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December 3rd, 2004
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When your sister makes 부대찌개 (best Korean soup ever) to make you feel better after working too hard.

Brady was born on a snowy December night to Leo and Ailee Park in Busan, South Korea. His dad, a wizard, met his mom, a muggle, in a crowded coffee shop in Seoul. They always said it was love at first sight. Ailee loved Leo so much the fact that he was a wizard didn't even faze her and they were married within two years. Leo's parents highly disapproved on the marriage because of the fact that she was a muggle. After the marriage his parents disowned him and he became reliant on Ailee's parents who loved him dearly. Both of Brady's parents were young when he was born so they lived with Ailee's parents for the first few years of Brady's life.

When Brady was 4 his father got a job at the Korean institute working in muggle relations and his mom found a job at a local school for kindergartners. They earned enough money and moved into a small house near the coast. Brady was a hyper child, loving anything and everything having to do with sports, music, and dance. He went to his first Quidditch game when he was 6 and fell in love, and his dream to become a pro Quidditch player began. Brady being the passionate kid he was, fell in love with many things before age 8. He started dancing at a local studio and was often praised for his natural talent. He started playing soccer (in his little kid head he thought this would help him with Quidditch later in life). He got along well at the muggle school he went to while his father taught him about the magic world on the side. Brady was a social kid and made friends easily. However, his parents started to notice their son was sometimes too kind and was often stepped all over. Brady was self-sacrificing in every way and as he grew up making others happy before himself became a priority. They tried to kick the habit but it never went away and it's still something Brady struggles with.

Along with being active, family is the most important thing to him. His younger sister, Yuna, was born when he was 3 and they built a strong relationship right off the bat. And that relationship only got stronger when their mom suddenly passed away from unknown medical reasons when Brady was 10. Yuna, only 7, became his support system because their father closed himself away more often than not. This was when Yuna and Brady's position swapped; in a way, he became the younger brother and she the older sister in the way she always took care of him. When he started at a magic school in Seoul when he was 12 Yuna was rather unhappy to be left behind in Busan.

He went to a small wizarding school in South Korea for two years before he pushed his father to let him go somewhere where Quidditch was more popular and after a lot of convincing Brady went to Hogwarts for his 4th year. He was sorted into Hufflepuff because of his easy-going and kind personality. Although, his competitiveness and determination often got him mistaken for a Gryffindor. School was easy to Brady and got even easier when Yuna joined him when she was 12. He made friends and excelled in everything that involved flying, although he struggled with the subjects in school that involved sitting still. While in school, he taught dance at a muggle school in London to make money. He was 15 when he became seeker for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team and captain by the end of the fall term. Dance, Quidditch, and being a socialite took over his life.

He graduated with average grades and continued to teach at the dance school. Every summer he would go home to his father for a few weeks. Brady found his own place and thrived living on his own. He started co-teaching at Hogwarts under the Quidditch coach. He planned to continue coaching but was offered a starting position on the British Team when he was 21 to be a seeker and he accepted. His life didn't change much after that. He still played Quidditch, danced, hung out with his sister, and made friends.

All the while Brady's self-sacrificing behavior got him into trouble. He has been in multiple abusive relationships and friendships. He found himself in situations he didn't want to be in more than once. This behavior has made him a doormat in some situations and many people know that and have abused him. Yuna has always tried to sabotage his bad relationships but she was rarely successful. She is still determined to find someone who treats Brady right (they live together so she's around).
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