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I. Birthday
Victoire Mirielle Wealsey was born on May 2, 2000. As a small child, she thought that the celebrations that happened across the wizarding community on her birthday were in her honor. When she got older, she learned that she was born on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. As her parents told her more about what happened on that fateful day, Victoire began to show dislike for the day when she was born—on her 7th birthday, she even asked if she could change her birthday. Why would anyone want to celebrate a day where a battle took place?

Bill and Fleur gently reminded their oldest daughter that it was no coincidence that she was born on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. It was fate. Her birth was a symbol that their family, and the wizarding world as whole, had overcome the worst they could have imagined and now it was time to rebuild; starting with a new generation who would not know the horrors that their parents and grandparents went through. They reassured her that although they had lost many loved ones on that day, Victoire’s birth became a reminder of the goodness and peace that game from the loss.

II. Name

She was named Victoire to acknowledge the victory of Harry Potter and the allies in The Order of the Phoenix over Voldemort. Mirielle, which means ‘sea bright’, was chosen by Fleur who loved to spend her early evenings, while pregnant with Victoire, watching the sun set over the ocean outside of Shell Cottage.

Victoire prefers to go by her real name and thus doesn’t really have many nicknames. Her parents called her Poulette which literally means ‘Little Hen’ in reference to the fact that she was like a little Mother Hen to her cousins and siblings. Over the years, this nickname evolved into another nickname, Lettie although only her family members call her that. Close friends may call her Vi-vi from time to time but she absolutely puts her foot down at the nickname ‘Vicky’.

III. Family
There were two sides to being a part of the infamous Weasley-Potter-Granger clan. The general largeness of the family made for lots of playmates, lots of noise, and lots of love. Victoire was the first grandchild born into the family meaning that it was her responsibility to wrangle the numerous cousins and siblings that were eventually born into the family. Helping take care of her younger family members taught Victoire how to be patient and nurturing. She was often considered to be the Little Mother or Mother Hen of her cousins and siblings.

Victoire loved visiting her Gran Molly and her Granddad Arthur at the Burrow. She and her younger family members would spend days playing hide and seek (because there were so many places to hide), chasing gnomes out of the garden, and would even get in a game or two of Quidditch as they got holder. Some of her favorite memories took place around the long, long dinner table set up in the Burrow’s garden laughing and enjoying a delicious meal cooked by her Gran. Victoire also enjoyed visiting her French family for extended holidays. Her Grand-mere Apolline taught Victoire to speak French, which contributed to Victoire’s habit of speaking in French, particularly when she was angry or in a hurry. With her Grand-pere, she enjoyed reading books and reciting poetry.

The downside, of course, was that there were just so many of them it was sometimes easy to get lost in the mix. And there were so many more people to fight with. She loved her cousins nearly as much as she loved her siblings and they fought just as hard. Once when her cousins were over at Shell Cottage for dinner, they found—then scribbled in—Victoire’s favorite journal. It took both Bill and her Uncle to hold Victoire back from smacking both cousins.

IV. Parents
One of Victoire's favorite pastimes was watching her Mum and Dad. Even as a young child, Victoire loved watching the way that they interacted with each other. She loved that they would cook dinner together and that they would pause to dance to the music on the radio, pushing dinner back an hour or two. She loved that they would always chose to sit next to each other on the couch and that they would hold hands while doing so. She loved the glances that they shared when they were working on different things across the room. She loved listening to her Mum tell the story of how they met while Fleur brushed her daughter’s long, blonde her. This was Victoire’s first exposure to true love.

That Bill and Fleur loved each other was one thing, that they loved their children was another. Even as a teenager, Victoire enjoyed spending time with her parents. Her mother who was both fierce and soft-hearted always gave Victoire the best advice. Victoire still considers her mother one of her closest friends to this day. Her father, who Victoire believed could do anything, taught Victoire the value of hard work. He also taught Victoire that she, as the oldest sibling and cousin, was responsible for helping watch out for her younger family members. Although Victoire is close to her mother, she is a Daddy's girl through and through.

V. Siblings
Victoire was just about 3-years-old when her little sister Dominique was born. Victoire, who loved playing with her dollies, had been wanting a real baby of her own for a long time. She was so excited when Dominique was born. And a little less excited when she found out that babies didn't do much besides eating and sleeping. As baby Dominique grew, though, Victoire enjoyed helping her Mum with taking care of the baby. Victoire doted on her baby sister.

When Victoire was 5, her baby brother Louis was born and she was just as excited to welcome a baby brother to the Cottage. This time, she was able to keep her little sister busy and out of Fleur's hair while Fluer cared for the newborn baby boy. Victoire still doted on her baby brother. She remembers always wanting to hold and feed baby Louis.

The siblings grew up happy and healthy. Shell Cottage was the perfect place for a child to grow up--especially with it's stretch of beach. Victoire loved playing at the water's edge with her siblings.

VI. Hogwarts
When Bill and Fleur gave Victoire the option of either Beauxbatons or Hogwarts to begin her schooling, it was no surprise to anyone that Victoire chose to attend Hogwarts. Not only did she want to walk through the halls where so much history occurred, Victoire also wanted to be just like her dad. Victoire was sorted into Gryffindor House. She worked hard over the years to do well in school.

In the summer before her fifth year, Victoire was surprised that she was selected to be a Prefect. She was even more surprised when, in the summer before her seventh year, she was selected to be Head Girl. Her family, on the other hand, was not surprised. It was in her blood, they told her.

VII. Writing
Victoire has always had a love for writing. As a young child and throughout her teenaged years, Victoire kept multitudes of journals. Mostly, she recorded her daily observations or she made up stories. While at Hogwarts, Victoire wrote for a Hogwarts student-run magazine where she had her own column. She started off by writing an advice column. By her sixth year, Victoire was a co-editor in chief of the magazine.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Victoire snagged an internship at Witch Weekly with the help of her Aunty Ginny. Although the family had many not so good run-ins with the popular magazine for witches, Victoire enjoyed interning there. Of course, her job consisted mostly of delivering mail and drinks rather than writing, but her good attitude and her persistence landed her a full time spot as a columnist there not much later.

VIII. Love Life
As a part-Veela, it was almost impossible to keep the boys away. Having Bill as a father helped, though. Boys were always intimidated by her dad meaning that Victoire was (mostly) left alone. There was one boy, though, who even her Dad couldn't chase away and that was Teddy Lupin. Probably because Teddy had grown up around the family and knew that Bill was all bark and no bite. Either way, Victoire and Teddy were an item for quite a while, from there time at Hogwarts up until a few years ago. Their break-up was not the best but, ultimately, Victoire believed it was necessary for both of them to grow and do their own thing.

Right now, Victoire is mostly focused on her career and, as they say in the blogging world, "being her best self." She is a hopeless-romantic, though, and misses certain things about love and being in a relationship. She's also getting a little tired of her Maman asking her when she's going to start dating again.

IX. Currently
At 29 years old, Victoire is not at all miffed at the fact that she is coming up on 30 very soon (but don't bring it up, either). Victoire is currently working as a freelance journalist for multiple different Wizarding World magazines and websites. She also runs a fairly popular lifestyle blog for witches accurately called 'Little Victories.' She lives in London but enjoys traveling around the world whenever duty calls.
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