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Dylan is the oldest child in the Cresswell family. She was born just a few months after her parents got married and settled in the north countryside of England. Both her parents are wizards and planned to train all of their children in magic as they grew up before they went to Hogwarts. Dylan's father really wanted a boy, that's where the name Dylan comes from. He doesn't love Dylan any less because she is a girl but she was raised doing sports, running around, climbing trees, and beating up on her younger siblings and boys in elementary school. Dylan from a young age never took any crap from anyone. She was always willing to stand up for herself and was never walked on. Dylan got on well at school, but not being super social and actually quite closed off she never made a lot of friends. She was closest with her two younger sisters and was often found with them over anyone else. Her and her sister Wyatt, who was two years younger, shared the same firey personality but Dylan was always more manipulative and quiet when she was mad compared to Wyatt who exploded outwards. Then there was Chrissy, their youngest sister who was quiet and demure very opposite her sisters. She always loved gardening with their mom while Dylan and Wyatt wrestled in the mud with their dad.

Dylan was easily sorted into Slytherin when she started at Hogwarts. It wasn't surprising to anyone she was placed there considering Dylan for the past few years had become determined to become an Auror. And that determination led her to do amazing things in school. Her ambition set her apart from other kids and she was almost ruthless to get what she wanted. If anyone even dared to get in her way she would make sure they knew it, usually by jinxing them and giggling about it in a corner. Dylan didn't make a lot of friends in school but she had a select few who she loved dearly and she has since continued her tight knit group of friends. When Wyatt came to school Dylan became overprotective of her younger Gryffindor sister and pretty quickly everyone learned that if they messed with Wyatt they were messing with Dylan too and that was scary to most people. Dylan became known as a dragon because of her outside beauty but her inside desire to be successful and strong. Throughout school Dylan and Wyatt stayed in touch with their family and their younger sister who went to Beaubatons.

Dylan graduated with high grades and instantly went to Auror training at the department to fulfill her long time dream. Within a few months she was assigned to an older Auror and started her job. At first she was unhappy with how boring her job was but as she got older her missions became more complicated. By the time she was 20 she was working on her own, just as she liked it. She spent time as a detective doing undercover work which was her favorite because she would openly admit she enjoyed being manipulative. She stuck with being a detective until she was 23 when her world flipped itself. On a mission she was taken by a group of supremacists and was locked in a basement for months. Spells were cast on her trying to make her tell them her secrets but she fought against it as best as she could. It caused her extreme amounts of pain and no one thinks she ever really recovered from what happened to her (much of what happened exactly remains a secret). She was rescued by fellow Aurors after nearly 7 months of captivity and was sent on leave from the Auror department. For a while Dylan was depressed and shut off. She rarely left her house and rarely ate. Everyone was worried she was dwindling away which in all honestly she was. But when she was 24 she got offered a job at Hogwarts (her father put in a recommendation for her without her knowledge) as the Auror Training professor. At first she refused the job but after a few weeks she was convinced by her family to take it and she believes that the job has saved her life.

She has been happily teaching at Hogwarts for nearly 2 years now. Her reputation as a teacher is highly respected. She is a sweet teacher that loves her students but she expects highly of them and if they don't meet her standards she lets them know. She pushes her students hard and if they can't handle it they are often kicked out of the classroom within a heartbeat. Dylan still struggled with PTSD and visits St. Mungos often to discuss her feelings with someone, even though she still remains very closed off. Her family hopes she will eventually open up so she can heal - but that could be years before that happens.
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