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It was in the middle of a trip Far East that Marcela Sky gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Her father, Gabriel, had been a nervous wreck that night, pacing the hospital room but when she arrived he breathed a sigh of relief. The sound of her first cry swelled his heart and they knew then their world had changed for the better. He kissed his wife and followed the healers with the baby, making sure never to keep her out of his sights. He'd been practicing how to properly hold a baby with nearly every item in their home but when he finally did hold her it was a sensation he'd never forget. Walking back into the hospital room with her, he parted only to allow Marcela that same joy. They weren't sure how long it had been until the healer returned and asked for the baby's name. They hadn't settled on one in the nine months they had been waiting for her and here the moment of truth was.

"Asia..." Gabriel looked at Marcela and smiled in agreement.

Having a new baby was a lifestyle change, to say the least. Both coming from Pure Blood families greatly made up of Slytherins and Ravenclaws, meant their funds with limitless but that meant very little to them. Marcela still went on to work as a healer and Gabriel, the department of mysteries head. They spent every free moment with Asia, watching her grow and teaching her things about the world. There was never a lack of love and laughter in their house.

Even with that though they worked a lot by definition and it was when Asia was around four that she got a nanny to help look after her. Asia didn't mind, she was always such an adventurous child and Rosa humored her every step of the way. Her grandmother, a well-known seer, would often come and stay with her, baking cookies and telling tales of when she was a young witch. She claimed the sweets helped her with her visions but the wink after said otherwise. She was proud that Asia had shown signs of magic before her second birthday. Granted things in the house would randomly float and one would have to mind their heads for a bit.

Time, however, spares no one. Her grandmother passed and Asia got her first real dose of sadness. She missed her grandmother every day and wore the bracelet they had crafted together many years ago. The band silver and had little charms attached to it, one for every birthday. It wasn't until her 11th one did she start showing signs of inheriting the seer ability. It terrified her and she tried to keep it hidden until that wasn't an option anymore. She'd started to pass out which deeply concerned her parents. Divination was recommended for her even as a new Hogwarts student that year. The class would help her learn and mold her abilities. When she got there, the hat debated for only a few moments before declaring her a Hufflepuff. Gabe and Marcela both chuckled, their playful banter of which house she'd go to had rendered them both incorrect. Gabe swore she'd be a Ravenclaw like him while Marcela a Slytherin. Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors were rare on both their lines but not impossible. Every so often one would be produced.

Asia thrived in her house, her kindness and determination to make her family proud cause her to have a lot of friends through her best friend would always be Lucy Weasley. It helped that she was a little older than Asia and in the same house. The two of them had grown up practically together and had a sisterly bond. It was Lucy she told all her secrets to and trusted her to keep them. Her life would be pretty normal for the next three years.

Family secrets have a way of coming back to haunt you. Unfortunate for the Sky family they had no way of knowing there even was a secret. Gabe had fathered another child, one a little older than Asia. Her name was Devlin Hale and Gabe had had a fling with her mother, Catherine before his relationship with Marcela went anywhere. Catherine's feelings were deeper than his and when he left her to pursue Marcela it darkened her heart. She went away and gave birth to Devlin, raising her to dislike Marcela and Asia. She spoke of how they had taken the life meant for them.

It wasn't until Devlin was ten did she even tell him of her existence. She demanded money to take care of her and after learning of her Gabe did the right thing. He paid for her schooling needs but was never granted permission to meet her outside of one or two times. He kept this secret from Marcela and Asia, not really sure how he could even put it into words. He had cheated on but he hadn't been honest after finding out. It was on Asia's 13th birthday that Devlin made herself known by crashing the party and exposing herself. This revelation put a deep divide in the household, they would never be the same.

No one knew how far Devlin had fallen from reality. How far she was willing to go to avenge herself and her mother. She abducted Asia and kept her captive in the basement of an old abandoned shop in Knockturn Alley. For six months she was tortured by Devlin, who had taken Polyjuice Potion to become her, only to put a strain on the marriage of Gabriel and Marcela. Her difference in behavior was explained away by stress but one person wasn't fooled, Lucy. She'd managed to follow Devlin and in turn, find the real Asia inches from death. Once she was found the papers lit up all over London airing every bit of story they could get their claws into. Asia got well in a private hospital just outside the city but when she came to she had little memory of what happened. Devlin was missing but the Ministry assured them they would find her and she'd be punished for her crimes.

Asia's return should have united them but the damage was done. Marcela filed for divorce but before she could sign the papers, she'd taken Asia off to France to heal away from the prying eyes. There they stayed for two years, she attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and spoke with therapists to help her gain her memory back. In that time Marcela and Gabriel were on speaking terms enough for her not to finalize anything. Though both of them were still sore on the subject of Devlin, they decided to take things slow and not try to rush back into being the perfect family. Gabriel moved out of their home so they could return to it, giving them the much-needed space he knew they would need. He vowed that he was going to get their forgiveness and make things up to them. He invited them out for meals at his place to reconnect with them. Going out to the theater and trying to enjoy the small pleasures that life could bring.

As they worked together to build trust, things at the Ministry had gotten a bit odd. Gabriel shared these concerns with Marcela and together they found out that corruption there was a very real thing and that at the middle of it was a man named Liam Bates. It was them working together that made them slowly get back to themselves. Though their relationship was forever changed, it had become something else entirely.

While dealing with their task at hand, Asia was busy dealing with her own. She had never trusted that Devlin was far away or that she would give up on her plans to destroy her family. She kept this to herself, not wanting to come off as paranoid and risk having a stint in St. Mungos if she let these worries get out of control. It was about a year later, on new years night, that Devlin did show up and the with full intentions of finishing what she started. She no longer wanted to take over Asia's life but rather end it. The pair dueled where it all had started for them. The fairground at which Asia had had her birthday so many years ago. It was now empty due to offseason and a fair amount of snow had gathered there. That night she went prepared to end it all with Devlin, if giving her life to end hers would spare her family then she was going to do just that. They dueled and it was epic. Spells bounced back and forth between the pair, injuring the other until Asia casted the final blow, turning Devlin to stone and disintegrating her to ashes.

The Ministry had been alerted of dangerous spellcasting in the fairgrounds and a sighting of Devlin. They were moments away from finding the scene but Gabriel made it there first. He comforted Asia as best he could before taking them from the grounds so they wouldn't be spotted. She stayed at his house that night, Marcela disapperated there and the tale of all she had been through that year came out. Gabriel and Marcela thought that it was best if they never spoke of what happened in the fairgrounds and put it behind them. It was self-defense but it still weighed heavy on Asia's heart, she had to kill her half-sister. That wasn't something that you could just brush off but they would do their best to get back the pieces of their lives that had been stolen. As the family spent the night together for the first time in years, they were unaware that someone had spotted Gabe before he'd gotten away with Asia....Liam.

Blackmail happened or at least it tried as Liam threatened to expose the truth of that night. A night that had been marked as nothing but a false report due to Gabe's fancy footwork. Liam wanted to rid of Gabe even before that night, it only gave him an excuse to do so. The pair of them had a very strained work relationship after this. With Gabe suspecting him and Liam trying to figure what he knew of his secret operations. His hate of the man caused him to act out and in return out himself and his plans for the wizarding world. He'd been trying to paint Gabe as the bad guy when it had only raised suspicion on himself. Liam was finally caught and charged with conspiracy to the Ministry. The day they arrested him, Gabe was there to watch it. He watched as Liam was taken to Azkaban to await trial and punishment for his crimes. Two weeks later, the Sky family, along with others watched as the trial of Liam Bates folded out. It exposed his many murders to keep his secret plans under wraps as well as an attack on James Potter from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As the sentence was handed down and Liam was offered final words before being taken to his final home in the lowest cell in Azkaban, he muttered a warning to Gabriel that he wouldn't be buried alone. He brought out a wand and pointed towards Marcela, a flash of green light lit up the room before he was tackled to the ground and subdued. Asia's heart felt like it was in her throat as she looked to her mother who looked unharmed but frozen in terror. She turned to her father as his limp body fell to the floor, the spell had hit him instead.

The death of her father was one that she felt she would never fully be over. Asia spent a lot of time after being angry and trying to fight her pain. She had to feel and when she did it took everything inside of her not to fully break apart inside. It was a while later when she and her mother could bear look at his things that they found letters written to both of them. Inside both where matching necklaces and inside of them held his first memories of them. For Asia, it was the moment that she was born and the love and joy he felt being able to call her his daughter. Asia never asked her mother what hers was, she knew that it was too painful for her to have to relive it. The buried him next to her grandmother in Godric's Hollow. Every new years day Asia makes a special trip to visit with them both.

She tells them of her life and how things are going. How she's studying to become an Unspeakable and follow in her father's footsteps. Of how she hopes one day she'll be able to open herself up to someone fully and have them understand her and why she's a little complicated with trusting people.

Her mother and her remain close even after Asia went off to University and moved to France. She wanted a new start in a city she's always loved. Granted she interns with London still, her life in Paris has been one of the best times in her life. Asia finally looks forward to the future, whatever it has in store for her.
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