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If you search for tenderness
It isn't hard to find
You can have the love you need to live
But if you look for truthfulness
You might just as well be blind
It always seems to be so hard to give

Claire had always been in love with being in love. She thrived off of expressing herself through many of her diverse interests. She loved that she was intuitive and open with her feelings. She made it a point to always be direct with others, because she would always pick having ugly truths over a beautiful lie at the end of the day. And in her profession as a healer, there was no leeway to beat around the bush. She had to say what she saw, and to figure out practical solutions for each patient's ailment in a productive way. Eliott was so nice and charming, it was hard not to fall in love with him five seconds after meeting him.

"So, tell me about your parents. What do they do for a living?" Claire asked across the table, sipping a glass of white wine.

"They're both muggle lawyers- really boring stuff. They stay at home, drink and smoke all day, and watch too much TV. We're a typical British family." Eliott replied, smiling as he cut into his medium rare filet mignon, "Now I just work for the ministry."

Eliott Harcourt was more than a little nervous about this date in particular because it was the first date he'd ever been on a date with, and he was twenty-five. Also, he was asked out BY Claire. He was pretty sure he was the worst example of a Gryffindor one could ever be. Still, other than her job and her hobbies, she still seemed like an utter mystery to him.

"What about your parents? What's your family history?"

"My distant family tortured and killed thousands of muggleborns for Lord Voldemort," Eliott spit out his wine and got it all over his clean white shirt as she continued talked, "...oh, but also my mother was a prostitute."

"You don't hold back, do you?" Eliott tried to dab at the stain with a table napkin, "You're totally joking, right?"

"No, I don't- and no, I do not. I'd like to think that you'd appreciate me being honest about my history, just like you did with yours." Claire shrugged, "Are you ready for dessert?"

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you

Royce Harcourt and his parents were a happy family. During the school year, his studies consisted of a lot of Dueling Club, Quidditch, and sneaking into the Restricted section to read far more interesting documents that weren't available to him in the student-section of the library. He was charismatic, well liked, and made a lot of friends. During the summer, the Harcourt family went on trips around the world, along with his grandparents. He enjoyed the company of his muggle grandparents the most, hearing stories about criminals who would go to trial, be found guilty, all the sentences for criminals- some even for life. Although he wouldn't say it out loud, his favorite part of the stories were the crimes themselves- murders specifically. Homicides, suicides, arson... the list went on and on. His grandparents' firm dutifully took care of both the victims and the criminals, reaping the benefits off their clients with steely tongues and research. Before he started his first week at Eastwick, two horrible instances hit at around the same time.

One. His grandparents passed away, some defendant for a high stakes murder case had hired a it man to assassinate them, and once they found the culprits- he wanted them to receive the death sentence. He wished that they were magical, and could receive the dementor's kiss, but this was muggle legislation- it all seemed boring. Going into Magical Politics and Law, in the footsteps of his father before him seemed like the best bet. He knew that he had the talent to become a fantastic Auror, but lacked the restraint called for the job. He knew that he went a little "spell crazy" when left to his own devices, obsession was in his veins, and it was smart to know that he was safer this way.

Two. His parents divorcing. Was love even real? Granted, Royce himself had never been in love before- he felt that even in his line of work and private interests, it wouldn't be keen to form too close of romantic attachments. He blamed himself for a while, thinking that it was something he did which caused them to make this decision, even though his mother claimed that it was simply a mututal understanding.

"Royce, sometimes things just don't work out- you father and I are fine with this. Something is just missing from our lives, and we felt like it was time to stop things before we become more unhappy. I love your Dad, and I always will, but-"

"But what?" Royce snapped, "You couldn't figure this out earlier? I thought marriage was a promise. I thought it was some unbreakable vow to be together forever. If I bring someone home, do we have to have separate Christmases? Separate birthdays? Oh, I might as well bring two different people home if I ever choose to get married."

"Royce, calm down, you're being unreasonable." Claire cautioned, stony, well aware of her son's mood swings, "You need your medicine."

"Your mother's right, and after you do that, we'll talk like adults." Eliott exhaled, "Son, where is all this angst coming from? You've never been this angry."

"I've always been angry, Dad."

I can always find someone
To say they sympathize
If I wear my heart out on my sleeve
But I don't want some pretty face
To tell me pretty lies
All I want is someone to believe

"Do you have to leave me so soon, Royce?" A naked man under thin bedsheets flopped over onto his stomach, staring at his lover dressing himself in the mirror.

"My younger brother's piano recital is this afternoon and I promised I wouldn't miss it."

As an older brother, Royce was protective and saw himself as a role model for Thibault. As a step-son to Henri, he gave the man a lot of shit. But he did extremely well in playing the part of a well-adjusted young man, but only for the sake of his brother. Nothing woud be wrong on the surface, but a grudge bubbled inside, and he didn't know what else to do with all of that pent-up energy.

"Have you given any thought to joining Purium, darling?" That same man sat up now, and Royce couldn't help but drool, seeing more skin exposed. "We could use your special... skill set."

"You're impossible. You know who my father is, right?"

"I do, but you take after your mother... after all, she is a Rosier. Stained reputation or not, you have to know it's a part of who you are, where you belong." Pause. "And perhaps, where we belong... together."

"Are you saying that if I join your cult, you'd finally agree to live with me? I don't like your games, Ken. I don't know what to believe after you get cold feet every time I try to get more serious with you." Sigh. "Besides, it's too dangerous. What would happen to my family? Also, aren't you ashamed about sleeping with a half-blood?"

"Well, you sure as hell don't have a half-penis." Snort. "Love is love, right?"
"Love is love is love." Royce responded.

Royce would later give in and try to see what he'd need to do to join Purium, and to his surprise, he wasn't the only half-blood who wanted to be a part of it. However, there was a sort of hazing ritual for those who wanted to be in this specific group he was particularly interested in. To kill a muggleborn and leave the scene undetected. It seemed simple enough. Next week, he, his father, and Thibault were going to Argentina for a diplomatic meeting. After researching the magical census in the country, he knew that it would be easy to find someone the world didn't care much about.

I can find a lover
I can find a friend
I can have security until the bitter end
Anyone can comfort me
With promises again
I know, I know

Eliott jumped in front of his son as the Crucio shot him square in the chest, and Royce watched his father fall, squirming in pain and anguish.

"Royce, you have to protect your brother-" he yelled in pain as he spoke, almost paralyzed, "Promise me."

"Of course, Dad. You have my word."

A man appeared who spoke Spanish raised his wand at Eliott and forced him to stand, and the worst possible situation happened. A strong Imperius curse on Royce's father forced them to battle it out until Royce knew what he had to do. Purium was gone from his mind, and his objectives as he had to fulfill his promise and avoid being killed. There was no other way. A flash of green light hit Eliott Harcourt's chest as Royce began to run, before fighting his way out of the building and turning into his animagus: a white cat. The cat went into the room where Thiabult was supposed to be, and once he found the Chevalier family amulet missing, he knew his younger brother was safe.

Royce escaped Argentina into Ken's awaiting arms and after a distinctly long look at his wand's spell usage- it was confirmed that he indeed kill Eliott Harcourt. Ken was shocked, and didn't dare to ask questions, and Royce kept his mouth shut about the truth of what happened.

"They'll all think you're dead, you know." Ken stated the obvious, "You think you're going to face your mother and brother after Argentina?"

"I can't. That part of me is gone. Everything's changed. I'll figure something out." Royce turned into a cat and wandered the streets until he saw a pet dish outside of St. Mungos.

It was the first time he saw his mother after his father's death. As a cat, he followed Claire home, who heard of an emergency, and she had to leave work. For days, then weeks, he watched his family mourn losses alone. He felt extreme guilt for not coming forward, but the shame held him back. One afternoon, Thibault was playing in the backyard when Royce decided to join his brother in the grass. Always soft-hearted, Tibby began to care for the cat during his time of need and loneliness. Eventually, Henri and Claire decided it was good for their son to care for an animal companion who provided a safety net for emotional support.

When I'm deep inside of me
Don't be too concerned
I won't ask for nothin' while I'm gone
But when I want sincerity
Tell me where else can I turn
'Cause you're the one I depend upon.

Stripped of his old name, Royce adopted a new one to keep his identity safe. He frequently wears a mask on all his missions. However, it's always in the eyes that give people a few seconds to remember- "could they be?" Rowland did the dirty work, unafraid and soulless as he slaughtered muggleborns for the cause. If the leaders told him to jump, he asked: How High? Rowland was a simple housecat by day, and murderer by night. He wasn't just ruthless, he was very smart with his kills. As much as he liked to leave a trail of blood in his wake, he greatly enjoyed the challenge to setting up misleading clues to who may be associated with such an attack.

The attack on Hogwarts was an absolute thrill. Although he avoided hurting any students, as much as he wanted to- he truly isolated his thriving energy on destroying the school beyond repair. Later that night, he made his way back into a neatly kept apartment, his place at the foot of Thibault's bed and slept.

The next morning, his younger brother was working on creating a light fixture out of recycled glass at his dining room table. The crystal shards shined so brightly in the light, as Royce put his paw on the "Power On" button for the television. He sat patiently and waited until the news started to report the story, smirking as he rested the entirety of his body on the island, his handiwork now public for all the world to see. It was sort of like exhibitionism, and he began to salivate at the thought of the population's distress.

"Bon Bon, qu'est-ce que vous regardez?" What are you watching?

"Meow." Royce stretched and let his tail move slowly from side to side, not letting his paws knock the remote control off as Tibby came over to scratch his back.

"Are you seeing this? Who could have done such a thing?! Hogwarts..." Granted, the boy wasn't there for very long, but there was a breaking in his heart as he thought about the good times he spent at the school before he needed to leave, "It's such a tragedy, isn't it?"

"Meow." Yes, yes it was.

But Royce knew it was only just the beginning.

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you
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