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"You'd be so much prettier if..."

Those words, paired with whatever her family thought she'd be prettier if she changed was a constant thing from as far back as Jana could remember. And being a metamorphmagus made changing things so much easier. Constantly she was being compared to her older brother: a successful businesswizard that was making a fortune off in London with his supermodel pureblood bride and making the family oh so proud.

"Why couldn't you be more like your brother or his wife?"

Was another comment she grew up hearing a lot of too when she wanted to go after dreams rather than goals. Life growing up wasn't all bad though. Even if with every comment about her appearance Jana lost a little bit of herself to try and please her parents. The LaCroix name meant a lot in the wizarding world (something she was constantly reminded of). They were an old pureblood family from France that went back for Merlin only knew how many generations and she had to honor that name. Another fact she was reminded of very often.

Despite all that, growing up first in South Africa, then Italy, and finally New York, paired with the experiences she got from those places definitely made up for the comments she endured most of her life. Since her family liked to move around it gave the growing little witch a thirst for seeing new places. Wanting to explore and see what wonders this world held for her.

"You should have gone to Beauxbatons! It's where the entire family went!"

"Well, Mother... you should have sent me to live with Grand-mère and Pépère in Paris."

It was the first time she ever stood up to her mother. And would be the first of many to come in the future at that. Once she was settled in New York and accepted to Ilvermorny, she was quickly sorted into Thunderbird and began to finally shine. What further helped her become the woman she is today, was when one of her dorm mates saw how drastically her actual appearance versus the one she put together to appease her parents varied. And when the fact was pointed out to her that she actually was beautiful? Jana couldn't believe it. She'd gotten so used to altering her appearance to be similar to what was popular or trendy at the time. Something her parents encouraged. Short, bobbed black locks in? That's what she changed her naturally long blonde hair to. Odd colored eyes all the rage? Jana's natural aqua blues became purple or red or gold and catlike. And when she finally took the time to look at herself in the mirror after a visit from her parents? She didn't recognize the young woman that stared back at her. It was from then on that she decided to make her own path and be happy the way she was.

And for the first time in her life, she began to have fun with her ability to change things about her appearance. One day she'd show up with purple tipped long blonde locks. If she wanted to cheer up one of the kids at the local wizarding hospital she volunteered at? With a shake of her head and a laugh her face became cat-like, or some other variation of something cute or funny to cheer the kids up. Something she would have never done before. As her final year at Ilvermorny was coming to an end, Jana began to think about what she was going to do with her life after school. And genius struck as she pulled out her old memory book from all her years she got to travel as a kid.

"You're wasting your time with that silly series! It is time to get your head out of the clouds Jana Apolline!"

It took a while, but Jana began to make her mark in the entertainment industry. First with a WizTube video blog series that entailed her going to different locations in the United States for vacations. She'd find all of the best places to stay, sights to see, and of course, try local cuisine. She'd find out from her viewers where they wanted to see her go next, and eventually, she spread her destinations to other countries. Which then led to Jana getting an offer from one of the big television stations to have her own show! A show where she was paid to do what she loved: travel, see amazing sights around the globe -- basically everything she was doing on her WizTube series! Of course, there were a few things the network wanted her to cover that she didn't already. Now Jana had to include parties in a few episodes where she got to rub elbows with the rich and famous or attend high-end fashion shows in some exotic destination. Jana was living the dream, and while her parents turned their noses up at her and what she was doing (making a fool of herself for being herself essentially), her big brother couldn't have been more proud of her for finding her niche and finding herself along the way.
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