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October 22, 2002
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Lee Jordan was a betting man, so it came as no surprise when he made a bet with his wife, Alicia, that Puddlemere United would lose the cup to the Chudley Cannons. Alicia (who was also a lover of Quidditch) betted that he was wrong, and they wagered the name of their second child. Lee wanted to name his first son Apollo, but Alicia was completely against what she called a 'ghastly name of major proportions'. The game ended and Alicia, much to her horror, lost the bet to her obnoxious husband who made sure to do his victory dance.

So when their second child was born he was named Apollo after the Greek god of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, the sun, and whatever else. Lee was excited to finally have a son and tried his best to raise him in the ways of Quidditch. He brought Apollo a toy broom only for him to discard it for one of his many muggle race car toys. It was obvious that Apollo had no interest in flying on a broom. No, he had much more extreme interests in driving...and driving fast. He liked to look at NASCAR picture books when he was a child, and would always mimic the sound the cars made as they raced across the track.

ZOOOOOOM was all you could hear as Apollo ran around the house in his pretend car that could run at the speed of light. He took pleasure in annoying his sister who dared to call his racing "stupid".

Lee and Alicia accepted his enthusiasm for racing, though they also encouraged him to keep up with his school work. Apollo was a smart kid, not a genius, but he knew his way around a math problem and could read at a fairly advanced level. His parents suspected it was his hyperactiveness that made him yearn for knowledge as much as he yearned to race. His hyperactiveness did get him into a lot of trouble growing up, especially after his little brother was born.

Apollo would often bump into his brother as he raced around the house in his pretend car. One time he accidentally ran into his brother so hard that the little boy nearly hit the wall. He was given a month worth of punishment and wasn't allowed to ever race in the house again after that.

The active boy grew into a lanky eleven-year-old. He received his Hogwarts letter much to his parents' relief. For a time they worried that Apollo was a squib since he didn't show any signs of magic until days before receiving his letter. He had been so tired after a long night of video games that he levitated himself up to his bedroom. He floated right past his shocked parents and into his room where he fell asleep almost immediately.

Hogwarts was fun. The sorting hat took two minutes debating if Gryffindor or Ravenclaw would be best for him before finally shouting out: Ravenclaw! Apollo was disappointed that he wouldn't be in the house his parents used to be in but he quickly got over it once he saw the large array of books in the common room.

His years at the school went by in a blur of homework, failed relationships, and so many people calling him "Polo" that the name actually stuck even after he graduated. With school out of the way, Apollo had to figure out what he wanted to do with himself. Nascar was an option, but his mother wasn't thrilled with the idea. His father wanted him to stay in the muggle world. Eventually, he decided to be a Knight Bus driver. It was the best of both worlds. He could drive fast while also living in the wizarding world since, besides Nascar, the muggle world didn't excite him much.

So that's how Apollo found himself driving people around in the wizarding version of a city bus. The pay was good so he didn't have much to complain about. As long as he can drive and live life in the fast lane he's content.
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