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Ciar was born in Liverpool, England to Jack and Lillian Pierce in October of 1992. Jack was a muggle who had met Lillian through family friends and was loving and accepting when he found out she was a witch. He was always fascinated with the wizarding world and hoped that their future children would carry on the magical gene.

Ciar was a happy baby and a happy child. He always had a polite calmness about him that other children didn't have. He found that in life, there was so much to learn about. In fact, Ciar was passionate about almost everything.

Ciar didn’t love doctors.

It was one of the few things in life he didn’t love. Generally, his feelings toward everything -- other people, things, places, new experiences -- were positive. He was undeniably giddy about just about everything that went his way. He grew up in a magical household, but his parents thought it best to send him to muggle school from the age of three so he had a well-rounded education. At school, teachers loved to have him in their class. He was arguably the happiest student in the entire building, always completed his homework, and often showered his teacher and classmates with gifts and a bright smile every morning.

Around his third year, Ciar had begun to experience something not so pleasant. He found the chalkboard at school difficult to see and so, with a pleasant smile and a politely raised hand, he told the teacher that he was having trouble. She asked if he wore glasses and he told her no...and that he wasn’t sure prescription lenses would help with the darkness.

In his fourth year, mostly everything was dark. He could see shapes and movement, but mostly it felt as though he was in a tunnel and the light was too far away to be helpful.

The healers at St. Mungo's called it "the darkness" and said there was nothing they could do short of trying to enchant his eyes. This ended up making Ciar see things that weren't supposed to be there, so they gave up.

Glaucoma is what the doctors had called it. Mum said it ran in his family, on her grandmother’s side, but it was rare to see the disease in children. Ciar said he didn’t mind. Maybe he was just special. But deep down inside he felt like maybe it wasn’t so fair that he couldn’t see anymore.

Still, he tried to be optimistic.

The summer before his twelfth birthday was when he received his Hogwarts letter. His mother and father had been so proud. They'd read it to him, described the yellowed parchment, the sharp, green ink that spelled out "Mr. Ciar Pierce" on the front. He was so excited to be learning magic like his mum.

Because of the entire ordeal throughout his childhood, he’d been in and out of doctor’s and healer's surgeries for quite a while. Every time he was there he felt the same thing. No matter what expert they visited, no matter what city, they all had the same incessant beeping, the same smell of sterile liquid, the same echoing hallways and hushed voices, and the same closed off feeling of cold metal and unwelcome. It was doctors and healers that had taken away his eyesight. Years later, it was doctors and healers that took away his mother too.

He had been close to his mum. He looked just like her, all dark hair, bright eyes, and translucent skin. There was no denying he was her son. She was sweet and soft-spoken and she liked to sing to him at night before he went to sleep. She fell ill when he was twelve and the descent was quick and painless for her. Ciar tried not to think about it, but instead he attempted to dwell in the good memories. This kept him in positive spirits...most of the time.

He achieved good grades at Hogwarts. He'd particularly excelled at Divination, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and, of course, Muggle Studies which he'd found fascinating. Hogwarts was a wonderful experience where Ciar was surrounded by friends and supportive instructors. After a year or so he'd managed to maneuver the building without too many incidents. Occasionally, he seemed to be plagued with a very realistic, dream-like situation that controlled him entirely for no more than a minute or so. He avoided mentioning this to anyone during his time at the school, until a classmate walked into the dorm while it was happening one day. However, Ciar managed to avoid talking about it. It didn't occur too often, and so he usually ignored the instance and the following headache and confusion, passing it off as illness or temporary confusion.

It was in later years, when students were asked what they expected to do with their lives once school was over, that Ciar found he wasn't sure what he could be successful at outside of the school. At the suggestion of a particularly helpful professor, Ciar applied for a position with the Ministry of Magic. "You'd do well to work with people," his professor had told him. Ciar liked people, and he did work well with them. He acquired a job first doing menial tasks in a back office and then eventually worked his way up to his current position in the International Magical Office of Law. He wasn't sure what his official title was, but he found he spent a lot of time explaining to witches and wizards from all over the world just exactly what the Ministry of Magic was trying to accomplish. The strange occurrences still happen, and he has yet to reveal it to anyone else, but interestingly enough he has found that sometimes these dreams reflect things that are yet to come.
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