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January 31st, 2005
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Demetrius was born to the one and only, Rita Skeeter. He was raised solely by her, and he does not know who is own father is. Not knowing the reasons, Demetrius was happy being homeschooled by a family friend, and learning about his life as a wizard in a pretty open and loving household. His mum seemed to treasure him even more than her quill, or that was what he thought, anyway.

Though they lived in England, Demetrius got an acceptance letter to Beauxbatons instead of Hogwarts. His mum said it was for the best, and she'd never given him reason to distrust her. He wasn't much into the history books, always listening to music, writing, and doing art. He had always been given the creative support he needed by his mum, because she said she knew he could excel at whatever he put his mind to.

The level of love and support he received from his mum was tainted, though. He had no idea she was hiding him. She was ashamed of her bastard son, not wanting the world to know anything sordid about her. It wasn't until his third year that he learned about it. In one of his history classes, someone started pranking his desk. Once the person was tracked down, it seemed that they were a victim of one of his mother's articles in the long distant past. That was when word got out that he was, in fact, the son of Rita Skeeter.

Throughout that year, Demetrius learned about some of the horrible lies his mother had spread about people in such public papers. She was one of the corrupt journalists, and he had no idea. He knew she was a writer, but apparently she only showed him some of her stuff. He was never one to read the news, because she always had the information that was interesting. The taint of these feelings made him start finding his own information, rather than getting it from her colored opinion.

The summer leading up to his fourth year was an interesting one for Demetrius. Articles were being spread about him and his mum. She was spreading lie after lie to cover up their sordid arrangement so she didn't look bad, and it didn't seem to get very far anyway. It seemed to die down, but some people would never forget, and he would definitely never forget the lies she told, and the apparent shame that she felt for having him. She had avoided a major tabloid about them so far, but as she wove her web of lies, she buried herself in, and he backed away.

It only got worse when people found out that Demetrius was dating a guy. He had also dated girls, but people only cared when he dated a guy. It had become more normal in the current times, though, being the son of Rita Skeeter made it more juicy. Demetrius identified as pansexual, caring more about who a person was than what body parts they had or what type of creature they were. This obviously became a hot topic as the year ended. His mum seemed to care more about her image than the fact that they were tearing apart her son for his romantic interests. That was his last straw.

With the hurt in his heart, and the betrayal from his own mother, Demetrius poured into his art, watching as it grew edgier. He started leaning toward songwriting, aspiring to use his art to make his own way one day. He continued doing this, while skating by with above average scores in classes. He wasn't top of his class, and he was above average, but he kind of just tried to stay hidden. He didn't want another public outrage at his name, so he tried to do as well as he could without getting called out for skill or for discipline.

If there was anything Demetrius wanted his name to be known for, it would be his music. As he continued practicing, he started sending his songs of to people whose sound he liked on WizTube, and sometimes they would even sing his songs. He started working out deals, and even making a little money this way. While he was still in school, he saved this money, eager to move out when he came of age. He didn't even want to be around his mum anymore, especially since she didn't seem to have remorse for what she had done, only that it had lost her his love.

When Demetrius came of age, and graduated, he moved into an apartment with a few other people to get started. He had his guitar, his art, and his writing, all he had to do was make something of it. He found an ad for a band that needed a Lead Guitarist, and he auditioned for it. After a lot of work, and dedication to the process, he had made his way into the band. Once they had found their sound, they took off, moving up quickly in the charts.

Today he is getting used to that fame, still working on his art and writing, but using a lot more of it for his own band when they like it. He hasn't talked to his mum since he moved out, and at this rate, maybe he never will. Right now, he only cared about his friends, his music, and surviving as the world kept getting to be a darker place.
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