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June 1st, 1999
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It’s our busy season at Mungo’s. Am I horrible for enjoying this? 🤓

Last child of the Altier family by only a few moments, Hayden completed them. Izabel was just four years old when she was graced with twin siblings. Their parents had only wanted two children but learned to love having three. Dinners were boisterous and quarrels plenty but love was never in shortage. Both Hazel and Izabel constantly doted on Hayden which he happily returned.

Technically the baby of the family, Hayden used this to his advantage whenever he felt it was necessary. Self expression, dramatics, and eventual empathy were learned traits but being surrounded by mostly females for such a long time, Hayden softened up. This would prove useful in his later years. He had a greater understanding of women because he had lived so closely with them. Not that his father didn’t try his best to give his son some male bonding time. He taught him to fly and the two would duel when he would come home for holiday when in school.

Growing up, Hayden thrived off of his sister. He fed off her energy. Of course he had Izabel to look up to and keep him from being too much of a wet blanket. But having Hazel by his side would always be different. Hayden battled guilt over this especially in his younger years. As time went on he realized that he would always have a special bond with both girls, even if it was different. When Iz left for Beauxbatons it felt like the end of the world. He and Hazel entertained themselves at home and wrote letters together. But their sister’s stories couldn’t hold a candle to the reality. Soon they found out themselves.

Beauxbatons was the Altier’s home away from home, as most students felt about their magical school. Each sibling found their niche but never forgot each other during their time studying. The grounds were beautiful, it was hard not to fall in love. Hayden swore it was more than the environment and atmosphere however. Learning to master his magical abilities was enlightening. Sure he would go off with Haz and Iz for some trouble. But he made time for high marks and graduated with special acknowledgement.

Fresh out of Beauxbatons Hayden found himself a small flat in London. It had always been a set goal in his mind and once it finally happened he wasn’t quite sure what to do next. Though he wished to not have to do much of anything fate decided otherwise. A friend suggested he try his hand at healing. She noted his would-be gentle bedside manner and work with his wand. It made perfect sense to her and so he decided to give it a try at none other than St. Mungo’s. Hayden didn’t prefer being a healer in training but once he put the time into the job he found his profession. It was a match made in heaven, really. He spent some nights before bed wondering where he might’ve ended up if it weren’t for the hospital and his patients.

With a healer’s wage Hayden was finally able to afford something nicer. Though the spare room felt ominous and spacious most of the time others he found it perfect for friends or other such company. His favorite was when his sisters would come for a visit. It felt like home again when they were all together being naughty as children well into adulthood. They seemed to bring out the mischief out in one another. Hayden had offhandedly offered the room to Hazel during one of these long evenings and she had accepted. Though a bit tipsy at the time he was glad when he woke with a slight hangover and new flat mates.

With Hazel moving in came his beloved niece Mirielle. Up on the list of his accomplishments and prides came this little bundle of joy. He was never certain how or why but Hayden always had a strange feeling about the girl’s father. Never mind that his family didn’t let him see his sister hardly ever. But none of that mattered once Hazel had told him of her pregnancy. He vowed to look after Mir and be the best uncle he could possible manage (with work obligations and all). He promised to fund her schooling and make sure she was comfortable.
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