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Do more than take a stand. Make a difference. Feel free to join me at St. Mungo's and help those impacted by recent events.

It was a story from a romantic drama screenplay. Father, Lochland "Lucky" Kilburn, left school and his family behind to seek his place in the world. Mother, Dolores "Dolly" Jameson, minded her p's and q's, only to find out a whole part of her life had been withheld from her. Then, one moment in a Las Vegas karaoke bar, the two met and the rest was history.

Love, as often occurs, led to a family. Two daughters, Justice and Joy. Just as often occurs, each child seemed to take after one parent over the other. Although Joy and Justice appearance wise were quite similar, their interests differed. While Joy was often rambunctious with their father Lucky, Justice took after her mother. She was well-mannered and even attended Cotillion to her mother's delight. She figured out very quickly that you caught more flies with honey than vinegar. While the politeness was sincere, it still played a role in getting what Justice wanted or was fighting for.

From a young age, Justice did just that. She fought for what she thought was right. Living on the strip, there is certainly a diversity of people around. While a child, she didn't hold much clout with the adults. It was with the neighborhood kids that she could make a difference. So when one of the neighborhood kids was bullying a lot of the other kids that were smaller than her, Justice stepped in. Using persuasion and a confidence she seemed to be born with, she gathered the rest of the kids to stand against the bully. She also found out what started the bullying and learned that the bully's father had lost everything in the casino. They needed money, so Justice used those same skills to get all the kids to go to their parents, herself included, to get what they could to help the family in need. Actions such as this got Justice attention and respect. As she continued to take action and strive to make a difference, she was regarded in higher esteem than others her age by many in the community.

Despite all this, she was still a child, and children must get an education. Justice wasn't the type to squander her time with her schooling and was excited to attend Ilvermorny. It was interesting going through the sorting process, and finding more than one house statute come to life for her. In the end, she chose to be in the Horned Serpent house. Once settled, Justice dove into her studies, absorbing as much information as she could. Knowledge made words far more powerful, especially if they are passionate as well. She went on to become a prefect for several years and head girl her final year at Ilvermorny. While she didn't play quidditch, she did support and cheer on the teams, and helped as a volunteer when a player was injured to get them back on their feet. Still, her academics were of high priority. She felt she could make more of a difference with a strong education.

The more she learned, the more curious she became to see more perspectives than just her own and that of the community she lived in. So before she graduated, she applied for early admission to Eastwick University. Their sorting process was different from Ilvermorny's, but in ways it was the same. The sorting seemed to keep the individual's own desires in mind. In the end, Justice was sorted into Slytherin. Although the degree plan was for four years, she pushed herself to finish in three and she soaked in all the European school had to offer. While she found the experience valuable, she came to regret leaving. It was during that time away that Joy's life took a turn and things got very crazy for her. Justice had been so focused on her own interests, she hadn't seen what Joy was getting mixed up in. When she came home, it was to a pregnant Joy who was on the precipice of dying along with her child. "It's risky, and I don't want you to die like this." Justice wept as they took Joy away in the stretcher. In the end, the risk Joy took of using a prototype of her own creation, saved her life. Something Justice is forever grateful. Yet she never wants Joy to be put into such a risk ever again and she's promised herself that she will keep her sister safe from such dangers in any way she can.

So Justice has moved back home to Las Vegas, though she works for the Keeper of Treasure and Dragots within the Magical Congress of the United States of America as an assistant keeper. It was her hope in such a position that she could make a difference in her community at large by helping with the appropriate allocation of funds to various departments and causes. The job allowed her to still be around for her family most nights and weekends, for which she was grateful. Now she just hoped she could keep her family safe in the current political and community climate.
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