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Posted by: DOMINIQUE WEASLEY Jun 3 2018, 11:40 PM
If Dominique hadn’t checked a map before she left to meet Vada, she probably would’ve been hopelessly lost about halfway across the world. She had to take a double-take at her WizPhone screen to make sure that she read Vada’s text correctly. Algiers? Was that even an actual country? Or was it a town in a country? Thank goodness for technology—now she knew that Algiers was actually a country in northern Africa off the Mediterranean coast.

Dom apparated herself to the middle of the Algerian desert, finding herself completely surrounded by miles and miles of sand. There was a huge burst of wind that came up from behind her, whipping some of that sand into her hair. She clamored and cursed to herself, trying to keep her hair at bay as the wind blew on—its force so strong that it almost pushed her as she followed the wavy trails of the sand around her. She looked ahead and saw a small flag waving in the distance. Dom squinted her eyes to get a better look and noticed that it was the British flag waving in the distance. Vada.

Quickly, Dom trekked onward until she reached what looked like a base for researchers and archaeologists to congregate. The base was surrounded by mile high rocks, protecting everyone from the wind. Dominique looked particularly out of place with her hair curled to perfection and her gold bracelets jangling against each other. Almost everyone else had their hair tied up and hands covered with grime and dirt. She cringed subtly, trying to hide her displeasure as she asked a random worker if they knew Vada’s whereabouts.

Dominique turned the corner of a rock, revealing an excavation site that was so deep, she couldn’t even see its end. It seemed that everyone had been working on this place for a while, as everyone around her seemed to carry about their duties without even a single flinch from the breeze or the uneven paths. Dom slowly treaded along the rocks, her ankles rolling occasionally whenever she lost her balance. It wasn’t until she saw the bright platinum blonde hair when Dom could feel her excitement start to bubble up.

”Vada!” She exclaimed as she took quicker small steps towards her friend. It wouldn’t have gotten her there faster regardless, as Dom still took the time to make sure she didn’t completely faceplant with all the rocks around them, but at least it made her look like she was trying to get there faster. ”There you are! Merlin, you are in the literal middle of nowhere.” She reached out to give her best friend a small hug, fruitlessly attempting not to get any dirt on her. ”Um, where do you guys sit?” Dom asked, looking around at edgy floor.


Posted by: VADA LE Jun 6 2018, 01:31 AM
Vada was lost in her work. She was down on her hands and knees deep in the excavation site. She scraped at the earth little by little in hopes of uncovering something new. She perked up at the sound of her name, then turned to the source of the voice. She narrowed her eyes, then pulled down her shaded welding goggles from the top of her head which she was using as a hairband and grinned. “Dom!” She shouted back then made her way out of the pit to watch the blonde shuffle through the rock and sand in heels. Vada tried her best not to laugh, especially when she was received with the most awkward but adorable dainty little hug from Dominique who simply didn’t want to get dirty despite being out it in the Algerian Desert which technically is part of the Sahara.

“Oh it’s not so bad, a little further south then all you’ll see is sand. Least here we got some rocks, mountains, and we’re not too far from an oasis, it’s rather lovely there, I’ll show you later if ya want.” Vada did her best to hug her friend without spreading any of the dirt on her. She giggled and shook her head softly at the blonde’s question, then gestured her head to the other archaeologists in the dig. “Well love, we tend t’sit on the floor, makes it easier t’dig. The chairs and beds are in the tents over there in case someone needs a medic or food.” She looked her friend up and down for a second, then hummed. They were so different. Dominique was so glamorous, while Vada at the moment was dressed for work. She had some black boots that went up to her calf, some brown khakis, a white tank top, black fingerless gloves, and a tan and black military scarf she had slouched around her neck in case the wind picked up any of the dirt and sand. Vada shrugged off her leather backpack then swung it in front of her chest, before opening it to pull out another scarf to spread on the floor for her friend to sit. “Do you want to change into something more comfortable or safe?” She asked Dom with a little grin. “Got plenty in here that looks nice and won’t put you at risk of twisting your ankle.”

Posted by: DOMINIQUE WEASLEY Jun 29 2018, 03:55 AM
Dominique laughed breezily as she pulled away from Vada’s hug, realizing how silly she must have looked trying to keep her clothes clean in the middle of a desert. But for someone who took a lot of pride in her looks, Dom wasn’t the type of person who particularly cared about how other strangers saw her. ”Oasis? You mean like those things with the lake?” She tilted her head to the side curiously. ”You should’ve told me! I would’ve brought my bikini.” Dom flashed a playful grin as she looked around at the several archaeologists prudently digging at various spots on the sides of the cave. All of them seemed to almost blend in with the color of the sand, causing Dom to wrinkle her nose at the thought of being the same color as dirt. So when Vada offered for her to change clothes, the blonde couldn’t help but take her time answering with uncertainty in her voice.

”I guess… But is there anything that isn’t…tan? It doesn’t go with my hair color too well.” Dominique said as she grinned innocently at Vada. It was unlike Dom to choose practicality over style, though her aching ankles were begging for her to reconsider. She made her best attempt to squat and help Vada spread out the extra scarf across the ground, her heels making it slightly awkward to reach properly. And as soon as she felt her feet start to strain, Dom couldn’t help but yelp abruptly in pain. ”On second thought, maybe the tan will be good. Maybe we could match!” She chuckled lightly and plopped down on the scarf, pulling off her heels. Dom held out her hands to receive Vada’s backpack, and started digging for clothes that seemed fitting enough. ”Ugh, you’re the best, Vada,” Dom began to gush gratefully, ”I probably should’ve been a little smarter about this. My mind’s just been a big flurry with everything back in London right now.”

After a few minutes of sifting through her friend’s extra clothes, Dominique finally put together a pair of khaki shorts and a white t-shirt and held them up. ”What do you think of this? Maybe with some hazelnut boots?”


Posted by: VADA LE Jul 11 2018, 04:06 AM
Vada saw how Dom was looking at her co-workers and couldn’t help but be amused by how much the other blonde was wary of the bland, drab, practical attire of the archaeologists out in the sandy desert dig site. She was oddly amused by her best friend’s reactions to everything in life. Dominique was so expressive that you could just see what she is thinking just by the look on her face. The young archaeologist chuckled and quietly shook her head at the thought of swimming in the nearby oasis. The cartoonish fantasy that all oases were safe places to drink was a myth. While some are, others are too salinated for consumption or have been contaminated by sewage from both animals and humans which made it rather inadvisable and dangerous to drink. But the fantasy did look so nice in her imagination. “Sort of,” She replied as she settled down on the scarf she had laid out. “They’re only found in fertile areas in a desert environment from an underground river, irrigation, aquifers…” Vada paused checking to see if she was boring her friend before she decided to speak again. Moments like these made her wonder if she should’ve been sorted into Ravenclaw. “I could see if it’s safe to swim in the oasis the next time you decide to visit.” She smiled happily and sat down beside her but on the sand instead. “Until then we can ski or go sand surfing after I’m done for the day… Or we can go out to town.”

She decided she could take a short break from work. She reached over and pulled out a water pouch from her backpack, which wouldn’t have fit if she hadn’t bewitched the bag. She was rarely home at her apartment so nearly everything she owned was in the bag. Vada drank as much water as she could, knowing she will probably be so caught up in work and she won’t drink anything else for a very long time. She turned to her friend and laughed quietly, then reached into the bag again. “You can wear casual street clothes if you want… Just don’t wear anything too dark, it absorbs the sunlight and well, we don’t want you to get a heat stroke because you love me.”

“Ahh, don’t sweat it.” Vada paused and snickered looking up at the sun. “Actually… We can’t really avoid that out here. What’s going on back home?” She asked as her hand rummaged through her bag until she pulled out a nicely wrapped rectangular box that one would commonly find under the Christmas tree with probably some clothes inside which there were. It was pretty common for Vada to bring back gifts to her closest friends and family from the places she worked, and for Dominique, it was always something bold to wear that the girl would somehow bring it to another level of fashion and trendiness knowing her. Dom could make anything look good, she was almost envious if she wasn’t spending most of her time in khakis. “I mean it is cute, very archaeologist chic, but…” Vada grinned behind the water pouch and placed the gift on her friend’s lap. She would pat the package lightly and look over happily. “Since you’re here, I might as well give you your gift a little earlier.” It was a traditional Algerian Karakou jacket that could go with a dress, jeans, skirt, jumpsuit, or whatever, it was Dom. And Dom was the most fashionable person she knew.

Posted by: DOMINIQUE WEASLEY Jul 13 2018, 03:48 PM
As Dominique glanced back at Vada, she noticed the amused smile on her friend’s face and she couldn’t help but bare an even brighter smile than before. Even in the middle of some dreadful and dirty desert, she was still elated to see her best friend after such a long stretch of leading their own lives and being busy with work. Vada had been one of Dom’s closest friends for practically half of her life, and it always felt like a weight was lifted off of her shoulders when they reunited. For once, she finally felt like she could be herself with someone she trusted, and she was unabashedly her silliest and forthright self with Vada. But in comparison to Dom, her archaeologist bestie was brilliant. Dominique admired her friend for the wealth of knowledge she acquired as she went to archaeology, also leaving the unfulfilling life of a curse breaker. She hummed in empty thought as Vada explained the workings of an oasis more, a few of the words going over Dom’s head. ”It’s not always safe to swim in an oasis?” She asked with piqued attention, her head tilted to the side. ”Actually that sounds like a lot of fun too! We can slide down the highest sand dunes.” Dom commented with a light chuckle.

She sat on top of Vada’s scarf, intently looking at all the clothes before her so she could ensure that she was wearing the most put together outfit. Even before her debut in the fashion industry, Dominique always knew how to make the most out of her outfits and accessories. She frequently got herself in trouble at Hogwarts for multiple minor infractions against the dress code—to which Dom usually rebelled and wore whatever fashionable item would go with her dreary black robes and old-school red and gold. It was the only way she could’ve gone through school without feeling like a grim reaper. ”Aw, Vada,” Dom replied with a small snort, ”I would walk through a wildfire for you because I love you. And honestly? This weather and wind? Felt like I kinda did.” A genuine smile spread across her face as she lovingly nudged her friend by the shoulder.

Dom’s initial response to Vada asking about how things were back home was a long, deep sigh. There were so many things she could’ve mentioned, and she was sure that somehow, they would end up catching up on all of it. ”I don’t even know where to start. I could talk about how Louis is engaged and planning a wedding with the love of his life, while I’m still hopelessly single. Or maybe about Victoire and her successful journalism career that’s got her traveling all around the world, while my store is barely even starting up.” Dom’s tone was self-deprecating as she listed all their options for conversation pieces, while overtly giving her honest thoughts at the same time. She hardly even noticed her friend pulling out a wrapped up box as she rambled on about her less-than-perfect life in London. ”Oh and speaking of my store, I have to reorganize a few things again. Do you remember Phoebus Avery? He like…barged into my store, scared off all my customers, made a mess of my counter, and basically verbally harassed me until I broke this curse off a penny he brought in.” She rolled her eyes at the thought of their previous interaction, feeling her stomach start to roll over in nausea. ”Y’know, he was always a jerk in Hogwarts but I didn’t remember him being this miserable.” But just before she could keep complaining about her plethora of first-world problems, Dominique looked down at her lap to see a little present. She looked up at Vada curiously and started to pull off the wrapping, a small smile forming on her face.

”Vada,” she began slowly, ”What did you—“ Her voice trailed off as she fully opened the box and revealed a gorgeous blue and gold Algerian Karakou. ”Merlin, Vada. Is this really for me?” Dom bright blue eyes grew even wider as she looked at her friend with increasing excitement. She could feel the little fashion bug in her start to set itself off and she started to run her fingers along the intricate details of the traditional Algerian female garb. ”Look at the way they stitched this gold into the fabric. It’s absolutely beautiful. Y’know, Algerian women have been wearing these since the nineteenth century? Yeah, it’s really popular with Algerian brides.” Dom admired Vada’s gift, though she couldn’t help but find it almost ironic that her present was something of a bride’s trousseau, when she was essentially the furthest thing from being one, herself. But her heart still melted at the idea that Vada thought of her as she got the present. ”Thank you so much, babe,” Dom set the Karakou in her lap and leaned far forward to give her friend a hug, ”It’s gonna go with so much of my things.”


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