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Ainsley grew up in a pretty typical wizarding household, and had a pretty typical childhood - no great family dramas, no dark secrets, nothing much to hide at all, really. Born with a strong sense of wanderlust, Ainsley was always looking around the next corner, always hoping to discover something new, explore new places, learn about new things. She has a dream to someday travel the world, but that's currently on hold until she can establish herself as a competent businesswoman and homeowner.
After graduating from Hogwarts, Ainsley attended a magical university and majored in the all-ecompassing subject of "business", although at the time of graduation, she was unsure what kind of business she wanted to do. After have a few years being a free spirit and helping out in shops here and there in her childhood neighborhood, Ainsley realized she had a knack for retail and decided she wanted to own her own shop - more specifically, a small boutique of classy but casual wizarding wear. However, there wasn't much room for a new shop in her hometown, so she packed up and moved - thus ending up where she is now.
Currently struggling, living on the small allowance given to her by her parents, and the small amount of money she'd managed to save up from her odd jobs, she hopes to soon settle down, find a home, and open up shop. She has a great need for friends and business connections. She loves to travel and try new things, always up for an adventure. Romance is furthest from her mind right now, a relationship is not something she needs. Her last relationship was super messy, and a big part of the reason she moved away. She's not anxious to go down that road again any time soon.

So, since my writer did a sh*tty job of telling you all my story, here's the whole affair. It's not a dark, sordid tale by any means, but it's not all peaches-and-cream as she'd lead you to believe.

My twin sister, Naomi, and I were born in the dead of winter to Eric and Meredith Foster. Dad was at work, and nearly ended up in outer Mongolia because he was so frantic to get to the hospital he forgot how the Floo Network worked. Our childhood wasn't idyllic, but it was typical. Mom and dad worked, Naomi and I went to Hogwarts - I was a Gryffindor, she ended up in Slytherin. She was always the more......challenging, rebellious one. We always had each other, though. We even had that "freaky twin connection" where we could finish each others' sentences and sense when something was wrong with the other. While I did get up to mischief in my time at Hogwarts, I kept up with my studies and decided that I wanted to go on to University. Naomi had different ideas, there was a huge falling out with the our parents, and she left. It hurt. A lot. It felt like I'd lost an arm. While she still contacts me on occassion to let me know she's okay, I don't know where she is, and she refuses to speak to our parents to this day, making me the go-between. Still, I haven't gotten any blinding pains or debliitating diseases, so I guess she must be fine. I miss her, but I've moved on, for my own sake.

While at University, after some thought, I settled for majoring in "business" figuring it would give me the most options for deciding on a career. University was full of ups and downs, relationships, and classes. It was during those formative years that I discovered my affinity for both genders. My relationships were more like experiments, figuring out who I was, who I found attractive, etc. It was very......exciting, and confusing, and scary. However, I eventually came to terms with my bisexuality and began to search in earnest for a serious relationship. I found Caroline.

Caroline filled the hole left by my sister - she made me feel loved, wanted, cared for....everything a girl could want in a relationship. After a while, though, that attention came with a price. As our graduation date neared, we began to talk about our future. I convinced her to come back to my hometown with me after we graduated, and we got a small place together. I worked several small jobs in town, and she worked at the local pub. It didn't take long for her to get restless, though, and it became harder and harder to make it work. If I even glanced at another - male, or female - she'd get all jealous and accuse me of wanting to leave. It became abusive and ugly and I had to get out.

Slowly I began to move my belongings out, and eventually I just never went back. But my parents house was not far enough away. With a small loan from my parents, and my savings from my odd jobs, I moved away from my chlidhood home. And, now, here I am, ready to begin a new life in a new place. It can't be that hard, right.......?
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