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(Selections from Aria's journal)

May, 2nd, 2028

After three years , I've finally done it. I'm an Auror. Just got the results earlier this week. I know, should have told you this sooner but I just went into total freak mode ya know? I've worked very hard for this but I guess I don't really know how I feel. I mean it's great but.. well the memories are just rushing back My school days when me and Isle Jones would sneak off to the astronomy tower and just talked about cute boys or how the professors were being jerks. I wonder what Isle is doing now? I guess it was so simple back then, my life i mean. It was carefree, The one thing I know for sure now is that I'm going to do my best to make sure those bastards that blew up my home don't get away. Well I sure hope I'm allowed to take those assignments.

Speaking of Assignment, I did actually have my first one today. Nothing super major but it was curious enough. See, I was sent out by the London office to check on this man named Zachary Stonewall. He had been caught multiple times trading on the black market, well this time he was suspected of handling Runespoor eggs illegally. Clearly the business did well for him as the place was quite nice. Sadly it didn't give him any brains as I walked right up to him carrying the eggs in his front yard. Man was quite the runner, but i caught him in the end with a Stupefy spell right to his back.

But that's all i have time to write today journal. Gotta a busy day tomorrow. Ni ni.

August 21, 2018
So I totally saved the day today! Jean Humming my fellow chaser got trashed by the Slytherin beater. So here's the set up: the game was 100 to 90 in slytherins favor and the battle for the snitch was on. It would have been good enough for us to just win the game but then we would be 10 points short which would give the cup to Ravenclaw so the heat was on. I had the quaffle and was zooming toward the goal posts when Jermie smith launched the bludger at me. Jean however saw this and intercepted the bludger for me allowing me to score the 10 points need for us to win. Poor Jean though, the bludger broke his arm in three places.

After the match I was so happy that he had basically won the game for us that i went up and kissed him. It was my first and man was it nice, his strong chiseled jaw, gosh 7th years are hot. Anyway when I did my healing ability totally kicked in mending his arm!
The professors were really astounded though and signed me up for special lessons at the hospital wing so that i’ll get more practice using the ability. I think they all want me to be a healer which wouldn't be too bad, though i'm thinking an auror is what i want to do.

July 21st 2015
Whew, sorry that’s been such a long time since my last entry, school has just been a total whirl. I got sorted into Gryffindor house and I think me and classmates are going to get along just fine. Although I have already seen a few people that I’m going to have to watch out for like a certain Ronald Smith a 1st year Hufflepuff. Saw him being mean and a jerk to this girl named Isle Jones who recently became a Ravenclaw. Anyway so I told Ronald off and he called me a mudblood which is funny because I'm actually a pureblood but it’s still a jerky thing to say. Ronald better watch his back though.

Apparently the school moves pretty quickly as we only had 1 class of proper wand etiquette before we moved straight into actual lessons. It took me a bit to get wingardium leviosa down but I got expellamousis down straight away. History of magic is soo utterly boring . Professor Binn, a ghost just drowns on and on, if lectures could kill it would be his.
April 1st 2015
Oh my gosh! My letter finally arrived today! I’m so excited! I finally get to go to hogwarts! Grandma says that mama would be very proud to see me finally going! Dad isnt so enthused however, he says the school is dangerous and that I should just be taught magic at home. So i got right in his face and told him that mama would want him to brave and that this was the best chance for me to learn more about the strange healing ability that I seem to have. Grandma seemed to think that was funny and and then told me that she could have told me about it as her mother apparently had the ability. Anyway I’m going to go play on my broom today as we're gonna be stuck in the floo network all today tomorrow when we go to Diagon Alley to get my wand!
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