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Jace Theodore Wishchester was the youngest child born to Jacob + Maria Wischester (nee’ Campbell), He has one older sibling but he loves being the baby of the family. even if he is close to his big brother. He was popular and always a major flirt but there was one girl who always had his heart no matter what happened but he lets her be because she seems happy with her life now. He is very loyal and headstrong, much like his father which he wants to be a amazing Dementor hunter like his father.

Since he was little he was close to his brother, even though at first it seemed his brother didn't want him around, as they grew and he was old enough to play with his brother they got along, aside from fighting over who was to do what chore around the house. He looked up to his brother and his father.

He was always told about his family’s “profession” and how he was going to be one too, sure he didn't mind it after all the family business was just as important. Even though he isn't a pure-blood he always wanted to learn about magic and be one of the best wizards out there. A child can have dreams, and learning just became one of his. As a child, he was a bit of a bookworm at times but grew out of it to a point. Even though he saw his brother taking on a new level of being mature at a young age, he even wanted to be more independent and do things on his own and causing a bit of trouble for his brother.

At a young age he learned he could change his face and looks that he like his brother was a metamorph and he loved to mess around at times making funny faces, this also was something that he did to make his friends laugh at times the older he got. He worked hard to learn more about this special power he had since his brother had it too he knew he wasn't alone in learning it.

It was around his older brothers ninth birthday that his brother got to go out into the field with his dad and though Jace didn't know what happened, he was a bit jealous of his brother and wanted to go, begging his mom to let him but he didn't get to go. When they didn't come back for almost four days, then for his brother to show up alone brought back by fellow Dementor hunters and their dad dead. He took a bit of anger inside why didn't his brother help why did he have to lose his dad. He kept it inside though wanting to become stronger and able to protect those he loved. His family moved back to America soon after, His brother started to act like the man of the house and Jace didn't mind it much he took the time to train and study with this brother when he had a chance too. Though his brother went off to school before him he still would be in touch and learn what he could about Magic and the family business.

When it was his turn to go to Ivermonry he was excited and scared, though being put in the same house as his brother made Thunderbird, this made him feel like he belonged as well. Though part of him wanted to go to school with the Potters he knew that he would be fine where he was. At school everything seemed to change for him, he became popular and started to get into girls, he realized how easily it was to make them blush and it became a game for him. He always put his studies before the girls though but who didn't like a game here or there with them, having them do his school work so he could go practice and learn the important things about his soon to be career as a Dementor Hunter. Jace is a natural-born leader so getting others to do things for him wasn't as hard as it seemed.

By the time he got into girls, he started to date and became close to one girl named Isabelle, which he often called her His Belle. They dated on and off throughout their years at school because Jace didnt want to be tied down and Isabelle was half veela so she had a tendancy to draw others to her.

Jace started to focus on his training once he was out of school, He at times would go off on his own which drove his older brother Alec crazy but Jace didn't care, these where the times he needed to clear his head whatever was on his mind. Just before he was ready to be a Dementor hunter officially, Isabelle cheated on him, the girl even got herself pregnant and Jace was just over it, He knew it wasnt his he knew it. he felt his heart grow cold dark, he swore he would never care of anyone. so as it stands right now Jace just doesn't care, maybe someone will change that who knows.
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