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Most of the great triumphs and tragedies of history are caused not by people being fundamentally good or fundamentally evil, but by people being fundamentally people. - Pratchett

princesses & principles.
At the very beginning of her life, she wasn't really allowed to do anything. She always was treated like a small fairy, unable to do anything besides looking graceful even as a child. However, this simply wasn't the case as she grew up. Her muggleborn father owned an equestrian farm and she wanted to take care of the horses, too, but she wasn't allowed to. She always was fascinated by the ordinary things in life more than the magical things, actually, probably a heritage from her father. Her veela mother was the extra-ordinary, short-tempered and fiery part of her.
She always had been drawn to both of her parents, the beauty of her mother and the simpleness of her father. However, fondness didn't help her getting what she wanted and with the empthetic abilities of her mother and the convincing smile from her father, she just was helpless against everything. She let them spoil her all the time as she saw no way to escape. She only rid the horses without ever getting to know how to foster them.
She spent her time with reading instead, all kinds of books, actually. Mainly the children books she got from her parents and relatives, but she was a clever child. She read the non-fictions and some soft crime novels of her family early, a little bit too early, maybe. But even though she had nightmares haunting her, she still felt safe enough to continue on reading as she always felt the protection of her parents all the time. It hadn't been a burden until she would go to school, but until that happened, it was alright with her.
Her first magical experience had actually been outside of the house. She took a ride with her cousins, she on her small pony while the others were riding magnificient horses. However, she still wanted to jump a fallen tree just small enough for her pony, but it almost ended badly. Somehow, she didn't seem to sit steadily enough in her saddle and once the pony was in the air, she flew out of the saddle, describing a bow in the air. Her cousins watched her in shock, thoughts running wildly while her own mind was blank.
A few moments later, she didn't fall.
She floated.
Her first magical experience had been very important to her even in her life afterwards, and she cherished it until now.

witches & wizards.
At the age of eleven, she finally was able to enroll into Hogwarts, the magical school closest to them as they lived in Scotland. She was so excited about finally getting to school and meeting other people her age (she didn't get along well with the people spending their holidays on her family's farm as she didn't want her parents' attention divided). Actually, she was now a little bit relieved that she wouldn't be with her parents now, the rebellious vein finally coming out. She waved at them as the Hogwarts Express left, but in the end, she really was happy about being able to make some new friends.
In the Hogwarts Express, she actually met the person with whom she would stick to even later in her life, her first best friend. She told her about her being a half-veela, too, but only some months, years afterwards. However, even being sorted into different houses wasn't able to keep these girls apart.
She never told anyone else about her origin, though, her half-veela being, even though it might be slightly obvious, too. Maybe due to her exotic and Asian charme, too, she was quite popular among the boys. She didn't want to be pet again, but it happened all over again. However, she didn't see any use in trying to convince the people of doing anything else and hid her rebellious and fiery mind behind a pretty and stupid smile. She still got good grades and was an intelligent person, however, rarely was bothered with anything. Life was peaceful and she had to make it spicy.
She probably could be described as some kind of troublemaker; she never particularly cared about staying out of it, too. The others just guarded her whenever they could and life was again, easy. The first time one of her suitors actually asked her to be his girlfriend, she really was happy about it. But the butterflies lost their wings as soon as he told her that she reminded him of a veela, relieving her actually origin even only jokingly. She rushed away and broke up with him, still being able to feel his feelings because of her inherited empathy. But it made her wonder how many people would like her for what she really was instead of what she pretended to be.
She liked research, crime novels and chess. But she pretended to spend all the day cooking, taking care of her appearance and doing needlework. During this time, her wand seemed to experience some difficulties with her. Yes, the ash wood was suitable for people with their mind set up.
And that would be the person she wanted to become. She finally said that she wanted to become a dragonologist because these creatures fascinated her so much, the danger actually, the ability to fly. And probably a little bit out of her stubborness that she hadn't been able to take care of the horses in her childhood. Now it had to be dragons, hah.
Against the worrying words of her parents, she focused her mind on that. Slowly, the public image about the Korean puppet changed, however, most of the people still didn't believe her when she told them what she wanted to become. But this time, she didn't want to convince anyone. It was alright now that she knew what she wanted; who cared about the others?

dungeons & dragons.
After having graduated from Hogwarts with pretty good marks, she started her train to become a dragonoligst as soon as possible. Everyone was sceptical once again. But as she proved to be worth the time, she was taken as a trainee after several tries and was able to start working and learning, finally. She had to move to Paris for this, but it was worth it, even though she would be farther away from her best friends and family, France and the United Kingdom weren't that far away, too.
However, she sometimes still just says that she is a waitress (that's actually her part-time job) because people still didn't tend to believe her dealing with dangerous dragons. She would prove it in her own way and doesn't bother herself with giving explanations in vain.
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