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We're blazing high, smoke fill the night. I'm gasoline, you're fire.

I. Une moitié de plan

Luka's parents experienced one of the headiest types of love: the whirlwind romance. They met each other at a carnival, each of them with a date and connected only by the tenuous thread of 'friend of a friend'. A few hours after meeting, his parents had separated from the group to ride the ferris wheel over and over again - talking all night long. Three weeks later found them inseparable and disgusting in the new-romance honeymoon stage, but it was one that never went away. It took only a few months for Luka's father to find himself on his knee.

At first, that rush carried them over every new experience; wedding, threshold, and career alike. One donned robes and a tie every day to floo into the Ministry; the other walked down to a store selling new realities a few hours at a time. True to form, once that routine began to settle into something too familiar, they decided it was time to add to the family. A little Hunter to round the number out.

Or something like that.

However, bringing a baby into the world when they were just starting their lives was not a fantastical decision that would simply fall into place like everything else for them had. The feedings every two hours, constant dirty diapers, child locks, endless laundry, surges of hormones, and the simple fact that this tiny human could do quite literally nothing for himself ran the young parents ragged until everything in their lives felt impossible.

II. Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid

It took time, but eventually a system smoothed out well enough that the Hunters could continue to work, travel, and follow their impulses with a mini-them in tow. The best part about having a child was that the routine never grew stale and they found delight in helping Luka experience everything that was new to him. They encouraged exploration and experimentation. They did their best to balance letting him discover on his own and guiding him, forgetting sometimes that he was only three - only six - only eight.

Somehow, the Hunters had created a child who was more responsible than either of them. When the whims were dangerous, too expensive, reckless, or were simply bad timing, Luka found ways to redirect his parents to something less difficult. He organized where his mother left chaos and color. He knew where his father's keys were every morning even when his father never seemed to remember.

The years passed so fast for the Hunters that even Luka was surprised when his Hogwarts letter was delivered calmly into his hands by a beautiful horned owl, experiencing his own whirlwind as he collected books and ingredients and uniform clothing and ran through walls to find a magnificent train.

When his feet hit the ground at Hogwarts Luka made himself a promise: he would continue to achieve here in this environment as much or more than he had at home.

After all, Hogwarts had a bigger library.

III. L’habit ne fait pas le moine

Puberty was a surprisingly gentle punch in the face, feeling moreso that his parents were changing every time he saw them instead of the opposite (really mom, a mermaid-red-perm is a terrible idea). He became so aware of all the ways he was the exact opposite of his parents, wondering just how they could be so different.

Especially with the question of trust.

Luka made friends on the assumption that everyone had their secrets but that those secrets would not affect him until such time he had to learn them. He was friendly between being concentration on work and surrounded himself with wonderful people, but he never let any of them get too close. He already had his parents at home to take care of - Hogwarts was supposed to be where he could focus on himself.

It was a beautiful day in the fall when Luka's parents flipped his world upside down for the millionth - and final - time in his life. While Luka was speaking with his professors about career opportunities, his parents had made friends too interested in the Ministry. While he was spreading his homework out by the lake and studying amongst the symphony of his friends' chatter, his parents were falling with willful naivete for the well-presented but questionable morals of an underground group.

One day they were there, sending ridiculous care packages and howlers that were created merely from Luka's mother's excitement about some thing or another, and the next they were not.

IV. Il n’y a pas plus sourd que celui qui ne veut pas entendre

As a teenager feeling the invincibility of youth, Luka found himself stuck in the anger stage of grief. He couldn't believe that they had been so stupid - that they had been so seduced by whatever they had been offered to the point of losing their lives. He couldn't believe that they had been so selfish, leaving him alone when he needed them. And most of all, he couldn't comprehend that this situation actually happened.

'It won't happen to me' became a very real and very enraging mindset.

So instead of choosing a career with the talents he enjoyed, Luka took the classes necessary to become an auror with a vow that he would find the people who took his family from him and make them pay.

This anger carried him through his final years at Hogwarts, auror training, and shadowing under a senior auror until he had, through unnecessary stamina and tunnel-vision, earned his own desk and merit.

V. Qui n’avance pas, recule

It ended up that the people who were responsible for Luka's parents' demise were identified and most had gone to trial already. He hadn't needed to open up an old case to find new clues. He hadn't needed to hunt anyone down and drag them in for personal justice to prevail.

All the wind fell out of his sails. For a few months, Luka felt lost. Without a purpose. What was he supposed to do if everything he'd been working for all those years was a moot point?

It took his mentor to put things into perspective for him and let him truly begin to grieve. They had made bad choices, but he had loved them more than anything in the world. For multiple years he had forgotten what that felt like - what missing them felt like. What it felt to feel.

When he had finally pulled himself together, his mentor also helpfully pointed out which part of being an auror he seemed to be the best at: the little details.

Putting together puzzles and finding who he needed in order to accomplish it.

VI. Il ne faut pas mettre tout dans le même sac

So now Luka finds validation in working as an auror, thoroughly enjoying taking information that seemingly doesn't fit together and finding a way to make it all click. Granted, not all files that end up on his desk are easy reading with an arguably happy ending - and he doesn't always agree with the verdict the Wizengamot decides on, but it is still the right place for him.

He finds contentedness in the first breaths he takes inside his apartment after solving a crime or saving a life - and that is enough.
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