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24 April, 1993
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let it burn

I have no information about my mother.

I was my father's favorite child. Second born, after my brother, who ended up nowhere. Fenrir Greyback was strong and powerful, not many had clear information of how close he was to the greatest wizard of the history: the one and only Lord Voldemort.

I was three years old when the Dark Lord honored me to experience Crucio by his wand. I had to be trained, there was no time to be wasted. Fenrir's other children were raised in the woods only, as he was creating his army, but he knew that in the long run, he needed me to be his rightful heir, and until then, a beta. He has seen me coming in a prophecy, that's how they knew what to do with me. I was mainly raised by my father, and Death Eaters, who were teaching me about the Dark Arts, keeping me hidden. When not in a castle somewhere producing magic by my own wand that chosen me soon enough, I was out in the woods battling my 'siblings'. I've never really looked at them like family, my family was two people, my father, and our Lord.

As a young child, I had the annoying habit of most children. They took care of destroying these tendencies out of me with various curses, most commonly, the Crucio. They often compromised my mind with potions to cause hallucination, making sure I am not aware of the outside world, I forget childlike behavior, study hard, develop important skills, and concentrate on what to become of me.

I think my father was lucky the Dark Lord was interested in a werewolf army only loyal to him. He experienced the prophecy and went crawling to Voldemort to see me more as some useless, destroyable child. He was the one begging for a wand, as he could steal one, but he had enough in his head to know that won't work as it is desired. In general, he wasn't the brightest of wizards, but he actively and efficiently compensated that with his thirst for blood.

I killed the first House Elf at the age of five. I killed the first mudblood at the age of seven. I watched everything fall apart at the age of nine. My father and my Lord have died. Hospital notes say I lost my mind.

I was still too important for those handful faithful followers of the Dark Lord to abandon me, and I was strong-minded on taking my siblings, my pack with me. I knew what's responsibility is. I started practicing Crucio on myself, and on them, they say I became blind for blood, but the reality is, I knew what is awaiting me and I knew how to best lead my sisters and brothers By then, we were a large amount, not only the ones Fenrir created by nature, and I let them run loose every now and then and kill. They had work, and they had fun, both important for health and 'wellbeing'.

Our pack grew with the years as we were biting people in. The civilized life of a witch helped me keep up with the magical studies of general usage of magic, dark arts, legilimency and occlumency (that I was never good at), and the outcast life of a lycanthrope to see more than humans around us.

When seventeen, we traveled to New Orleans to see for ourselves, what sort of reservation they created for us and for vampires. We had no intention to stay, but in my mind, I had a plan to get other packs to join ours. You only need to kill their alpha, which wouldn't be the first time for me by then. The number was surprising to me, and I agreed to peace, I was running by the name Belle, nobody knew I was a Greyback, nor they had information of my siblings. My point of view wasn't 'keep your friends close, and your enemy closer' - it was to keep everyone close enough who mattered. Almost our full pack left New Orleans, only some stayed to keep me updated.

After arriving back, few people of the late Dark Lord's followers found me and asked me to help them create an organization called Purium. I didn't think much of them, I was more a werewolf pack leader by then than a revengeful witch, but I knew where my loyalty lies, and their plans seemed promising. A year later, we debuted, attacking Hogsmead. That was the beginning.

Many have joined our side, we created great theories and catchy phrases. We had missions, but those weren't big enough, we were getting ready to introduce ourselves in 2014. I didn't bother to go. I had better things to do, as the forest in New Orleans seemed troublesome, I couldn't stay and sit at a meeting, I haven't agreed to their idea of gathering around and not taking lives and blood just talk.

Actions escalated, and by 2016, it ended in a war. Many of mine died, and many vampires too. I had to compromise my feelings and stand up for the vampires as for us, creatures, taking each others blood was nonsense. We should be killing mudbloods and muggles. I stood next to Purium, as by then, I was more a revengeful witch than a beast in the woods. I wanted them, who killed my family, to pay.

We couldn't be sitting and talking anymore, we couldn't let ours be arrested and their blood taken, we had to plan properly and act organized. And then, we attacked the great castle of Hogwarts, and watched it burn to nothing.
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