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Sebastian had a very... proper upbringing. His family lived in a manor, and thought they were worth more than they were. He was raised like a royal, or noble, his parents expecting him to get them a higher station in life. Unfortunately, this meant his upbringing was severe and harsh, leaving little time for him to be a kid. His family was more focused on making sure he reflected well on them, rather than that he was enjoying his life.

He was learned in proper etiquette, such as being chivalrous and polite to both ladies and gentleman, and still maintains the rather proper way of speech. Even his posture was corrected, being forced to carry himself in a way 'appropriate to a gentleman', with his shoulders back, spine straight, and head high.

Sebastian very much enjoyed going off to Hogwarts, it was like a dream come true. He was able to get away from the pushiness of his parents, and was able to be his own person for the first time. He was placed in Slytherin, much to the disappointment of his mother, whom had been a 'noble Ravenclaw' and still held the anti-Slytherin views. This put even more strain on their already poor relationship, although not as much as the one he had with his father, as his father was a Muggle and didn't hold the same views.

In school, he found himself making friends for the first time. He discovered he loved cats, and animals, not having been allowed to keep them before. He discovered he actually liked studying, at least the subjects he cares for, and did rather well. He also discovered that he enjoys manual labor, which had always been 'below him' before, as well as working with animals, and flying. As the Exams came and went, unfortunately, he drifted away from his friends, all focused on studying over friends with each other. He graduated with high grades, near the top of his class.

After graduating, Sebastian moved back in with his family while he tried to save-up money. Unfortunately, things weren't all sunshine and rainbows. His father was severe, and was power-hungry. He was desperate to push Sebastian into a marriage that would be advantageous to his family, and was constantly introducing him to 'eligible ladies', and had been doing so for years. Unfortunately, Sebastian was very much not into them. This resulted in many fights, as his father couldn't understand why he couldn't propose to one of them for the sake of his family.

Finally, shortly before turning eighteen, there was a final, blow-out fight. In the heat of the moment, he snarled out that he'd never marry any of them, because he didn't like women. After a moment, he found himself out on his butt, penniless and disowned. He had hoped that they would accept him, but they didn't. This gave him a bit of a complex, and he still prefers not to let people know his preferences.

After being kicked out, Sebastian decided to test his magical abilities, to see just how much he could do with it. After some studying, he remembered his Transfiguration Professor mentioning Animagus', and remembered being very interested. Now that he didn't have his parents to stomp down him learning that ability, he began to work towards it.

It took him over a year, almost two, but he managed to do it. He borrowed books from all sorts of libraries, and worked hard towards it while also working to get by. Finally, when he was just about ready to give up, he managed to complete the transformation.

Thankfully, after his workplace was sold, Sebastian decided he could attempt to work at Hogwarts, which had been like a home to him for years. He applied as Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, wanting to do the best he could.
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