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Roxanne was born during the warmest November's, to Angelina and George Weasley. Having the last name of Weasley already put a huge amount of pressure on her. She knew her families legacy and how they were connected to the Potters. Growing up in such a large family there was no shortage of people to talk with. Her favorite person being her big brother Fred. Who was named for their late uncle who had died during the battle of Hogwarts.

Growing up she felt like she had siblings and not cousins, she was proud of her family line. She shadowed her grandmother Weasley in the kitchen and even learned how to knit from her. Roxy was fascinated by her grandfathers views about muggles. He would tell them all stories and she felt like she was spoiled by the love of all her family.

Fred and her usually plotted pranks on their cousins. After all being the son and daughter of George, it was bound to be in their blood. She was really grateful to have the relationship they did. It made her depression much easier to handle.

When she arrived to Hogwarts she was sorted into Hufflepuff, she actually enjoyed her house. Not to mention yellow just looked amazing on her. She grew to enjoy care of magical creatures the best. Though she was happy with life, something always felt off. She would go into bouts of insomnia and she never felt hungry. Which caused her to be thin. She let this go on for a full year before she said anything.

At the age of twelve she realized that she needed to seek out help. So she asked her parents if she could start seeing a therapist. Of course they agreed but it broke their hearts to know she was in so much pain. She was diagnosed with Persistent Depressive Disorder, and began taking potions for it. Soon she was sleeping better and with someone to talk with outside of family it helped her really regain herself. She knew that it would never fully go away, but she was learning to cope.

As she grew older, she grew more observant to her brothers behaviors. She knew something was up, so she started following him around. Making sure he didn't realize she was there. She found out that he was training harder for qudditch. A game that she never really was good at but played because it was fun. He however had become obsessed with it. She never knew how to confront him about it so she just let it go. It was her secret and she would tell him one day when he was ready to hear it.

She was pretty outspoken about things, her family often called her unfiltered. She was just self assured and knew exactly what she needed to say and when to say it. Fred often referred to her as a little spitfire. She was sure she got that from her mother and grandmother. Roxanne's favorite moment from the battle of Hogwarts was when her grandmother called Bellatrix Lestrange a "B****"

After she graduated from Hogwarts she decided to take some time to reconnect with her Grandparents. She helped them around the burrow and just enjoyed being around them. She had learned more about herself during that time, that she was a strong, confident young woman, who loved animals. Having taken care of a lot of stray cats that showed up. She decided to become a Magizoologist. She especially loved jarvey's, because they had attitude.

She soon became so engrossed in learning all about the various creatures that she wasn't focused on what was happening with her brother. She hadn't noticed the fact that when they got together he was drinking more than he probably should have. He was still her big brother, her protector, her partner in crime. She was pretty sure she just didn't want to see him as someone that didn't have it all together. Roxanne's own battle with depression should have clued her in, but she had found her own life. She and Dom had become closer over their shared loved of magical creatures. Though Dom preferred dragons.

It was never a dull moment at the Potter/Weasley family Christmas's and each year was even more special, since everyone was getting older and trying to keep in contact was becoming harder. Thankfully the wizarding world had become less against technology and cell phones were popular among the entire family.

One Christmas her grandfather sat her down and conveyed his concerns for Fred. She knew it was time that she confronted him about it all.

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