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“Mijita, recuerdás esto. Siempre lucha por lo que creés. Sobre todo, siempre lucha por los que amás”
(Little one, remember this. Always fight for what you believe in. Above all, always fight for the ones you love.)


In 1998, those living in Europe rejoiced over the defeat of the Dark Lord by Harry Potter. However, peace did not necessarily extend throughout all parts of the world after his long-awaited death. In Argentina, the country lived in isolated peace, far away from all the troubles He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named wrought upon others. While precaution was taken to protect the President of Magical Congress in Argentina, Amancio Ponce, the country was generally safe from any danger.

However, while 1998 marked the beginning of peace for many countries, this year marked the opposite for Argentina. The prolonged prosperity led the government to open its gates and share its wealth with immigrants. While the government believed this would increase their profitability by adding more able-bodied beings to the workforce, many of the working class believed they were being replaced due to a warped sense of inclusivity. Moreover, the working class feared that different backgrounds would affect the government and reform its federalist set-up to a unitarian government. Argentina’s ancestors spent years waging war to successfully prevent this, and those living now refused to let that issue happen again.

The situation grew so tense between the classes and the government that radical groups in the working class formed to take more action. Most of these groups peacefully protested in the streets of Buenos Aires. There were some groups that felt they needed more action than marching with signs. Such groups formed vigilante factions that used violence to make their point clear. The most notorious group—Federales Para Siempre (Federalists Forever)—went so far as to assassinate anyone who supported the government.

It was groups like the FPS (Federales Para Siempre) that required the help of well known Argentinian Aurors such as Thiago and Micaela Vera. The two had met back in Castelobruxo, joined the Auror force together to protect the president during the Dark Lord’s regime, and married shortly after their assignment ended. They moved back to Cafayate, Micaela’s hometown, to be away from the hustle of city life. They gave birth to two daughters—Celeste Luna and Camila Bella—three years apart. The couple raised their kids to learn how to fight for their loved ones and beliefs. After all, that was the same motto that carried the Veras through their post as Aurors. However, the rise of the FPS called many Aurors back to the line of duty—Thiago and Micaela included.

The choice of who would raise their kids while they left to fight was one issue. However, another big issue was Micaela’s ability to fight at all. Camila’s birth was difficult for the young mother, as it required emergency surgery to deliver the second daughter. Micaela was left weak after the unplanned surgery and questioned how useful she would be on the battlefield. Thiago decided to take matters into his own hands and offered to the Aurors that either he go or neither of them will go. In response, the Auror force hesitantly accepted Thiago’s request and left Micaela at home.

Micaela fought against Thiago’s leave for a few weeks, dreading the idea of not being able to protect him. But in the same few weeks she was left to raise the girls alone, she knew they made the best choice possible. The girls became a handle to raise once they realized their dad would be gone indefinitely. Micaela needed to be there to help ease them into their new normal. Any letters sent by Thiago brought the Vera girls closeness and hope, even if they were scarce.

The Veras’ nightmare came true when two Head Aurors visited their home to notify them of Thiago’s death. At this point, Celeste and Camila were eleven and seven, respectively. Even at young ages, they tried to learn from their mother what to expect if their father died. However, nothing could have prepared the Veras for Thiago’s death. Thiago died the night before while he was on night watch. His partner left shortly to add protective spells to their barrier and several FPS assassins ganged up on Thiago. He was able to alert the rest of the team that night to escape, but ended up losing his life in the battle.

The Veras found some comfort in Thiago’s heroism, but it still couldn’t bring him back to them. They were given little time to grieve as the Auror force wanted Micaela and the girls to move closer to Buenos Aires for added protection. However, the Head Aurors were able to give them back some of Thiago’s belongings, such as his wedding ring, a family photo, and his wand. Camila was able to keep her papá’s wand as her memento of him.

The night before Micaela and the girls planned to move, they received some unexpected visitors. The girls just went to bed for the night, while Micaela still had some last minute packing to do. When she heard unusual thumping by the door, she warily walked back to the receiving room to investigate. However, as soon as she saw the front door, two masked figures broke in and started casting spells at her. Quick on her feet, Micaela slowed the down with the Impedimenta spell and ran back to get her girls out of the house. She woke up the girls and told them to leave everything behind. As they ran out of the house, Camila quickly grabbed her papá’s wand from under her pillow and kept it close.

They dashed across the backyard as fast as they could. The brush a few hundred yards away would provide safety from the masked attackers in the darkness. But the Impediment Curse only spared so much time. Just as the brush was in reach, the girls noticed that their mother wasn’t running with them anymore. They turned to see that the attackers put her under another curse that made her experience unbelievable pain. Little did they know that this was the Cruciatus Curse at work.

The masked attackers ordered Micaela to give them information on President Ramirez’ location. When she refused, they inflicted more pain with the Unforgivable Curse. The attackers were too preoccupied with Micaela to notice that Celeste was slowly taking papá’s wand out of Camila’s hand. Celeste started studying certain spells the past few months leading up to her first year at Castelobruxo. With a small but willing voice, Celeste yelled “Expelliarmus!” at the man who tortured their mamá. The two men were caught off guard, but only grew angrier as they closed in on the three women. One of them was still armed. Micaela was too weak and Celeste didn’t know many more dueling spells. All hope was lost.

That’s when Micaela told them to run. The girls took a few steps back, as if waiting for their mother to lead them. But their mamá didn’t budge. Instead she started making a barricade of fire between them and the attackers. She was letting the girls go, and planned to stay behind. Camila couldn’t find the will to run off without her mom and refused to move until Celeste pulled on her hard enough to start running. Just as they crawled a few feet into the brush, they saw a flash of green light behind them and heard their mother scream once more. There was a strong chill that stopped them both in their tracks, and that’s how they knew. Not only did they lose their papá, but their mamá, too.

Camila stayed still again, unsure if crawling through the thorny brush was worth it if it meant they wouldn’t have either parent in the end. But Celeste prodded her onwards. After all, they still had each other. The masked attackers started to catch up to the young girls once more. Celeste and Camila panicked as they heard heavy footsteps behind them easily cutting through the brush. They gave their best efforts to stealthily crawl through the thick and thorny bushes, but it wasn’t enough. The two burly men grabbed them by their shirts, the attacker who caught Celeste ripping papá’s wand out of her hand.

Rather than kill the girls, one of the attackers recommended they bring them to their boss instead. There was something impressive about the fighting spirit in these two girls, and he knew that was something the boss could use. So, the attackers disapparated with Celeste and Camila into thin air, leaving the Vera villa in flames and Micaela’s body in the backyard.


Their destination was a cold, dark hallway. The girls fell forward onto freezing tile, forced to stand by their captors. They were shoved along a dimly lit pathway before them. Otherwise, they were completely surrounded by darkness. The four finally reached a small rotunda with faint lights hanging from above where the two men quickly knelt on one knee and bowed their heads. A tall, looming man pulled himself out of the darkness, as though he was a part of it.

The attackers took off their masks and notified the man that they had successfully killed Thiago and Micaela Vera. The man looked pleased at first, but was piqued at the presence of two young girls. The girls’ captors revealed their names and that they were the Vera daughters. The leader’s irritation grew and he demanded to know why he should be bothered with the daughters of his enemies. The attacker who killed mamá explained that they fought back and had almost gotten away, impressed with their wit.

The leader condemned the two attackers for almost being outsmarted by two little girls, but became interested in their potential. He introduced himself as the commander of FPS—Agustín Reyna—their new leader. With no choice but to move forward, the girls were forced by the attackers again to follow Reyna. They followed him out of the rotunda and into a room filled with bright light to be welcomed by the rest of the group, leaving the darkness behind them.

“Veamos que podéis hacer,” (Let’s see what you can do.)


It was difficult for the girls to assimilate to life with the FPS. Their way of life was stricter and laborious. The leader of the girls’ section threw her right into the middle of combat training. The group required Camila to learn more theory and basic spells before she started her training. Food was rewarded to the girls only when they completed their daily tasks in a timely manner. Surprisingly, they weren’t the only children there. There were children ages five to seventeen bunking with them. By the time they turned eighteen, the FPS would hold an induction ceremony which included a difficult assassination the inductee needed to complete. If they failed, the inductee would be assassinated on the spot by none other than Agustín Reyna.

Punishment given during training was not as severe, but still terrible. Camila recounted one day where she refused to use the Incarcerous spell on a younger child during combat training. As a result, she and the younger child were forced to write “no seré débil” (I will not be weak) with a black quill—a form of discipline the FPS borrowed from Dolores Umbridge during her time at Hogwarts. This was how Camila sustained those words in faint ink on her right forearm.

On the other hand, Celeste did not seem to have much trouble gaining ranks with the FPS as she progressed with her combat training. She fought with vigor and learned dueling curses quicker than most other child soldiers her age. She proved to her various leaders that she showed the potential her captors initially saw. She was favored by many of her leaders and actually enjoyed the rapport she had with them.

The difference between the Vera sisters became clearer when they started learning the Unforgivable Curses. At a young age, it would be difficult for them to learn such a high-level skill. Had they gone to Castelobruxo, it would have only been discussed in theory. Never in practice. However, the FPS overcame this obstacle by teaching their children to use their anger as fuel to the curses, rather than skill. In the end, Celeste and Camila learned how to use all three Unforgivable Curses and successfully used them on small animals. Still, Camila had trouble when it came to humans.

Camila was twelve years old when she had her first raid. Her group had to ransack a small base housing French diplomats for a few nights before a meeting with the president. She was tasked with trying to collect as much information about this meeting and killing anyone who refused. Once the night started, the assassins who attacked the building worked liked programmed robots—killing people like it was quality control at the conveyor belt. Camila felt her mind dissociate from her body as she kicked down each door, asked for the president, and killed everyone who wouldn’t answer. A sense of dread washed over her with each innocent soul who dropped dead because of her. The feeling seeped into her conscience and pulled it apart.

Camila ended in front of double doors after the killing spree. It seemed untouched as the rest of the assassins were elsewhere killing others. She wanted this to be over. She wanted to report back to her superiors that she killed everyone in sight, but how would it look if they double-searched through this room to find that someone was still hiding? It took every inch of will left in Camila to force herself through the double doors, her wand ready in the defense position.

She gingerly sneaked around the room, scanning for any sort of movement. It seemed devoid of any life, but Camila’s intuition told her it was too quiet in this room. Just before she let her guard down, a table popped forward and revealed a scared young boy. He looked to be no older than Camila, possibly even the same age. She hesitated to ask any question or cast any spell. What captured the assassin’s attention was the shocked look in his eyes, which seemed to mirror hers. Sympathy drove her to lower her wand. Camila knew what it was like to look at death in the face, and she didn’t want to be that for anyone else.

“Andá.” (Go.) Camila nodded at him, beckoning him to run. The knobs on the double doors began to rattle. If anyone in her group realized that she was trying to let him run off, she knew punishment waited on the other side. “¡Andá!” Camila anxiously waved her wand at him once familiar voices yelled from outside the room. Once he finally started to run, Camila saw that he was heading for a cleverly hidden portkey.

The doors flung open before the boy could get away. Celeste was the first of the group to push through the doors. Targeting him in less than a second, she did not hesitate to cast the Killing Curse on him, but failed. He reached the portkey and disappeared in an instant, leaving the Vera sisters and their leader behind.

“¿Lo dejaste ir?” (Did you let him go?) Celeste asked in dismay. Camila stared at her sister in silent shock. Was Celeste on their side? One of their leaders came out of the crowd and ordered everyone to leave. Once it was just the Veras and their superior, they looked at Camila with disappointment and anger. She let a presidential affiliate run free. And the FPS was not known for their forgiveness.

“¿Qué haremos con tu hermana?” (What are we going to do with your sister?) The leader asked.

“No lo sé, pero estoy seguro de que pensarás en algo,” (I don’t know, but I’m sure you will think of something.) Celeste replied bitterly. The older sister turned on her heel and joined the other raiders as they retreated. Camila felt her heart shatter as Celeste walked away. They may have lost their parents in excruciatingly painful ways, but nothing hurt Camila more than seeing her sister give up on her.

“Vámonos,” the leader ordered in a low voice. Camila heeded and briskly walked out of the room to catch up with the rest of the group, their leader following closely behind.


Camila’s rapport with the FPS changed after that night. Many looked at her with scorn for failing a raid on her first try. When it came to government officials, the FPS taught their people that all affiliates of the president held the key to his success. Letting anyone go would be treason. For any adult, the price for such action was death. As Camila was still a young teen, her punishment was less severe. Instead, she became a training lackey who collected animals for newbie training and cleaned up the remains. She prepared the food for all of the group, and could only eat after everyone has had her fill--if there was food left. She still participated in raids, but only as backup.

Camila’s relationship with Celeste took an even bigger hit. Celeste had progressed as a warrior in every way that the FPS would hope for in a young teen. She fought with fervor and learned how to gain intel on the president. Camila initially believed that Celeste only did this to avoid retribution from the established leaders of FPS, but doubt filled her mind. Celeste wasn't doing this for safety. She had been completely brainwashed to fight for the FPS--the very people that their parents died fighting against.

Camila loved her sister, but she had trouble accepting this part of Celeste. This wasn’t the same person who was raised by the same loving parents. Their dad would always teach them to fight for what they believe in. So, was this what Celeste believed in? If so, then Camila couldn’t let herself watch Celeste go on to kill more innocent people. She loved her older sister unconditionally and wished every night for her to have a change of heart, but knew things would never be the same.


Three more years passed and the FPS settled since then. They made no true progress to assassinating the president, although they have killed countless immigrants and government officials. However, this was the year that Celeste turned eighteen years old, and FPS tradition dictates that it was time for her induction ceremony. Because of her popularity with their superiors, Agustín Reyna specially requested that he be the one to lead her ceremony. His instructions included all of FPS to meet in Sarmiento, an isolated town in the middle of Argentina’s desert, to witness their teen prodigy’s special assignment.

It was a chilly July sunset when [i]Federales Para Siempre[/i] gathered at the top of the mountain. The assassins cheered as fiercely as the wind. Agustín Reyna was loud and clear as he began Celeste’s induction ceremony.. She proudly walked up to stand before her commander. Camila stood a few rows back, forbidden from having a front row view. Besides, she wasn’t exactly thrilled to see her completely assimilate into the FPS.. She crossed her arms as several of their superiors started to hush the energetic crowd. It was time.

“¡Bienvenido! Hasta el momento en que todos hemos estado esperando. Celeste, ¿estás listo?” (Welcome! To the moment we have all been waiting for. Celeste, are you ready?) Reyna began in his most magnificent voice.

Celeste gave a dignified nod and the crowd yelled in agreement. She set herself apart from the crowd and the leaders by standing in the middle. Normally, whoever led the ceremony would give a rundown of who the inductee needed to assassinate, and set the special circumstances that would make the act more difficult. However, Agustín Reyna had a little twist up his sleeve.

“Camila Vera, ven al frente.” (Come to the front.) Reyna’s voice switched into a low, looming voice. The crowd shared looks of confusion with one another as Camila stared straight ahead to the front. Celeste didn’t show her confusion, keeping the intensity on her face as she waited for her sister to meet her. Camila shifted uncomfortably in her place as the crowd made a path for her. Slowly, she shuffled her way out of the crowd, only seeing the faces of Reyna, a few other leaders, and Celeste.

“Camila Vera, ven al frente.” (Come to the front.) Reyna’s voice switched into a low, looming voice. The crowd shared looks of confusion with one another as Camila stared straight ahead to the front. Celeste didn’t show her confusion, but rather kept the intensity on her face as she waited for her sister to meet her. Camila shifted uncomfortably in her place as the crowd made a path for her. Slowly, she shuffled her way out of the crowd, only seeing the faces of Reyna, a few other leaders, and Celeste.

From there, Reyna spoke of how Celeste had proven herself on many occasions to the FPS through her ruthless fighting style and dedication to the cause. She was almost the perfect young soldier. But, her familial ties to Camila and the Vera family held her back. Reyna challenged Celeste to strip herself of that by killing Camila and denouncing her family name.

There were scattered soft gasps in the crowd. Killing a member of the FPS was not part of any traditional ceremony. However, this case made sense for Celeste. It wasn’t just about the difference in skill between the Vera sisters. It was about was being a Vera meant. Their parents were two strong Aurors who successfully protected the president. Camila also resisted assimilating into the FPS and risked the stability of the group if she ever escaped to the safety of the government. The Veras had great potential to silence FPS. And as final proof of loyalty, Reyna wanted Celeste to deny herself and Camila that potential.

“Camila, puedés defenderte, aunque dudo que tengas una oportunidad,” (You may defend yourself, though I doubt you have a chance.) Reyna commented with a dark chuckle. Sneers could be heard throughout the crowd--laughs that showed how little these people really thought of Camila in comparison to Celeste.

Camila looked at Celeste with a sad expression, her eyes silently pleading her sister to not go through with this. Camila wanted to refuse to fight. She couldn’t be the reason her sister got hurt. Her father’s words about fighting for the ones they love replayed in her head. But at this point, she wasn’t sure if Celeste felt the same way about her anymore.

“¡Vamos a duelo!” (Let’s duel!) Reyna exclaimed as he threw his fist in the air. The rest of the bystanders followed suit and immediately hushed themselves so the duel could begin.

Celeste and Camila took their initial positions a few yards away from each other, staring at each other with wands up close to their faces. They slowly marched towards each other and bowed as part of dueling etiquette. As they came back up from their bow, Camila refused to let go of her sister’s eye contact as she gave her last plead. “Celeste, por favor no hagas esto. Recordás lo que papá dijo.” (Please don’t do this. Remember what papa said.)

But Celeste didn’t seem to budge when Camila told her this, and turned to walk back to her starting position. Camila took in a shaky breath as she did the same. Her stomach turned over at the thought of what was about to come. She wasn’t just about to fight one of the most talented young assassins, she was about to fight her sister.

The duel started off slow at first. Celeste and Camila circled each other with their wands in the defensive position, though neither of them cast a spell. The younger sister pleaded in her expression, wishing that Celeste was starting to have a change of heart and they would both refuse to fight. But Celeste did no such thing.

The older sister casted the first spell, attempting to blast Camila off the mountain’s edge. However, Camila dodged the attack and used loose rocks on the mountaintop to throw back at Celeste. The FPS may have belittled the younger Vera, but she fought with just as much tenacity as Celeste. The only difference was that Camila showed mercy. Throughout their fighting, Camila continued to beg for them to stop, reasoning that it wasn’t what their parents wouldn’t have wanted. That papá taught them to fight for the ones they love.

Celeste did not give in, and tried to silence her sister with every spell she cast. They finally reached a standstill when she found an opening and lifted Celeste mid-air with the Levicorpus spell. She hesitantly hovered Celeste over the edge of the mountain, with only hundreds of feet of air below her. For one final time, Camila attempted to reason with Celeste. She reminded her that these were the people who killed their parents—the same people who she seemed to be fighting for.

And for one final time, Celeste casted the last spell she would use in the duel. The Cruciatus Curse. She subdued Camila to the point of returning control back to her. Celeste safely made it back to the ground and was about to torture her sister to death. The crowd grew increasingly restless and yelled for her to kill Camila. Fighting all the agony inflicted on her, Camila made one more attempt to reason with Celeste. “¿Olvidaste mamá? ¿Cómo murió por nosotros?” (Did you forget mom? How she died for us?) the girl asked with pain in her voice.

At last, Camila’s words resonated with Celeste. She started to ease the Cruciatus Curse off her sister and stepped back. But Reyna was not pleased and decided to take matters into his own hands. Threatening to kill them both, he whipped out his wand and angrily marched over to where the Vera sisters were. Just before he casted the Killing Curse, Celeste beat him to the punch.

“Avada Kedavra!” Celeste aimed straight at Reyna as the flashing green light hit him like lightning. He fell in one swift motion to the ground, stiff as a rock, unmistakably lifeless.

Without wasting a second, the leaders immediately went on the offensive as well and started charging towards Celeste. Countless assassins started disapparating out fear for their lives. Celeste showed no fear as at least ten soldiers ran at full speed towards her. She inhaled deeply and pointed her wand at the ground in front of them. “Reducto!”

The mountaintop before them cracked and separated, throwing everyone off balance and part of the mountain into shambles.

Camila was weak, but she fought back against anyone who tried to attack her. She looked over to see Celeste struggling to fight against so many highly-skilled assassins. The younger sister tried to run back to help, but was stopped by another scorned assassin at every turn.

Finally, the cracks in the rock started to give and the mountaintop crumbled into several falling boulders. Camila called out to Celeste, running as fast as she could and dodging whoever came her way, but pure adrenaline and will wouldn’t cut it. The rock Camila stood on gave out and sent her into a freefall. She fell aimlessly through hundreds of feet. The wind encapsulated her and sped up her course. Just yards before her body would meet the ground, Camila yelled at the top of her lungs, “Arresto momentum!”

A wind came up from the ground and stopped Camila inches above the rocky dirt. She lowered herself to the ground and looked back up to a horrible sight. Boulders were rolling down the mountainside and she could see several faint figures apparating off the mountaintop or rolling with the rocks. Camila hoped for any sign of Celeste, but to no avail. The last time she would see her older sister was fighting for her life against assassins who were out of her league.

The thought of leaving her sister was more torture for Camila than the Cruciatus Curse. But at this point, how could she find Celeste without blindly risking her life again? Their best chance to reunite was for both of them to find safety. “Lo siento, Celeste,” (I’m sorry) Camila whispered tearfully as she disapparated into thin air.


When Camila apparated, she made the mistake of not knowing exactly where she wanted to go. However, the deliberation in her spirit brought her to where she needed to be. A safe haven, where she needed to start anew. She ended up in the middle of a busy, rainy city, similar to pictures she had seen of Buenos Aires. The hectic traffic of people and vehicles on the street didn’t notice the young teen who appeared out of thin air. Desperately needing to get out of the rain, Camila ran over to a tall building covered with vine. It was hard to see in the dark, but she could faintly read the words “Para los Niños Mágicos” over the large entrance. She briskly walked along the straight pathway and pushed through the unlocked door.

“¡Bienvenido!” A gentle woman’s voice welcomed Camila as soon as she walked through the door. Camila shivered as the cool air breezed through her wet hair. The woman who welcome the young woman quickly stood up and grabbed a blanket from the shelf behind her. “¡Debes estar helado! Rápido, envuelve esto a tu alrededor para que no te enfríe.” (You must be freezing! Quick, wrap this around you so you won't get cold.)

The woman ran over to Camila and wrapped the blanket around her snugly. Camila sighed of relief as the blanket’s warmth immediately enveloped her. She thanked the woman quietly and followed her further into the lobby.

“¿Dónde están tus padres?” (Where are your parents?) The woman asked.

Camila responded with a slow head shake. She had a somber expression on her face that gave the woman the answer she needed. “Entiendo. Podemos ocuparnos de usted aquí. Este es un orfanato y podremos ayudarte mientras te encontramos una familia.” (I understand. We can take care of you here. This is an orphanage and we will be able to help you while we find you a family.) The woman explained to Camila.

Camila was still confused, but complied when the woman started asking for her basic information such as her birthday and age. However, when asked what her name was, she opened her mouth and no words came out. Questions whizzed through her mind and fueled her fear. What if this woman was a secret agent for the FPS? What if the FPS was looking for her? They would surely remember her name.

“Valeria Belle Castillo,” the girl finally said. If she was going to leave everything that happened in the past, she needed to create a new life for herself. Starting with a name. It was her birth initials in backwards order with names of FPS members heard in passing.

The woman accepted Valeria’s name, not knowing any better. For the first time in years, Valeria could finally take a sigh of relief and know that she wasn’t in imminent danger anymore. She offered a small genuine smile as the woman led the way to her new room. Valeria wasn’t sure if this was the best choice, because it felt as though she turned away from her family name. But at this point, her parents were dead and she wasn’t even sure if her sister was alive. All she could hope for was a chance at some kind of safety and belonging.


After only a few months of living at “El Orfanato para los Niños Mágicos” (The orphanage for magical children), Valeria was placed in a home. She was adopted by Joseph and Maisie Read, an older childless couple living in London. They were frequent visitors of Buenos Aires and felt compelled to adopt a child from Argentina. When they met Valeria, they quickly fell in love with her and took her back to London to assimilate to her new life. She started learning English; it was difficult, but her quick wit was a great help. It was especially helpful when she was enrolled to Hogwarts to start her fifth year in the spring.

Transfiguration, Charms, and DADA came easily to her and she frequently earned top scores in those classes until her seventh year. It was no surprise that the Sorting Hat put her in Ravenclaw when she first started at Hogwarts. It could have been due to the nature of her combat training with FPS, but she refused to let that be the reason of her success.

Once she moved on to Eastwick, Valeria had trouble picking her major. She felt called to help younger children who were in a similar position as her and came from broken families, but Eastwick offered no such course. Instead, she trained to become a Healer and used her license to help the children of broken families.

After graduation, Valeria started working at St. Mungo’s in the children’s ward, where she became one of the kids’ favorite Healers. She gave her heart and soul to each child she cared for and did whatever she could to make sure they were in a supportive and safe home. A lot of this work was not compensated financially, but Valeria didn’t care. Her main devotion was to stitching back hurting families, especially their kids.
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