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On July 29, 2008, Ron and Hermione Weasley welcomed their second child and only son into the world. They chose to name him Hugo Remus after his mother's father and Remus Lupin. Even as a newborn, he looked exactly like his father, as his grandmother pointed out upon first laying eyes on him. He had bright, blue eyes and already a full head of red hair, though Hugo's was a little darker, more auburn, than Ron's was.

Growing up, he was a bit quiet, but he rarely spent anytime by himself, preferring to spend time with his sister and cousins than alone. Telling jokes was his favorite pastime, but he quickly learned that not everyone was a fan of his humor. There were times where his cousins wouldn't laugh and just give him strange looks, no doubt wondering how he could joke about dark stuff, and his mother would yell at him, though his father usually understood that it was all a joke. He just had a dark sense of humor.

Quidditch was his second favorite. His dad introduced him to it at a very young age. Once every two weeks, Hugo and his father had a father/son day, which always consisted of attending a Quidditch match, then going to The Leaky Cauldron for dinner afterwards. It was during one of these dinners that he started asking for his own broom. He wanted to fly, just like the professionals did. He even told his dad that he could be a professional when he got older.

Hugo wasn't a natural at flying, far from it, but he was good and worked hard to get even better. Most of the time, he was flying, even when they were visiting family. He didn't like taking breaks until his mother forced him to just because he loved the feeling of being in the air. It was freeing in the way that walking wasn't. Hugo felt like he could go anywhere when he was on a broom.

He couldn't wait to attend Hogwarts. He talked about it so much as he waited, impatiently, for his turn to go. Whenever Rose and his cousins returned, he questioned them about it, wanting to know every single thing there was to know. He even had his house picked out. Unlike most of his family, he was going to be a Hufflepuff. Hugo just felt like he belonged there more than in the family house. He was kind, loyal and hard working. Sure, he was brave, too, but not as much as his family. Not enough to be in Gryffindor.

Finally, it was his turn to board the Hogwarts Express and head to Hogwarts. He was so excited and couldn't sit still on the train. He bounced from compartment to compartment, talking to the other students about random stuff. He wanted to make friends and that was the best way for him to do it. The boat ride wasn't all that fun, but he got through it. Finally, it was time for the sorting and that was over really fast. As soon as he sat on the stool, the hat barely on his head, when it yelled Hufflepuff. Hugo was proud to be one of the few Weasleys who weren't sorted into Gryffindor.

First year went by quickly. Nothing really happened, except for attending Quidditch matches and trying to make new friends. He didn't study that much, ending with final grades of mostly A's, and his mother got on him about them, but that was really the most exciting thing that happened. Second year didn't go quite as fast, despite it being a bit more fun. This was the year he made the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as Keeper. It meant he had to play against family, but his competitiveness just came out more when he was against them. He loved every second of it.

Third and fourth year were hard for him. He was struggling with his sexuality throughout most of those years, keeping it a secret from everyone who knew him because he wasn't sure about it. He told one person, his best friend, and was informed to not tell anyone because some people wouldn't be accepting. He should keep it to himself until he knew who wouldn't mind and who would.

It was his sixth year when he came out to his family. He didn't want to keep anything from them anymore because he knew they all loved him and wouldn't mind. At least Hugo hoped that would be the case. So he came out to them during the summer and a year later, during his seventh year, Hugo let the whole school know by allowing himself to be seen with his boyfriend at the time. That relationship fizzled out quickly, but you were happy because your sexuality was finally out in the open. No more secrets.

Throughout his time at school, he was working towards one goal: to be a professional Quidditch player and he was so close to making it. In fact, he was being scouted by Puddlemere United, but during one of the end of year matches, Hugo's dreams died hard. Hufflepuff was playing against Slytherin and he was attempting to block the Quaffle from going into the goalposts when a bludger hit his shoulder. He was in a lot of pain, but was willing to play through it. That was what Quidditch was about after all. Sadly, right after the won that match, two Slytherin players got their hands on Beater's Bats and hit the Bludgers at the celebrating Hufflepuffs. They both hit him and the next thing he knew, he was in St. Mungo's, listening as the Healers told his parents that he wouldn't fly again. The injuries were too bad.

After graduation, he traveled. There was nothing else he could do. His career was over before it began and he didn't have any other options for a job. Hugo's grades weren't good enough for anything else. He had a lot of fun traveling, going to different countries before landing in Paris, France and decided to stay. It was too beautiful to leave. His aunt, Fleur, even helped him learn French, so he'd fit in better there.

Acting happened by accident. Him and a couple of friends heard about The Walking Inferi holding open casting calls for a small role on the show. They thought it would be fun because it wouldn't lead to anything. It was a good time waster. So he tried out, didn't get the part, as expected, but he was bitten by the acting bug after that. Acting was the only thing he wanted to do after that. He got himself an acting coach and started going on more auditions. His first role was as troubled teen number 2 in a movie that didn't do well. It was an uncredited role, he had only one line, but it was a start.

His second role was as Hans in Game of Gnomes. He was a fast talking Englishmen, who wasn't very nice. It was a small role, originally planned for three episodes in the current season. After fans raved about the character, the show decided not to get rid of him. However, reviews were mixed on his performance as Hans, forcing the producers to consider recasting him for future episodes. Hugo wants to keep the role, but there has been no word yet on whether Hugo will be allowed to do so.

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