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Nov 11 2017, 10:05 AM
Vera CarrowI've got issues, but you've got em too
Meet Miss Vera Carrow, she is a very assertive woman who know's exactly what she wants and will do anything to get it. She worked hard while at hogwarts and pushed that into her career at the ministry of magic which showed in her newly appointed job in the beast division of the regulation and control magical creatures department. She had long had a desire to become an animagus and she did that as well, transforming into a beautiful hawk... whats better than the freedom of flying. Her mother and baby sister are probably her favourite people on the face of the planet and she would literally murder for them.
Vera is the type of friend that bosses around her friends. She has the queen bee mentality, with a motherly vibe. "I know you have an essay due so do it" type of friend. She is fiercely loyal to those who she loves. She can get down with a big group of friends or chill watching movies with the girls/guys at home. I can only see her with a very small handful of people she is completely honest with, her sister being one of those few.
Being a Carrow with such a big demanding personality has probably gained her quite a few enemies in her day. But if you don't like her she really doesnt give a fuck about you, she's going to speak her mind whether you like ti or not & if you don't then you can keep on stepping.
I got it from my momma Vera is very demanding in her love life, she loves to be the one to wear the pants in the relationship which is how her mother treats her father. Her past relationships have always been an on and off kind of thing, you piss her off she's going to leave and then a few days later she'll call you like nothing ever happened. She doesn't want to be with you but doesn't want you to be happy with someone else either.. I would love for a man to come in and really wear the pants in the relationship. It would throw Vera for a huge loop but it might seriously attract her to the relationship. If she would get pissed off and leave he would come after her, if she tried to kick him out he'd pick her up and take her with him. He would be the type to have as big of a personality as her..
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Nov 11 2017, 12:09 PM

vera & cadmus

hello! so first up here i have cadmus, who is vera's cousin through their mothers! although cadmus' mother didn't go quite as all-out in her domination of her husband the way that vera's did, she's still pretty formidable, and i imagine that she and vera's mum would've been really close since they're twin sisters! as a result i think that cadmus and vera probably saw a lot of each other growing up, probably grew up together. it's rare for cadmus to have particularly close friends because he can be quite a difficult person and he has a tendency to be...a little shit, for lack of a better word, but i think that with someone who's known him for as long as vera has and who isn't afraid of calling him out for his nonsense that wouldn't be a problem. i think it'd be really cool if they were close and were able to be really honest with each other. plus, they both work in the government, albeit in different divisions, so there's potential for them to be able to catch up in the workplace too!

vera & phoebus

somewhat less of a friendly prospect here, but i can't help but throw phoebus at you for plots as well because he's also from one of the sacred 28 families (2, if you count the fact that he's technically a lestrange, but he doesn't talk about that). phoebus is pretty notorious in pureblood circles, i think, for being super grumpy and unwilling - he does what he's supposed to and never really steps out of line, but everyone can tell that he's not happy to be there. since they both probably run in the same social crowd, it's pretty likely they know each other, even though he's a good few years older. i daresay they'd probably butt heads because she has such a strong personality and, well, so does he - they probably wouldn't get along but it could make for some pretty fun interactions because i'm a sucker for conflict and i also think that he'd probably get more than he bargained for with her ferocity and he'd be a bit taken aback by it, to be honest. let me know what you think!

vera & others

i also have a buttload of other characters who i haven't included here, but here is my shipper just in case you might have thoughts for them!
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Nov 19 2017, 01:25 PM

vera & taylor

I want to throw my Taylor at you, I think that she and Vera could get along great as friends. Like your Vera, Taylor can be a bit bossy when she wants to be, that strong veela charm of hers doesn't help either lol Our girls are both the same age so I'm completely sure they would have met at Hogwarts, Slytherin + Ravenclaw pride <33 I can see them working together on projects in and out of school and pretty much leaving their peers in the dust. Taylor would seek Vera's advice a lot because she seems like the chick that has all her shit together and won't hesitate to call you out on yours
I need more cooking apps for this thing <3
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Nov 25 2017, 08:22 PM


Always up for these two to be friends. They both work at the Ministry, so that's at least a start for them. I think that we decided a little bit ago that they'd be perfect unlikely friends. You game?
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Excited for Winter, who wants to build a snowman?!
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