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November 18, 2004
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So singing is a good career right?

Zephyr McKinley was born to not know his parents. For as long as he can remember he's been an orphan. He's never known his parents, and they have never tried to contact him throughout his life. He grew up in a small orphanage in the countryside of Ireland, surrounded by loving witches and wizards. They cared for him like he was special. They cared for all the kids in the orphanage like they were special. But he still grew up watching kids turn bad or run away. He never quite understood why they did.

When Zephyr was five he asked about his real parents. But no one knew any details. They just told him he was outside in the grass one day as a baby. No note, no charms, no nothing. He was abandoned there. As a five year old he wasn't quite sure how to process that, but he didn't dwell on it. He continued to grow up and make friends with the other kids. Or at least he tried to make friends with the other kids. Some were older and already were starting to struggle with the ideas of being alone or abandoned. Or others were his friends but as they grew up they got into bad things and left.

Zeph continued his endeavor to try and make friends the entire time he was at the orphanage. He made many good friends and several that were his age, which meant they all headed to Hogwarts together. Zeph loved having friends, and was always one of the more social kids around. He was loyal and charming, friendly and helpful. He wanted to make everyone happy and make everyone feel wanted. Which as he grew older he knew he couldn't do. But it never stopped him from trying. He always wanted the best for those around him and would do anything to make that happen. Before he left for Hogwarts he had done his best to keep the orphanage up and running. He was always helping with repairs as much as he could as a young boy.

When he made it to Hogwarts finally, he somehow got sorted into Slytherin. He wouldn't know the real answer as to why until his 6th year into school. None of his friends were sorted with him. Instead the majority were placed into Hufflepuff then the others scattered in the other houses. Zeph wasn't exactly happy about his placement but he had heard the stories of Hogwarts and figured he was placed there for a reason. So he pressed forward and tried to make as many friends as he could. He adjusted quickly to the fact that he was very different in terms of his house. He wasn't mean, or dark, or angsty. Instead, he was charming, bright, and outgoing. He wasn't easily deterred by the mean sarcastic nature that seemed to plague most of the Slytherins around him. Instead, he embraced it and did his best to change peoples mind about how they should conduct themselves. Even at 11 years old he was bold and challenged the 7th years to question why the behaved the way they did. He was ambitious, always striving to better himself and better those around him.

So his years at Hogwarts were spent trying to get the most information out of the classes. Not necessarily getting the best grades, but getting the most information and understanding out of the classes. Often he got average grades, but he engaged with the professors and other students to push his knowledge and learning to the next level.

In his fourth year he discovered his love for Quidditch. He had never really paid much attention to the sport before that, but he had a friend who played on the Hufflepuff team who asked him to help them practice. And after that he became obsessed with the sport. The following year he tried out for the Slytherin team and got in as a Keeper. That season Slytherin won more games than they lost. He put his heart and soul into the game and every year after that he was on the team. He even sought outside training to improve his Keeper skills.

Zephyr made it through school without too much trouble. He seemed to charm his way in and out of things fairly easily so he stayed out of too much trouble. And he only dated one girl during his 6th year but ended it after a few short months realizing that he honestly didn't have time for school, Quidditch, and relationships. So he didn't dabble in that realm for the rest of his time at Hogwarts.

During his final term at Hogwarts, however, he had a bad season with Quidditch. During the second game of the season he was about halfway through the game before he had a panic attack. The sudden panic attack caught him off guard and he couldn't focus on the game and he was hit in the left ribs by a bludger knocking him off his broom. He suffered several broken bones and a concussion. After that game the panic attacks began to happen more frequently. A friend of his from Gryffindor told him it was probably because he was stressing himself and his body out by doing all the things he was doing. Quiddtich, extra class work, full class schedule, and socializing. Zephyr hated the fact that he would have to stop some things he was doing but the frequency of the panic attacks were affecting him and his work. For the rest of the term he stayed off his broom and didn't practice any Quiddtich.

The panic attacks did lessen in frequency but did not stop fully. Nothing seemed to help cure him of the unbearable problem. He even sought out muggle help and they suggested that he was having panic attacks because of some genetic disorder. Zeph couldn't believe that he was going to have to suffer from the problem for the rest of his life, but he was determined to not let it slow him down forever.

After discovering some coping skills he decided to pursue his career in Quidditch once more. He didn't want to lose the very sport that he had fallen in love with. So he did his best to work his way up through the minor leagues of Quidditch. He dealt with the panic attacks as best he could, finding certain herbs that helped lessen the severity of the attacks so that he could manage them during Quidditch season.

After his 22nd birthday, he officially signed with the British International Quidditch Team. One of his dreams was achieved and he couldn't have been happier. It meant that he could make a difference and maybe inspire other people to do better. But it also meant his panic attacks kicked up again forcing him to try and manage his health and his job. Unfortunately, it did lead him to some depression issues since there were days that he physically couldn't leave his home to make it to practices and the team decided to place him as the second Keeper. Meaning he was the replacement Keeper if anything happened to the first.

Zeph tried to keep his spirits up and just tell himself that he was on the team and he was still living his dream even if there were certain aspects that kept him from his full potential. But he's working on it trying to better himself and keep strong.


After a particularly eventful Halloween, things went pretty downhill for Zephyr. He attended a Halloween event where him and his best friend, Brady Park, had a little too much to drink and ended up kissing one another. However, what could have been a happy moment turned into a disaster. Zeph panicked and pushed Brady away, afraid to ruin their good friendship even though he had liked Brady since their school days. However, the decision to push away from Brady hurt not only their possible romantic relationship but their friendship as well.

The weeks and months to follow were not great. Zephyr didn't show up for Quidditch practices and ended up being fired from his dream job of being a Quidditch player. His anxiety was through the roof, however, his only solution was to heavily drink. So Zephyr began to travel the world while drinking pretty heavily and consistently. Not really taking care of himself, but he was lonely and heartbroken, so he wasn't really thinking straight. During his travels, he began singing for money, and soon enough Zeph began to love singing and music.

Zeph hadn't found something he loved so much since he found Quidditch. Singing gave him an escape from the everyday anxiety he had. An escape from feeling like a failure. It was a place he truly felt like himself again. But the crushing loneliness still has Zephyr on his toes as he misses Brady more than anything.
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