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October 20, 2001
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ever get that feeling of deja vu?

Agnes Westwood was born on the outskirts of Edinburgh in a muggle village and, to the rest of those on her street, her family were decidedly, well, normal. Two loving parents with three kids who seemed to keep to themselves for the most part. But on the inside, the family was the epitome of the collision between the muggle and wizarding world. With a muggle father and wizarding mother, there was never quite a perception of ‘normal’ but strangely, it worked. Agnes can’t count how many days she spent watching her mother cast the odd charm to speed the washing up or how she made real stars shine over the kids beds to help them get to sleep. It was a good childhood, safe and with a unbroken level of stability even when hiccups in both the muggle and wizarding world took place. For the rest of her family, Agnes was fortunate, largely getting on with her siblings. They were the ones that gifted her her nicknames, ‘Aggie’ and ‘Nes’ when they couldn’t quite pronounce the two syllables together. Even though she’s tried over the years, the nicknames have stuck with her for most of her adult life so far, picked up by acquaintances, friends and lovers alike.

Truth be told, Agnes’ eventual path to Ravenclaw was set early on. It was her father that sparked Agnes’ endless pursuit of knowledge and discovery. Before retirement he had worked as a lecturer at the nearby university and Agnes can still remember listening to him prepare for lectures, reeling off facts and numbers effortlessly and mornings sat on the living room floor, attempting to help with crosswords even when her grasp of complex linguistic terms was never second nature.

Her own pursuit of knowledge manifested elsewhere as a youngster, more specifically in the days she spent following creatures around the garden, grazing her knees as she sat staring at bushes trying to coax hedgehogs and other odd animals out from the undergrowth (with varying levels of success). As she grew older, this passion led to a number of books being purchased and poured over, from the original [i]Fantastic Beasts[/i] to publications since.

Eventually, it was her time to attend Hogwarts and the only way to describe it is a blur. Learning, exams, the odd Quidditch game thrown in there for good measure and of course the many new experiences that take place when teenage hormones run amok. All too soon did it end and she was thrust out into the harsh reality of the ‘adult world’. It had been her own decision not to attend Eastwick University, not to take the logical step in her path to being a magizoologist (at least that was the initial plan)despite having the OWLS and NEWTS to back it up. In truth, Agnes just wanted a break and wanted to see the world.

Of course, there’s just one issue with that – money. Her early twenties were a mix of experiences, unable to find that building block towards her goals. With a number of jobs in bars and shops across wizarding London under her belt she eventually got the foothold to scrape more than a few galleons together to travel to get an odd job at the ministry.

And so began Agnes’ years of tagging along on the coattails of others and taking the odd job whenever possible. From trainee cursebreaker to dragon feeder, she’s done it and she cannot count how many times she’s been thankful to have some level of adaptability and a thirst to learn more. In truth, it’s changed how she sees the world and the path she wants to take, not quite knowing what career she wants to settle down with in the future. Granted, these years have not always been kind to her, the scars across her body attached to a number of stories. But hey, nobody said that working with dragons was going to be an easy in the first place. Her time as a freelancer has given Agnes a pretty strong moral compass and she knows how to sticks to her guns and her beliefs.

She knows she’s been in the right place at the right time with the attacks that have happened throughout the last decade. To be honest, it scares Agnes, the idea that everything could go to hell again. She’s heard the stories, knows about the last wizarding war. She can still remember her silent horror at seeing Hogwarts, a school she loved…loves, so dearly reduced to timber and stone. She’ll never admit it but the fear that things will go back to her parents’ youth eats her up at night and the only way she can see herself escaping it is not facing her fears and instead moving further away.

Although she worries, Agnes knows that perhaps she smiles a little too easily at times, a smirk that starts on the edge of her lips before growing into a full on laugh, but she can’t help it. In truth, she prefers to get on with people, not let them get too close but keep things neutral.

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