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On a summer day, a set of twins were born, one of them was Cleo Marie Preston, the youngest of the twins by a few minutes. She was also named after two historical queens – Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette.

She was born into an old and wealthy pureblood wizardry family who have lived in New Orleans for many generations. She also comes from a werewolf bloodline that dates back a few generations and is part of a werewolf pack which she regards as family and is third in line to lead by the hierarchy of her birth.

However what sets her apart is the fact Cleo is not a werewolf, it is there in her genes and dna but transforming into a werewolf never got passed down to her. According to the facts she will be considered a half-breed werewolf, but reality wise she is a pure blood witch. While she still is welcomed in the pack her mother and brother are in (including the fact her mother is the beta of the pack), who knows what the future will hold for her.

Cleo lived with her mother’s side of the family for most her childhood they had more influence on her upbringing more then she would have liked too. She was raised in a very nurturing and loving environment surrounded by her family but the young girl was also taught, the pureblood etiquette and values, etc. In 2006 when the treaty was formed she went to say in the La Lune Noire with the pack, except on full moons, where she was sent back home and kept safe. Cleo always felt the Bayou was home, in her heart, she wished she could spend time there more often with her brother and explore, this gave birth her rebellious trait and caused problems with the ‘pureblood lifestyle’ members of the family.

By the time she was 11 years old, the young witch was more than happy to be off to Ilvermorny for the following reasons: to be closer to her brother and have more freedom to do what she wanted. Cleo was sorted into Thunderbird and at first, it was just her and brother until she began to gain friends, some she shares in common with her brother.

During the first few years of her schooling, Cleo decided to become an animagus after discovering students at Uagadou are able to do so by the age of fourteen, it was her inspiration and reason to become one. It was a hard and long process but if they could do it so can see, she was determined to succeed and be able to spend full moons in the Bayou with her mother and brother.

Her remaining future at Ilvermorny was uneventful; she had a good teenage life. Except for the attack in 2016 between the werewolves and vampires happened. She had to stay away from the reserve but it frustrated her to the end of the earth not being able to assist them. Cleo has always been an opinionated human being, so when she found out the Blood Knights were formed to protect vampires, it angered her to the core because werewolves deserve to have protection for rights.

That moment of her teenage life sparked a passion and desire in Cleo to want to help and protect all magical creatures, including the vampires despite with what has happened in the Bayou. So after Ilvermorny, she pursed to study at Eastwick everything that involves magical creatures – including beasts, beings and spirits. Upon finishing her studies at Eastwick Cleo got a job in the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures where she has been working in the last few years, her current goal is aiming to voice the current protections rights for werewolves and assists any half-breeds and give them a chance to stand on their own feet in the creature community.
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