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I was born a halfblood, my father being a pureblood and my mother being halfblood. I wasn't a baby born out of a loving marriage or even a relationship, I was a mistake two young teens made and now had to deal with the consequences of being reckless. From what my parents tell me they did try to be together, but they were just too young and too different. The relationship they had back then was toxic. I mean it's still toxic to this day, not much has changed really. From what I understand my father's family thought of my mother as some tramp that ruined their family blood line and my mother's side of the family are very aware that they are a bunch of pureblood snobs.

My childhood wasn't the worst. My father's side of the family took me in even though I had some kind of tainted blood They just refused to recognize my mother's side. When I was younger I could admit that I was spoiled, but looking back at it now I know that it was more so because both sides were just wanting to compete with the other. They weren't really interested in my needs or wants. They just wanted to show me off as if I was some sort of prize. When my mother and father did try to work it out those were the worst times. There was a lot fighting, yelling, screaming and people hurting each other. I remembered waking up one night with my father's wand at my mother's throat. I remembered pushing him off, then everything went black. He hit me - I don't think he meant to but he did. The eight or nine year old me never looked at my father the same after that. Everyday after that one fight my father never really spoke to me, unless he was teaching my things that I needed to know about the family or scolding me for not behaving like a pureblood child. You are not a filthy mudblood child, he would tell me in the most intimidating voice. I was no longer afraid. I don't remember being happy really as a child, I didn't know what depression was but looking back at it now that is exactly what I was.

The year I started Hogwarts I didn't know what would happen - sitting under the sorting hat. Gryffindor ! The letters to my mother she was excited and happy. My father was unhappy however and he assumed I wouldn't be worthy of Slytherin anyway. Gryffindor was the best place for me honestly. I found some good friends and good people to be around. I kept to my close net of friends and slowly I crept out of the depressed state I was in. It took until the years I graduated to feel better. To escape the total darkness that I had been placing myself in. I was learning how to cope with life without the toxic backlash my family brought. After graduating Hogwarts I went to Eastwick plus I had a internship with the hospital. I knew that I wanted to be a healer, that was the only thing that was clear to me.

In my freshman year I started dating a girl my age. Her name was Amara. She was everything that I wasn't, she was confident and very prideful. She was a pureblood witch and everything about our relationship was a mess. I never liked being alone and she saw something in me that other girls ignored. Was I with her because I was settling? You could say that? She was bossy, mean hearted and selfish. I didn't see those signs or I was choosing to ignore them. When I was with her I could feel the depression creeping up, it was haunting me. I felt like I was sleeping with the enemy and I couldn't escape. We were always on and off again. I met another girl a couple of years later named Fallon - we clicked instantly. She understood what I was going through and I could understand her. I spent a lot of my days with her. I even asked her out, for her to turn me down. Something about wanting to get to know me better? I don't really remember. For the most part I knew I wanted her - but she didn't want me. Yes, I was still dating Amara and she found out somehow. She thought it was terribly funny and made it clear that she was the only girl foolish enough to date me. I graduated from Eastwick, married Amara and started work full time as a healer a St. Mungo's. Fallon was a few years younger then me, still at Eastwick when I left. I didn't say goodbye. I felt horrible about it, but Amara was not having any of this final goodbyes. She obviously already had the wedding planned out there wasn't much for me to do. I always wanted to call Fallon, I was just to afraid to.

My depression got worse over the years. I don't think Amara was a bad person, but she was no good for me. I sought out help for me depression. Going to counseling and had to realize I had to let her go. The day I gave her the paperwork for the divorce I could see her screaming from the inside. Maybe I wasn't the only one that was afraid of being alone. She tried to drag her feet to sign but it was too late. The next few weeks were filled with court and a drawn out battles between my family with hers. I'm a free man now, I feel like I'm finally free of the chains of depression. I'm planning to reach out to Fallon - I don't know how that will go over.
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