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Indgredients of the Kunwoo potion:
- a korean boy, aged 5
- English language
- wizarding powers
- interest in cooking and potions
- a huge amount of caring personality
- tons of creativity
- massive intelligence
- piles of intuition
- honesty
- a bit of humour

Brewing instructions:
Keep the little boy on room temperature and slowly add the English language. Let it settle for a year or two. Meanwhile make a mixture of the caring personality, creativity, intelligence, intuition, honesty and humor. Slowly add it during the two years. Constatnly check that all the mixture is in him. Once his fluent in English add the interest in cooking and potions. Let it settle for an other 3-4 years. Congratulations! Your Kunwoo is ready.

For the more serious readers:

**Before becoming a wizard **
He has no memories of Korea. His first memory is the airplane which brought him to London. He was five at the time, and he is hundred procent sure, that is when his life started. The previous five years are foggy. Although his adopting parents have gathered him many information, he is not the type of person who wants to know a lot about it. Well, at least that is what he thought at first. But as a child or a teenager everyone thinks they know better.
Now, being an adult, of course he would like to know if he is muggleborn, halfblood or pureblood. Not that it would make a difference in his life. Simply it would be easier to answer all those questions. People wouldn't look at him strange when he answers.
Mr and Mrs Brown are muggles. No doubt about that and they certainly did not opt for a magical child. However, when he was just four-five, Kunwoo seemed to be a normal muggle. Yes, there were some strange things, but noone ever connected them to the little boy. Kunwoo on the other hand was totally aware that he is doing those things but he needed parents. At least that is the feeling he has, when he tries to remember.
The day he arrived to the airport he only new two English words: Mom and Dad. He's been practising these during the flight, making sure that he makes a good impression on his new parents. He had to. He desperately wanted to stay.
The upcoming years went by pretty boring. He learnt English, went to school, made friends, and enjoyed the fact that he had two loving parent. When he was 8 he got a little sister: Sanaa. Unlike him, Sanaa is from Africa. At first it was very strange to have someone else in the family but he quickly realised it is super fun to play with a 3 year old.
The not so fun part was the comments he heard around him from people. The ones that pointed out they cannot be siblings. That they are children who don't have real parents. Kunwoo didn't like these and when he has enough he made sure those people shut up. His actions were seen by his parents which made them quite worried as they never experienced anything alike.
To their relief on his 11th birthday they found out the secrets behind Kunwoo and though they were still a bit worried, they allowed him to join the magical world.

To his deepest sorrow his little sister is not a witch. It makes things a little complicated and of course as he spent years in Hogwarts their relationship became distanced. Fortunately not with Mr and Mrs Brown. They have been supporting him throughout the years and though Kunwoo is officially an adult, even in the muggle world, they still keep in touch, sending messages and exchanging phonecalls on a regular basis.

**Year at Hogwarts**
Hogwarts was a wonderful place! He loved everything about magic but his main interest was potions. Herbiology, charms and transfiguarion also attracts him but not on the same level. Being a Ravenclaw he always had the highest grades and thanks to his asian looks he always had more attention than others which he trully enjoyed though at times it got to his nerves.
But let's talk a bit more about Hogwarts... I see the curiosity in your eyes.
He wasn't nerveus at all. He sat so confidently in the train for the very first time that everyone thought he is a pureblood. Honestly he didn't have the flowest idea but he knew for a long time he is different from muggles and getting to know the wizarding world was like finding a missing piece of a puzzle.
The soring hat shouted Ravenclaw before it actually touched his head. From what he has learnt from his research he was happy with the choice and after a few days everyone knew for sure it was a perfect fit.
Kunwoo as I mentioned before did well in all his courses but he enjoyed potions the most. He even seemed to be talented in it which made it even more interesting and fun. Something not many shared with him.

It was the first day of his second year that he saw an other asian. A girl. She was a first year and from the sound of her name, she must have been Korean. Though he never thought of Korea and anything connected to it, something suddenly made him very interested in that girl, and he wished she would land up in Ravenclaw so he could get to know her more. His wish was not granted. The girl became a Hufflepuff and he hardly ever got a chance to talk with her.
Of course there were some comments. Some students have asked him if they are related, but he told everyone he is from a muggle family and no one else has magical powers. Although he kind of liked the idea... And honestly, you never know.
However these rumours died soon, and being busy with his studies and potions he quickly forgot about the girl too.

It has all changed when he met Lily Potter. Of course, he knew the girl and her brothers. Cause who doesn't? But exactly because of that he never even dreamt about talking to them or becoming friends. Although it was a uniq occasion and went surprisingly good. Shortly after their first chat in the library they started talking more often and eventually became friends. Lily introduced him to her korean girlfriend too. Now that... that has changed everything.

I believe a lot of people around him think it was puberty that made him change. That made him aware of looks, that made him want to have a certain style. Even he wants to believe that. But he know very well, that the only thing he was doing is trying to impress a girl - without any succes.
He gave up in his last year at Hogwarts and went to the ball with a different girl deciding that it is okay as long as he can be friends with his first love.

**Hobbies, interests, future plans**
He has learnt English in the kitchen of the Browns. It seemed so much fun to give a different name to all the foods he knew. What was even more fascinating is to realize that there are a lot more food. He helped a lot with cooking and baking.
After joining Hogwarts as he couldn't practice magic at home instead of brewing potions he spent time preparing food for his family. After seeing the smiling faces and the getting all the lovely compliments he knew for sure. Cooking is really his thing.

As a person who enjoys cooking and brewing potions he decided at an early age (around 13) that he will study further in the medical industry. He wants to invent potions that actually taste good. Cause lets face the truth: at the moment some are just horrible... So wait for it. You'll get pancakes against floo and noodles for dragon-pox. Or something alike.

Aside from cooking and potions he loves reading a lot. Crime stories and fiction as well. Obviously he is a fan of the Hallie Jotter series and made his family read the books to - in order to understand him and his new world better.

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