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December 30, 2004
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All my life, I've been waiting for moments to come-- when I catch fire, and wash over you like the sun. I will fight to fix up and get things right. I can't change the world, but maybe I'll change your mind.

Eliza was born to Lennox and Chelsea Kenedy on January 28, 2005. She was raised in Glasgow, Scotland as an only child who wanted for nothing. Her mother was a Draconologist who traveled often. Their time together was always short, but meaningful and impactful. Her mother taught her all about the importance of not suppressing the urge to expand horizons and explore all, herself included. Her father worked at the Ministry, and rarely discussed his duties there. All Eliza ever knew was that he dealt with transportation. They traveled a bit as a family, and Eliza was privileged to see most of the United Kingdom, Greece, the United States, and Brazil. They were her mother’s favorites, mostly. Dad often had trouble getting off of work but joined them for at least part of their drives.

Eleven was a big year for Eliza, and it was not all in good ways. She was presented with a letter inviting her to Hogwarts. She went happily and was quickly, almost immediately, sorted into Hufflepuff. She made friends quickly and easily, adjusting very well to her life away from home. She excelled in the more practical parts of her school and learned that hands-on experience was the best way for her to interact with new information. She was happy to process the wisdom of so many excellent professors.

A month and a half later, her father came to the school for a visit, something that immediately struck her as odd and out of place. Her mother had gone missing. Her team could not find her and had not seen her for a week. The week away from the team was not uncommon, but for her not to have checked in… It took a long and tumultuous two years for the search teams to find her body. Endless phone calls and pushes from Lennox did not allow the teams to give up.

Her mother was gone, and for a while time stood still. She leaned hard on the support of friends and family members. To further throw off her balance, her father struggled to forgive himself for not protecting Chelsea. It was hard sometimes for Eliza to separate this attitude from reality, and coupled with school woes and facing puberty without a mother… this was a rough couple of years for Eliza.

Her crutches, which later turned to coping skills, were magical creatures and music. Louis, her best friend, coaxed her into turning singing into more than a secret. She was very guarded then, but having someone to sing alongside her brought her back to her own personality and graces. She caught glimpses of herself in the music and realized the beauty that the two of them created was more than just singalongs. After a while, they started recording their duets. She always believed he would go places with his music.

Her love of magical creatures was in large parts spurred by her mother. It was a class that she was very at ease in; it seemed to come naturally for her. In her final year at school she pushed forward in all healing and caretaking arenas. But a new love was emerging, something that combined both her passion and her history. She studied hard for divination and decided to further her education in the subject. She was able to be more social again, and her prefect responsibilities strengthened her ties to many at the school.

Slowly, Eliza realized alongside Louis that they shared more than friendship. A year ago they began dating, just as they launched into their careers. She has been his biggest fan since, standing beside him and supporting him at every corner. She works for an agency that helps families find their missing loved ones. The travel this requires carries her out of their comfortable apartment situated above a bakery, but helps her see his shows and be with him more often.
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