It Took Thirteen Beaches, OPEN
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Jun 18 2018, 02:08 PM
Part of Demi’s job was to travel around the state, looking for possible sets locations. Directors she worked with were mostly after beautiful views and breathtaking sunsets, but the witch had to make sure that every other location wasn’t like the one before. No one wanted to see movies and recognize the scenery from another film they saw.

Today’s job was pretty straightforward: Demetria’s boss told her to find an isolated bay for a new movie with merpeople, so the witch took a car and drove North from Los Angeles. It took her couple of hours to finally pull the car and take a walk down the sandy beach that looked deserted and barely frequented.

She took off her shoes and walking into the ocean, she allowed the cold water to wash her feet. Demi kept walking, using magic now and then where it was impossible to get by foot, until she reached a solitary bay. It was surrounded by cliffs from the land and basically made it impossible for someone without magic to get there. A cave gave shelter from the sun on sunny days, but right now the sun was setting and Demi sat down in the sand, watching the wonderful view.

The witch was so preoccupied with her discovery that she didn’t notice she wasn’t alone.

One last time.
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Jul 10 2018, 02:30 AM
Monte was shaken to his core by recent events. Not only had a school of kids been blown to bit, something that made him ache as a father... but his own friend may've been involved. He didn't know where to go to hide, find a little refuge. He wasn't sure what to even do with himself, though his hands ached for a project or a cold beer. And when enough was finally enough he knew it was time for another visit to California. No more of that blasted technology. He didn't need to talk to anyone except maybe his children, and they had other ways to find him.

A family vacation spot from back at an easier time, California. The beaches there reminded him of home but no one recognized him. He was able to wander off and explore a bit, knowing all too well his navigation from the Ministry. He'd opted out of beer and decided instead to try some older hobbies, reading and woodwork. It'd been what sparked his interest in the acquisition of fine, hand carved woodwork to begin with, but it'd been decades.

People needed, in his opinion, to lose some technology anyway. Replace it with some of the finer things. And so he wasn't even sure how long he was there before he'd spelled a fish and a fire into his ownership, sipping a cola and staring out to the horizon. He put the fire out and absorbed the sun when he noticed a new arrival. He called out, "Want some lunch? Caught some extra." Just hoped they wouldn't notice the lack of pole if they were a muggle. Who knows, strangers were either information, a teaching opportunity, or a friend waiting to be had, right? Besides, something about her reminded him of someone.

Further on up the road, when you're all alone and blue... You're gonna ask me to take you back baby, but I'll have somebody new.
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