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May 11, 1993
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Althea was the second child of muggles Eleanor and Sylvester De Dios, and the younger sibling to Alistair (who was 6 years her senior). The family lived in a small two bedroom flat in Copeland. Althea was close with her parents, whenever they were home, but she recognized the need to make ends meet was important for her parents. She knew that they would have tried anything to make sure their children lived a decent life. Regardless of their desire to keep their children safe, Alistair ended up searching for ways to make money in less conventional ways.

In Althea’s younger years, Alistair took care of her while their parents were gone. When Althea was eventually able to take care of herself at age 7, her brother started spending more time away from home and frequently kept her in her room for hours if he was supposed to look after her. By the time Althea turned 10 Alistair would be gone for days at a time, and return with cash. As she grew older she grew suspicious of his activity but never confronted him. Althea guessed that whatever Alistair was doing, it was to help their parents. Althea grew up knowing to respect her elders and only gave respect to those who gave her the same courtesy.

It was days after Althea’s ninth birthday where she started to show just a hint of magic. It wasn’t anything big but it was just enough for her to know that something strange was happening. Althea had learned how to make paper planes at school. She had made one at home, covered it with stickers, and placed little paper dolls inside. The first time she threw the paper plane it immediately dropped to the floor. Althea was puzzled as to why it had fallen so quickly, she had made the exact same paper plane at home. She huffed slowly before picking it up. The second time she threw her paper plane, it was as if it had a mind of its own. It looped and curved in and out of rooms for a couple minutes before eventually falling to the ground. She tried it again, but never really got the same result.

Althea’s grades were always great, but not of any natural ability. She spent hours in her room trying to review her past lesson and read about her next lesson. Althea often played sports after school in order to keep herself safe. She excelled at volleyball from a young age, but was never able to play in leagues because of the money involved.

When staff members from Hogwarts had arrived in their modest home, Althea immediately rejected the idea of leaving her parents for 4 months at a time. Her brother, who was also present during this meeting, also did not agree with Althea leaving their family. Her mother had convinced her to go and “do better things.” Althea tried to use the money she had saved to pay for her items, but needed assistance with a majority of items.

The days leading up to Althea’s departure from home were bittersweet. She knew that she wanted to go to Hogwarts to learn and to see what this hidden world had to offer. She figured that her parents would have one less mouth to feed, and one less person to worry about. Althea’s relationship with her brother grew tense, as he believed that Althea would outright abandon them. Despite Althea’s constant reassurance that she would be coming back in the winter and summer breaks, their relationship did not improve. Her parents were unable to bid her farewell, but her mother had gifted her a small black beaded bracelet “to keep her safe.” Her parents had worked extra hours in order to ensure her transit fare to London, and eventually to Hogwarts. Alistair decided not to acknowledge Althea on her way out of the home, which deeply wounded Althea emotionally.

During her 4th year, Althea was informed by her parents that her older brother had been caught dealing drugs and would be in jail for 3 years. She hasn’t made an effort to see her brother in jail, which she believes will likely cause more tension between them. Althea passed her O.W.Ls with almost straight Os, except for her potions class O.W.L in which she received an E. During the summer before her 6th year at Hogwarts, Althea managed to get a job at a local skate shop. She had spent some of her money towards getting a skateboard, while saving the rest for emergencies. Althea was a part of her the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as a beater and played until her 7th year.

During her 6th and 7th year at Hogwarts, Althea started to think of potential careers. She had set her mind of working with the Ministry, but was unsure about which department she would like to contribute. Eventually she had settled with being a hit-witch, as she figured it would be the easiest way to continue using her head while also being semi in shape.
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