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The Prentisses were never a royal, pureblood family. They were half-bloods, but they'd scarred history with their musicians, artists, and scientists. They'd preferred to slink back in the shadows and let others seize the throne. The only thing they ever truly desired was power, easily attained by making promises to God and deals with devils.

Ironically, they took great lengths to make sure that their names never made it to the history books.

Born into such a dynasty during the birth of winter, Leon had no issues taking up the mantle of Heir to the Prentiss fortune. He would never rule over kingdoms, possess vast territory beyond the realms of his imagination, or marry the most powerful or beautiful woman. No. That was for real kings. His job was to make sure that the Prentisses stayed pretty in the eyes of the public as they maintained and grew their fortune.

Leon spent his childhood moving from place to place, never really knowing where he was. Children were meant to be seen, not heard, his father always said. He'd seen the Red Light District, Tivoli Gardens and the Cotswolds all before his fifth birthday. It wasn't like he minded; there was plenty of material he needed in order to conjure his Patronus later in life.

Always on the forefront of his vision was his father's smiling face. Merlin knew what that said about him.

His little brother, Marius, was born when he was six, and his sister, Lena, when he was nine. No child would want to share their golden mantle with another after having coveted it for several years, but he loved them still. They were his blood, and when his surroundings changed like a moulting snake, at least he could count on them to be the same.

Weekdays were spent with his mother watching the local television, immersing himself in the local culture, learning the basics of arithmetic and science. He interacted with the Muggle children regularly, writing down their numbers the moment he met them and calling on his old friends from hundreds of miles away every week to keep his name in their minds. That was going to come in useful, Father said, whenever he bothered to be around.

He wasn't sure how, but he liked having constantly having company.

One day at the age of five, he was learning how to count to twenty in Polish when he became too enthusiastic and knocked all of the toys down. He swore he didn't touch them, and his mother believed him.

That was when magic started being added to his curriculum - without the aid of a wand, of course - and Merlin, did he love it.

His father had painted Durmstrang to be the school of his dreams, where he could unleash his potential and immerse himself in his studies. Leon liked literature and mathematics and science, knowing that they would come in handy as Muggle technology began to develop in the Wizarding world, but magic was the binding thing that kept him and his family the same.

He disliked saying goodbye to his brother and sister, and he hated being away from them. They wrote home from home often - or rather, his mother transcribed them for him - and he made sure to reply back to them as soon as he could.

The boys in his dorm were nice. They hung out every moment of every day and it was like family, yet he felt suffocated by their company. He hung out with boys in other houses, tried not to look at the girls because one of them always stared at him and it got sort of awkward and made sure to remember everyone's names even when they could not remember his.

Then some older boys asked him how his father was, if he was still alive, that they would come for him the moment school was over. Leon was eleven, not really understanding the gravity of the situation, but he knew their names and where they slept and that was enough.

He'd sent owls to his father and he said that he'd do something about it. The next day, there were a few boys sent to the Infirmary for mild poisoning.

School was a delight. He studied well enough, attaining the highest grades he could for most of his classes, but the library was his greatest treasure. He never knew that there was so much one can do with his own blood and imagination, and Leon had plenty of both.

As the situation in the outside world got worse, Leon stayed back as much as he could, until he had to be dragged home for the summer. Then he would cocoon himself with the innocent hearts of his siblings and watched their growth unravel before him as their prized big brother came home.

The summer before third year, he finally met the rest of his family. They were nice people. Until they thought the children had gone to bed and they discussed the nefarious influence of the new technology, despite revelling in its use.

He had asked his father what he did for a living the summer after fourth year, because like any fifteen-year-old he was slightly worried about his future and needed other places to look aside from 'housewife', and his only response was to turn white and tell him to be quiet. If Charles Prentiss had been a man who slapped children in the face, that would have been one.

But his father failed to remember that he'd raised his boy to have an impeccable memory from years of training, and so the boy raided his father's office without a clue as to what he was looking for, let alone what he expected to find, but he remembered what the boys had said and went off that.

There were three main discoveries: his father was secretly supporting Purium. Leon wasn't surprised but he wished this was not so. Two, his uncle was the eldest son and therefore headed the global entity Prentiss Ltd, or GmbH, depending on the country. Third, in order to remain relatively wealthy, his father smuggled drugs from the continent to the British Isles.

Well that explained why he had to move so much.

He kept the knowledge under wraps until the summer after his sixth year. His father had treated him to a grandiose belated birthday bash that involved Firewhiskey, absinthe, and molly. There was not much he remembered aside from a pounding headache and the note tucked beneath his pillow saying:

We know you know.

Graduating Durmstrang, Leon was at a loss of what to do. His test scores were excellent, but nothing drove him. All he wanted was to be allowed to roam free - he did not lack the funds - but his father had other plans.

His first mission was to meet with contacts in Azerbaijan about a new route transporting opium plants from Afghanistan to England for experimentation. He did as he was told, and learned from his surroundings. He'd puked the first time he'd seen his father shoot a man with a gun, and he would never forget the sight of his first dead corpse.

At least he got to see the world at the same time and meet wonderful people.

There was one that stuck to his mind. During his time in the French Riviera trying to stake out a possible betrayer of the Prentiss family, he met someone he swore changed his life. He'd had crushes in school but they always felt like it was because he had to have them, not because he truly did. They made him think about the world beyond beneath his father's thumb.

They were the only person he swore he could ever love.

At the age of twenty-three, Leon found the will to say no to his father and beg his uncle for a job at Prentiss Ltd. It was only by the grace of Merlin that he received an internship with the R&D department, where he realised that his English was godawful.

He thought he could shake himself of his past until the eve of his twenty-fourth birthday, when Charles was home with his recently graduated brother and his father had broken the door begging for his help. With the help of Marius's very limited Healer training, the eldest Prentiss managed to evade St. Mungo's.

He has been helping his father's business again at night ever since.
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