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Back in Cairo again. Trips home never last long enough

They say time and distance can make a difference, and I suppose my family is proof positive of that. My siblings and I are the first American born on my father’s side, something I’m sure my paternal grandparents aren’t too happy about. You see, my father’s father and mother were Pureblood supremacists of the highest order, Death Eaters. My dad, a bit more forward thinking than them, was forced into the Death Eaters by my grandparents.

It was in the wake of all the dealings with the war that he left his native Scotland, settling first in New York City and finding my mom. A year and a few days after they wed, my twin John and I came into the world, and the family of four found our way to New Orleans. Inseparable we were, no matter the fact that my twin had not an ounce of magical ability in him whereas I found magic to be quite easy. There were times I tried to suppress my magic because I felt guilty that I could do something he couldn’t. Eventually, we accepted our differences and pushed each other in our respective talents; Johnny found he was quite the musician at a young age.

Six years later, our sister came along and we fell quite in love with her. Even if she came in with a hurricane. Mother wanted to name her after the storm (for what reason we still don’t know), but Dad wasn’t about to let his daughter be named after something so destructive. I remember them waiting to find out if she was magical or Squib; when she was found to be capable of magic, our parents let out a collective sigh. Of course, it wouldn’t have really mattered, as our family was in no way hung up such things. Still, it stung my brother when he saw how they reacted, but it didn’t take long for his love for Hayden to overcome any jealousy he may have had.

Three years after her came another Buchannon boy, and he turned out to be like Hayden and myself. All three of us ended up going to Ilvermorny, while my twin went to a Muggle school. We were much more like a mirror than just in likeness; we both excelled at the school sport, football for him and Quidditch for me. You can only imagine the schedules that had to be kept with three children in wizarding school and one in Muggle.

Which is why I was really surprised when our youngest sister came along; of course I knew how things worked at that point, and didn’t figure Mom and Dad got that kind of alone time. But sure enough, the fifth and final Buchannon child joined the fold, another little girl. Unfortunately, she was born Squib as well, just like Johnny. The only reason I mention that it was unfortunate was the fact that Tasmin absolutely idolized Hayden, and it crushed her that she couldn’t follow in her big sisters footsteps.

As I grew and advanced through school, I found I had a natural curiosity about magical creatures, specifically dragons. The beasts are simply beautiful, not like a flower in a field with its perfume filling a meadow. No, their beauty is in their speed, grace, and the myriad of other abilities they possess; beautiful in the way a predator stalks its prey. (Sorry, there I go gushing like a schoolgirl again….). Anyway, I put myself on the track to become a Dragonologist, wanting to learn everything I could about them, and possibly discover new species or traits. Like father, like son they say.

I’ll never forget the day I got the owl that brought the news of my parent’s accident. They were in Romania for a kind of vacation/work trip for Dad to work on his book about dragons. I was travelling China studying the indigenous species there when it happened. When I came home for the funeral, of course the attention turned to how Tasmin would be cared for, and Hayden would hear nothing of me coming home to take care of her. Hayden had become a professional Quidditch player, and a quite good one at that. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my work, as well as the touring that my twin did with his fairly successful rock band, made her the only one that really could stay and take care of her. Of course, I send money when I can, and drop in on them from time to time, even if they don’t know it.

So that is where my past ends and my present begins. On to the next adventure, which at this moment seems to be Cairo!
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