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July 8, 2004
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Weasleys know how to persevere, and following the Battle of Hogwarts this fact did not falter as from the crumbling remains of wizard-kind, united they stood with minds set on the future. Through heartache, they found one another to turn toward as with each passing year, a light grew steadily brighter with the coo of offspring, a tangible look toward what lay ahead. For Bill and Fleur Weasley, their family began not long following the war that shook the world, and such was how Victoire came to bee, soon followed by Dominique, then lastly a son to complete one legacy of a family name that came to be written in history books. So it was that Louis Weasley was born, a sheep among the herd that already had become insurmountable in numbers over the generations.

Large numbers meant no lack of love, however, and from his first breath Louis learned just how lucky he was to have family who embraced him through the thin and thick and knew the importance of sticking together. With two siblings, Shell Cottage meant days spent in the sun, toes in the sand with the shoreline tickling at his ankles. Holidays amounted to a chorus of screams and bubbling laughter as he ran frantically about The Burrow. Family meant always having a shoulder to cry on and open arms to wrap him tightly. For these reasons, Louis grew to be a kind-hearted soul.

He was talented as well, which Fleur promoted. Where she raised her daughters in a way that she could only hope amounted to graceful, upstanding ladies within society, she succeeded with Louis in creating a picturesque gentleman. As a child he was well-versed in a number of subject manners, rarely without things to do when considering his natural curiosities and his mother’s constant push for him to excel. Music in particular he took to fondly. From the moment he set his hands on a violin, a hunger to learn more grew. Louis quickly went on to learn the clarinet, flute, piano, everything; reaching for whatever instrument he could find and devouring their abilities with insatiable interest.

It left his fingers itching to do and be more no matter what. Upon starting Hogwarts, Louis dove into the enriching environment it provided. For being as pure-hearted and loving as his family raised him, the hat found him worthy of Hufflepuff house. In his first year, he became involved in a number of clubs. Third year was memorable for his success in becoming keeper on the Quidditch team. By fifth year he tacked on another responsibility by accepting the position as house prefect, followed by mounting duties when becoming the house Quidditch captain in sixth year. Louis’ final achievement came when he was made Head Boy, and while the piles of obligations seemed to show no end, the boy wore a smile on his face and adored it all solely for the experience.

Considering the honors he graduated with, Fleur hoped her son would pursue something held in high regard. Despite this, it came as little shock to the family when Louis chose to pour himself into music. When in school, he adopted a guitar from a roommate, and more so than any other feeling in the world, he felt magic. His upbringing aided in his ability to quickly hone the skill needed to master it. With no sense of personal shame, with what little spare time he had he would record himself singing songs and upload them to WizTube. Several friends who shared similar interests joined and a band was formed. Together over breaks and taking what offerings were given, they performed small shows and use wizarding media to promote themselves. Popularity slowly accumulated in this way.

Today, Louis remains a musician, having already released two records and touring several times with his band as openers and side-liners. For someone as innocent as Louis, the fame has taken a small toll on him, often leaving him in fear of disappointing the many people who helped him get this far. Above all, he turns to his long-time best friend Eliza for support when times are hard. Having met in their first year of Hogwarts and sticking by her side since, it was a long time coming when after much heartbreak done to Louis, he and Eliza began to date. Thus far she has been a solid foundation that he builds himself on, holding high hope that with her and his career, his sunshine self is capable of achieving his dreams of making it ‘big’.
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