even if he is not always perfectly behaved and on the straight-and-narrow, he has a good head for knowing what people want and a sympathetic heart.

With an amassed fortune at his fingertips, just waiting for him to inherit, it’s not a question of where Luc must build a career, but one of whether or not he even really feels the need to. Although not particularly ambitious and quite content to go with the flow for the most part, Luc enjoys the opportunities for constant travel that keep him occupied and satisfy his adventurous urges, and he likes the diplomatic challenges that come with the work. It’s enough to make him want to keep going.


When his internship ends, the transition to a full time position is, again and by now predictably, an easy and natural thing - Lucien has grown up to be confident and optimistic, and this combination has always been rewarded.

He doesn’t realise that he is still untested and hollow, that his lack of any real hardship in life has perhaps made him soft and weak beneath a self-assured exterior, that at any moment the precarious house of cards that is the life of a charming and sunny young man could come cascading down and if it does, he will be quite helpless to put it back together.

But as he starts his new, permanent job, Lucien wonders - what could possibly go wrong?
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