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It is the instinct of the weak, to be afraid of the strange.

- I used to think I needed to be perfect. That I needed to excel in everything I was taught. That I had to listen, respect my elders, and do everything I was told to do. No questions, no buts, no 'I don't want to'. In the Yeun household, you excelled, or you were exiled. I needed to be a perfect child; perfect in everything I was taught, perfect in being a metamorphmagus; but how can I perfect something that I cannot control? Why do I need to be perfect?

- I used to think that I wasn't good enough.
Unlike my brothers, I was considered the problem child. I was curious, I always wanted to know 'why'. How come I can change the way I look? Why do I need to learn which fork goes on what side? Why do I need to learn the piano and Kayagum? Why do I need to get good grades? I never did what I was told to do with out an answer. I wasn't as obedient as my brothers, I didn't learn as fast as they did either. I was never good enough in my families eyes. Its always "You can do better" or "You need to be better" Why am I not like my family? How come I am the only one that can change the way they look?

Ive always got good grades; even though it took me longer then others to learn. I just tried and studied harder. I was never good enough for my family.

- I used to think that I would never be happy. That I would never genuinely laugh, or smile.
It took me living at school, and meeting you, to become happy. You were like me; we showed our true colors away from our family. We taught each other how to be ourselves. We taught each other how to be happy. You were different from me. You were poor, muggle born, who lived on the 'bad' side of town; but like me, you were taught to be perfect, to be smart, to be better. Better, or nothing. WE taught each other that we are fine the way we are. For the first time, I laughed and smiled from the bottom of my heart!

Mahoutokoro was my home! Even though we were the outcast at the school, our band of misfits, wicked little girls, and heathens...you guys are my family.

- I used to think that I would never be loved.
I never thought that I would be loved, or fall in love. I didn't think true love was real. My parents don't love each other; they don't even love their children. My mother came from a poor, wild, and unique family. She worked hard to become an educated, beautiful, and proper South Korean women. She has been grooming me to be like her; but that's not me!

I meet my mothers family once I turned 16. I did my research and found them myself. They knew exactly who I was. My grandmother said that I look just like my mother...and my mom looks just like her. Their genes are pretty dominate. My great grandmother is also a Metamorphmagus. That women loves to trick people. I never felt so much love before. I didn't know how to react. I hope that I didn't give them the wrong impression.

I also fell in love with my male best friend. I was lucky to have him feel the same way about me! I didn't know how to show my love at the time, but I learned.

Through my friends, and extended family, I learned to love.

- I used to think that i'll always be alone. That no one would get me, or understand my pain.
Now i know 3 people that do. You guys! My best friends; and it all happened once i was old enough to live at the school.

We all are Outcast. Poor, muggle born, flat chested, lesbian, smart, bookish, rich, sexual, unique, curious, and pranksters. We never did fit in.

I'm the smart, rich girl, with a dangerous curiosity to dark arts. I excelled in Herbology, Dark Arts, History, and Potions. I mainly stayed to myself in a dark corner while I studied. I'm only social around you guys. You 3 bring out the best and worse in me.

I no longer feel alone.

- I used to think that...that Ill never do anything bad, wicked, or dangerous. Ill do anything for you guys, and only you guys. Ive gotten in so much trouble because of my best friends. You Wicked little girls; but I think I may be the only murderous one. We got into a lot of trouble our last 2 years at the school. I went from gold cloak, all the way down to pink! I've been a gold cloak nearly every year except my last 2. We got into fights, sold drugs, called sluts, etc.

I was 21 years old when I killed my fiance's murderer. Never thought i would be capable of such a thing.

Killing him was easy. I had disguised myself as a foreigner. I became a blonde haired blue eyed bomb shell. The type of girl you would see as the popular girl on American TV. I knew he would fall for my new looks.

Hes the type of man that only thinks with his cock, so I made him think he was going to get some. I flirted with him at the bar, got him drunk, and pretended that I was drunk too. I told him that we should have a bit of 'fun' before heading home. I couldn't kill him with magic of course.

This was thoroughly planned out. I knew that if I changed my look, and murdered him like a muggle, this wouldn't be traced to me. You guys helped me out, just like you said you would. A change of clothes, and escape route planned out; and I walk back into the bar, as myself, acting like nothing happened. I was beaming! He got what he deserved.

- I used to think that I would never be like my parents; but the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.
I got my curiosity of the dark arts from my father. He is the one who taught me about the spells, potions, hexes, artifacts, necromancy, and the history of dark magic. My father is a very well known Historian of the Dark Arts. Anything related to dark arts, hes your guy. I had to beg him to be his apprentice.

Now I am a well known Dark Arts Historian, and connoisseur of dark artifacts; and it didn't take long. Due to my determination, and lineage, it didn't take me long to be just as popular as my father. This worried him. My interest in the Dark Arts was teetering towards dangerous.

Voldermort, and Grindelwald; they dangerously fascinated me. Dangerously to the point where my father believed that I would cause harm to others and myself. He made me do an unbreakable vow; that I can never kill, harm others, or cause harm to myself with dark magic. Of course I never did...but I did make in Inferi.

I couldn't stand my fiance not being here with me! I was deeply depressed; until I decided to try my best to bring him back to life. With Necromancy.

Necromancy was a subject that interested me the most when I was just learning about dark magic. It was around the time when I was making friends at school. I pondered what I would do if one of you guys died. So....I started to devote my summers learning more about Necromancy. Years later, when my Fiance was murdered, I decided to put my knowledge into some use.

It was a mistake. I made an Inferi, I succeeded, but I didn't bring him back to life. I thought I would succeed where others failed, but I was wrong. My father had to destroy him. I couldn't bring myself to do it.

- I used to think that I would never live in another country.
I have traveled to many different places during my summers. Greece for the Scholē tou Metamórfosi when I became 20, Egypt to study Ancient Ruins, West Africa and Haiti to study voodoo, North Pole with my father to find an unfinished horcrux someone hid deep in the ice. It was only a rumor that proved false. It was still fun to try and search for it though.

I think I may know what I want to do in life!

Me and my father traveled to London for some business in Knockturn Alley. I wasn't allowed into his business meeting, but I enjoyed my time in London on my own. So much that I decided to move there.

With the murder of my Fiance, and me killing his murderer, I needed a fresh start.

I decided to own a store; one dedicated to dark arts.

The reason why my father was in Knockturn; was because Borgin and Burkes was for sale. My father placed an offer, one that they couldn't refuse, payed them, and I tricked them into handing the shop to me. My father was pissed, but he let me have my little win. You are looking at the new owner of Borgin and Burkes!

I kept the name instead of changing it. People know Borgin and Burkes. People know what they sell, and the quality; so why change the name.

- I used to think that our friendship would fade.
It took about 4 years for you guys to visit, but I'm not mad. You guys perfected your English, tied up some lose ends, and came after me. We are more then just friends, we are sisters.

I thought that when we got older, that our friendship would fade; but the trouble that we got in only made it stronger. Even though we went our separate ways, have our own careers, and some of us families; we still have a strong bond.

Now that the 3 of you guys are here with me, the 'wicked little girls' are back together once again. Now lets cause some Mayhem!
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