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"Ravenna Devereaux! What do you think you're doing? Your tutor had informed me that you didn't even bother to show up for the lesson today. You should know better than to do that, Ravenna. Now, your father hasn't heard of this yet and he won't, this time, but if I ever hear that you missed another lesson... you know your father will be upset and angry and we wouldn't want him to be, would we daughter? Now, leave and think of what I told you."

A second child to Katerina and Evan Devereaux who to this day still believes in blood purity and old ways like the rest of their family. Even though they came from France, Ravenna's parents' family supported Voldemort from afar and they believed what he was doing was right. After Katerina and Evan were married, they moved to London and by that time Voldemort was dead and British ministry was up again and changing.

Katerina and Evan knew how they would raise their children and from the young age, they started to put ideas in their head about how it was important to keep the blood pure within families. She was instilled to believe in blood purity and that it was superior to all other blood. She was led to believe that anyone who wasn’t a pureblood or a blood-traitor was below them. They also didn't agree on technology and modern age, muggle stuff that was intertwining with their world was unacceptable and they banned their children from using any of that stuff. Not only that but they also hated the idea of other creatures that were allowed to be in schools, near their children. Ann would often hear her parents show distaste in the topic and they usually let their thoughts known around others.

Aside from that, Ravenna was tutored in some magic and history way before going to Hogwarts, making her a bit more knowledgeable about it before attending the school. Having a brother who was two years older than her, he would usually bring books to let her read.

Where Ann could see some families be warm and loving, her family was anything but that. Father usually spent time in his study and her mother would do whatever she wanted. The only time her family would spend time together was at the dinner table. Polite, quiet and answer only when being asked. Her brother was lucky, he was the heir to the family name and Ravenna? She was to be raised from the young age as a perfect pureblood lady that in the future would marry someone her parents wanted.

Finally, it was a day that her letter arrived. She was so excited about it that she basically dragged her parents to get her supplies and wand for the upcoming school year. She couldn't wait until the school year started. Ann heard stories about Hogwarts but she wanted to see it for herself. Her brother had already left her and their parents, not wanting to hear them lecturing him. Before she had left, her father stopped her.

"Now Ravenna, we expect you to listen to your teachers and not get into any trouble alongside with making the right kind of friends. Don't forget what we talked about."

Unlike her brother who was sorted into Ravenclaw, she herself had been sorted into Slytherin house and had made friends without any problems. She usually didn't associate herself with anyone from other houses, often staying in the presence of other Slytherins and sometimes Ravenclaws. To be honest, she didn't mind the company of other houses and people who weren't purebloods, but to keep her appearances in front of others, more like her Slytherin friends whose families were still purists, she had to be a different person.

After graduating school with some marks better than others, her parents suddenly gave news that they had arranged a marriage between her and some other guy, that she had no way of knowing. Of course, they still did that. Bloody pureblood traditions. She had no interest in marrying someone right out of school, much less someone who she didn't know but knowing that she couldn't get away from that like had brother had done, she agreed. Except, she told her parents that she actually wanted to do something with her life, some sort of a career. Thinking that it was just a phase, they agreed.

Suddenly, her life was turned around when her parents were arrested and thrown into Azkaban. It was then, that she found out that her biological parents were alive and weren't dead at all. Knowing she was adopted at the young age, her parents told her that her biological parents were dead. It was the reason that Ravenna never bothered to find anything about them, already having heard that they were dead and there was no extended family.

It was when Ravenna traveled to the US, someone had seen her purely by accident. They knew who she was because she looked just like her biological mother at that age. After that, the family had hired an investigator to find who she was and when they did, they were both happy and angry.

Ravenna was born to Jennifer and Elijah Blackthorn in New Orleans, as Astraea Christine Blackthorn. When she was just 2 years old, she was kidnapped from the family and a few years of searching for her, she was thought to be dead.

When Ann heard the news, she didn't know what to think. It was all so fast and complicated, that she didn't know what to do. Suddenly, she found out that she actually had a family, a family that cared and just wasn't like the one she had been living with. A chance at a family, of being loved, she decided to give them a chance.

Being called Astra was strange and after a while of living with her true family, she made the choice of changing her name to the one she was born with. Astraea Christine Blackthorn. But despite a new name and a chance to get to know her family, her loyalties still lie with her old family. Afterall, they were the ones who raised her, even if they were cold and unloving. Who knows what will happen, she is in conflict with herself.
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