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Everything was broken into two timeperiods: the Before, and the After.

Paige was an outgoing and precocious pureblood child. As soon as she learned to write, she could be seen walking around with a journal clutched in her hands and a pen hanging on a chain around her neck, should she be struck with sudden inspiration for thoughts or stories to jot down. Her father, Ansel Larsen, was a famous author and illustrator, and he encouraged the propensity of this trait in his only daughter, paying special attention to her ideas and stories. Paige was quite bright, and could read and write at an earlier age than her peers, so from an early age, she felt that she was special. Her father fed this notion with praise and attention, and Paige would always come to associate her writing with him, even later in life. Being homeschooled until she attended Hogwarts, Paige's interests and strengths were further encouraged. This tended to make her education slightly one-sided, but no one really saw this as a problem, least of all Paige.

Paige was the youngest of three, but being the only girl in the Larsen family, she developed a special relationship with both parents, even if Penn was rumored to be Ansel's favorite, and Reid to be their mother Linda's favorite. Paige resented this at times, and she learned to act out in order to get the attention of both parents when she felt she needed it. When she was young, she felt distant from her brothers, and preferred to spend her time with her stories and imaginary friends, rather than playing with them. Paige felt a deep appreciation for the soul of a person, and as she aged, realized that she was attracted more to people themselves, rather than a gender. She wasn't ashamed of this, but it's something she keeps to herself, like most of her personal details.

When page was young, she began to experience a high frequency of lucid dreaming. In her dreams, she began to realize she had agency, and was able to control not only her actions inside the dream, but also the outcome of her dreams. As she aged, she began to push herself out of her own dreams, and into other people's. This phenomenon lasts only seconds, and Paige is still feeling out what exactly it means, and how to control it.

When Paige was ten years old, her father drowned in what most called an act of violence from a pro-integration faction. Paige knew better. Growing up, she'd spent time gazing into a pond in the backyard of the Larsen home, a pond she knew was special. Her father had told her to stay away from it, but that warning was the main reason she wanted to learn more. Her father had secrets, and Paige wanted to find out what they were.

One night, while everyone was sleeping, Paige padded outside in her bare feet and nightgown, determined to figure out the secrets of the pond. Wading into the water, she suddenly felt a pull at the soles of her feet, and felt herself being sucked under, her lungs burning as the water rushed in through her mouth and eyes and ears. The next thing she remembered was being on the grass, shivering violently while Reid held her, her father's lifeless form floating on the pond's surface. A deep sense of guilt sank into her bones, permeating everything she did and felt and thought from that day on.

Paige became withdrawn, reclusive. She clung to her stories and journals more than ever, securing them with complicated security spells so no one else could read what she'd written on the pages. She received her Hogwarts letter, and was sorted into Ravenclaw mere seconds after the hat touched her head. She had few friends during school, none of which she became too attached to. She was an average student, albeit gifted with unique magical abilities, but she never sought to apply herself much to academics. Paige was flighty, unfocused. Upon graduation, she secured a spot writing for a prominent independent magical periodical, but on the side she still pursues her own writings, keeping everything private, with little intention of ever sharing her stories with the world. Paige's personality often comes across as flat, especially with people she's meeting for the first time. This is less a reflection of her true self, and more a protective measure she's developed over the years, to keep people at a distance. Paige sometimes thinks of herself as two fractured people, Paige, and Elizabeth (her middle name), and calls upon each persona as necessary in social situations. She sometimes goes through the motions in life without really becoming personally involved, such as going on dates with various pureblood men to appease Reid, with no intention of pursuing a real relationship.

Paige has yet to admit the truth about her father, or address the trauma in her life. She often feels lost, and depressed, but isn't willing or able to try to pull herself out of the hole. She'd never talked to Reid about what transpired that night, and most days, she just tries to lose herself in her made-up world. She prefers the nighttime, and often stays up all night just to be the only person awake.
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