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August 29th, 2000
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If I transfigure you into a frog will you let me study then?

The middle child of Bram and Xantha Weasley was about what you would expect to see of a Weasley. Red hair, blue eyes, on the taller side and a bit freckled. The Weasley clan was large and had many branches so it was no surprise to any when yet another was born in 2000. Having an older brother that was significantly older than she was helped as well. For six years she got to be the baby and received more love than was probably prudent but never the less it was there.

The surprise of a younger sister would have made most spoiled children angry or jealous but Mari found it to be rather exciting for the most part. Sure there was a new baby to take up the attention of mum and dad but the baby was cute and she would get to be the smart older sister and teach her things right? Imelda was, simply put, something intriguing and new to learn about and Mari loved to learn. The six year old could have done with out all the crying and stinky diapers but other than that the baby Imelda was like a perfect little Weasley doll.

As the years progressed the three children grew up well and it was no surprise when Hogwarts came into the picture. When Mari got her letter she was so proud her chest puffed up as she showed it to her family. She was going to be a smart witch and learn so many things. Maybe one day she would even be a professor or researcher or something equally as wonderful. Mari couldn't wait to get there and see where she was sorted. It was common knowledge that a lot of the Weasley's of the past were sorted into Gryffindor but there were other equally nice houses she might end up in. The fun of it was wondering and guessing which house she would end up in.

As time drew to the day of her leaving she looked at her trunk full of school items. School uniforms, one of which was already on, books, cauldron, pens, even some quills and ink. The most exciting items were her wand and cat though. Mr. Newton was a lovely fluffy black cat with the pointiest ears she had ever seen. Her wand was rather simple and elegant looking and she adored that as well. The hardest part of the day was saying goodbye to her family. All things said and done and she was on the train to Hogwarts and brimming with nervous energy. Things seemed to move so quickly though and soon she was standing in the hall and watching children get sorted into different houses. The hat was so curious that she would give her favorite book for a chance to study how it was made and what spells kept it going. Not that she had the knowledge yet to know but wouldn't that just be fascinating. Mari the great decoder of the sorting hat! Thinking these things she almost missed her name being called amongst a soft patter of giggles. Another Weasley!

Stepping up to the sorting hat she half expected she would get put in Gryffindor but as the odd hat slipped onto her head it began to talk and hmm and go on about a good brain and desire to learn. It said there was some bravery there but soon it was yelling out Ravenclaw and the smile that broke out on her face was bright. Ravenclaws were known for learning and intelligence. Wouldn't Mum be so proud!? Standing up she made her way to the table and shook hands with a few people with glee. Life at Hogwarts had begun!

Fast forward and Mari soon took her OWLs, and NEWTs doing exceedingly well in Charms and Transfiguration and admirably in all other subjects. Though she did well it soon became apparent that she would need further education if she wanted to become a professor or researcher. Marianne Weasley was nothing if not focused on her goals. After graduation she went to wizarding college and worked doubly hard to pass her next set of exams. Again doing outstandingly well in Charms and Transfiguration. With a few friends to call her own from the experience as well and a little more life experience on her hands she felt like life was one big stair case to her goal.

At the age of 26 Mari was finally ready to apply for a position at the one place she had always dreamed of working and wasted no time in doing so. For the past few years she had worked under a well known Transfiguration researcher and had tutored in the subject to build a resume. Her own work and contributions to the newest book on Transfiguration from her employer lending her even more resume umph. The day she was given the invitation to interview for a position she nearly squealed for joy to her mum. She would be that much closer and maybe even secure a spot! The interview went well but the resulting waiting period was enough to drive the young woman crazy. It was a stroke of luck that the previous Professor for Transfiguration had stepped down and who knew when another chance would come?

A whole month later a letter was delivered and Mari's whole world exploded in opportunity and wonder. She had been offered the position. This meant she would be able to teach at the school of her childhood, the place were wonderful Professors had taught and great things had occurred, not to mention the library! With news in hand there was much celebrating in the Weasley house that night and a few short weeks later she was once again on her way to Hogwarts with trunks full and eyes shining.
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